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Title: Sticky Magic
Author: Raine Delight

Published in november 2006 by Forbidden Publications
Genre: Contemporary Holiday Romance

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Another Holiday Season, a big window contest, and there is something missing as usual for Jenna, that someone special to share it with is still absent. In a small way she envies her business partner, Raven. With her slow Cajun accent and her statuesque blonde beauty, Raven sometimes ties her in knots. Jenna is not jealous. It is only being petite and red-haired, she feels she hasnít much of a chance for happiness or a real love of her own. She knows Raven is not competition, but she is realistic to enough to know most men go for the taller beauties, and Raven is that in spades. She really wants a Mr. Right too, but it may not be in the cards for her. She has friends, and a lover or two, it is just no one had the interest to stay with her. They are always off to the next, leaving Jenna feeling as though she is lacking. Raven has always told her she had someone special out there for her, but Jenna is truthfully not sure. She is tired of the waiting, of watching couples pair off, and never really finding the one man who is meant for her. It is a fairy tale, pure and simple, and Jenna is coming perilously close to losing faith in the happy ending.

Marc canít believe what is happening to him. This small non-descript town has been hiding a secret from him, and if he hadnít stumbled in the right direction, he may never have been truly happy. When he happened on the small candy shop called ďCandy Kisses,Ē he was totally taken back by the discovery. There, among the delicious smells of chocolate and sugar stood the object of his search. With his mind in a whirl of desire and a haze of magic untapped, Marc has found his mate. He is shocked, stunned, and overcome with not only desire, but the joy of discovery of the one person who can fulfill his life, be his love, and provide him with the love and family he has been seeking. Never did he think the Fates would show their hand in this fashion, but knowing his motherís love of chocolate and weakness for sweets, and in search of a perfect gift for her, he has found both her gift and his destiny. Now Marc has to figure out how to win the prize, how to tell Jenna who and what he is, and how to convince her he wants her, and what is even more necessary is he needs her with a desire and drive that scares even him. Never has a woman had this effect on him, and never has his libido been so demanding.

Sticky Magic, by Raine Delight is a sensual and fun little tale that will keep you guessing and fill you with satisfaction. Yeah, we all know that Christmas brings out the love magic, as Halloween brings out the spirits. In this case, a bit of candy, some tempting of the Fates, and a heartfelt wish by one petite lonely young woman leads a tall dark and handsome warlock to his own realizations of love and seals his future. With a sweep of her pen, Raine has painted a short story filled with love, longing, and fulfillment in a sexy and sweet tale of a search for the perfect and only mate ended in a candy shop. Sticky Magic is a great short read, fast, candy-filled, and sexy and sensual to boot. Available now from Forbidden Publications, Raine Delightís Sticky Magic is one quick read you canít afford to miss. Join Marc and Jenna as they bring forth thier own brand of Christmas Magic in their new found love. Happy Holidays, and may you all find your own brand of Sticky Magic!

Yours in good reading,


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