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Title: Kinky Girls Do
Author: Michelle Houston

Published in July 2007 by Phaze
Genre: Contemporary Erotic Anthology
ISBN: 1-59426-925-4

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For those who love, those who want a little spice in their lives, then it is time you discovered what these four lively, lovely and adventurous Kinky Girls Do...

Your Attention Please:
Angela is a stripper, an exhibitionist, and when it comes right down to it, a tease. Her job at the strip club is so perfect for her, and in more ways than one. Darren, the love of her life, always insists on picking her up after work, and she fully enjoys his reactions to her antics when he shows up at the club. She really loves for him to watch the crowd’s reaction to her. He is, after all, the total alpha male, and he burns with a jealousy that fires both their passions. Angela knows he will have to take her hard, reasserting his claim on her, and branding her in the most primitive of ways. As always, Darren does it in a deliciously naughty way perfect for her exhibitionist nature.

Chasing Her Dream:
Lydia had just one wish for her birthday and unfortunately for her, her vanilla and cream boyfriend couldn't handle the thought let alone the job. If he would have just ended their bland relationship over it, she might not have felt so badly, but he had laughed at her, called her depraved and perverted, and stormed out leaving her saddened, shocked, and feeling lower than low. Not all is lost for Lydia, her best friend Shawn appeared banging on her door after busting the ingrate in the face. When Lydia explains her fantasy, Shawn is not appalled, but more than willing and able to fulfill her every dream. She just has to trust him. That chance comes when he tells her to run, then proceeds to chase, catch, and carry her to their very own Private Heaven.

Bound In Love:
Yvette and Brett have always been open in their marriage. There is nothing left to chance, or mischance for that matter, between them and it makes their bond even stronger. Even their sexual needs and desires are talked about, explored together, and enjoyed to the max. But now, since he was deployed out of country, she finds herself in a quandary. She was raped while he was away, and couldn’t tell him when he wasn’t there to do anything about it, and because he would be devastated. The experience left her shaky, and unsure about her ability to confess her fears, her love for him, and her greatest fantasy, to be bound and dominated. The rape did not sway her fantasy, but can she realize it now after such a traumatic event? Only Brett can help, her therapist says. Only then in the comfort of their relationship, can she heal and confess the fantasy she has unconsciously longed to complete.

All About Trust:
Melissa had longed for adventure in her sex life, and yet none of the previous men in her life could fit her mold. There were times she despaired of finding the one man who could fill her fantasies. Gregory finally filled the mold perfectly. He is, as a lover, attentive, patient, and more than capable and willing to dominate her, and fulfill her every wish sexually. In Gregory she had the man of her dreams, and even now she is realizing how sweet the reality truly is.

Kinky Girls Do is billed as a collection of four stories about women who like their sex with a little spice. It is true that one likes to be watched, one craves domination, and two want to be bound to varying degrees, but it is a statement which only scratches the surface. Beneath lie the raging passions that only one man can truly bring out of them. For each, he is the only man who knows exactly what is right because he loves her enough to know just what she needs. There is one thing that is definitely right:

Bad girls dream . . . kinky girls do.

Yours in good reading,


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