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Title: A Most Scandalous Position: Brothers of the Absinthe Club, Book 4
Author: Emma Wildes

Published in July 2007 by Siren Publishing
Genre: Historical
ISBN: 1-933563-90-7

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On the run from an evil aunt and a lecherous cousin, Catherine Drury’s escape is cut short when the bridge holding her carriage collapses. She then awakens naked in bed with a strange man. Assured her virtue is unharmed, Catherine pretends amnesia so her rescuer does not return her home immediately. However, her champion sees through the charade and after engaging in an invigorating coupling, he demands her real name.

As a gentleman, it is Colin Maxim’s duty to offer protection. Her sordid tale is fascinating, but her offer to become his mistress is distressing. He still feels the betrayal stemming from his first marriage; a woman who was still married to another man but ran away once his wealth ran dry. From that moment, he vows never to remarry, whereas his guest never wants to marry even once. Yet, Colin agrees to let her share his home knowing full well that it includes his bed.

Ms. Wildes blesses readers with another installment in the Absinthe Club series, A Most Scandalous Position: Brothers of the Absinthe Club, Book 4 published through Siren Publishing. As Catherine and Colin get more familiar with one another, her Aunt Clara and Cousin Charles plot to return the wayward woman home. If she remains unmarried for the next twelve months the entire fortune is relinquished solely to Catherine. An event Clara and Charles want to avoid. However, Charles’ needs go beyond money. Married or not, he wishes to possess Catherine with a lust that is very chilling. With a fraudulent marriage certificate in hand, Charles makes way to Colin’s estate confident that Catherine will be handed over without incident. Ha! Let him believe that!

A Most Scandalous Position: Brothers of the Absinthe Club, Book 4 is an enchanting, sexy historical that possesses a delightful romance with sultry bedroom actions, as the captivating suspense is certain to keep her fans coming back. As expected Ms. Wildes stories are always populated with dashing virile men and charming independent woman, neither coy in making their desires known. Whether reading in sequence or randomly out of order, Ms. Wildes Absinthe Club series is positively entertaining, so should not be missed.

Emma Wildes pens charming, steamy erotic romances that frequently rank as top sellers. More to the point, Ms. Wildes is a pseudonym for Katherine Smith, an author within the traditional romance and mystery market. Her mysteries look quite intriguing too. Under both names, she is quite a prolific writer. Writing as “Wildes”, Siren Publishing plans to release more of her books: Beautiful Assassin: Brothers of the Absinthe Club 5, The Letter: Reformed Rakes 1, Compromising Situations: Reformed Rakes 2. Then an anthology, Rapture: Collection 1 contains her novella, Initiating Christian, part of the Brothers of the Absinthe Club series, released July 2007. Heart-felt congratulations to Ms. Wildes as Savage Shores: The Improper Ladies 1 wins a 2007 Eppie! Whether traditional or erotic, every romance reader should bookmark Ms. Wildes’ website, as it is the only way to keep up with her frequent publications.

A Dedicated Reader,
Pamela Jenewein

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