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Author Ad-S L Carpenter

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ad Author LaVerne Thompson

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Hi and welcome to Rose's Corner: Reviews by Author page. If you don't know the title of the book, but know the author, this is the place for you. We have the Authors listed alphabetically by first name, and all the books our wonderful reviewers have reviewed... (does that sound a wee bit redundant?) listed directly below the author's name. Simply click on one of the letters below and it will take you to the alphabetized section of your choice.

If you don't know the author but know the title, please visit the Reviews Index page. If you are interested in submitting a review, or becoming a reviewer for Romance at Heart, please visit the review protocols page. Oh, and please check out the review pages with the Short Reviews of Short, Quick-Read Books and the Reviews of Erotic Romances.

Please NOTE: Be assured that our goal is to review as many books as we possibly can. However, due to the sheer volume of ebooks and print books we receive every month – well over several hundred titles – we simply cannot guarantee your book will be reviewed.

author ad S.L. Carpenter




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Numbered Titles

Jaden Sinclair
24 Days


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romance at heart roses
Auth ad Felicity Heaton

romance at heart roses


Authors - Alphabetically



A. Dee Carey
Fox In The Mist
Mark of the Fox
The Vixen

A. J. Wilde
See Erotic Reviews or Quick Reads for Reviews of Summer of Love: Soul Journeys 1, and Auf Weidersehen, Mon Amour: Soul Journeys 2 by AJ Wilde

A. M. Riley
Everyday Spectres: Curse of the Gianes

A. P. Miller
Good Guys Deserve Bad Girls
Librarians Don't Get Married
Beyond the Looking Glass

Adra Steia

Adrienne Brodeur
Man Camp (New)

Alayne Warren
Ayden's Folly: Tarot-The Fool

Ali Katz
Damon’s Price

Alice Duncan
Phoebe’s Valentine

Alison James

Alyssa Brooks
Back to Love: Baby Blues
Spell of Love: Dragon’s Desire
Spell of Love: Flame in the Rain

Amanda Ashley
Shades of Gray

Angela Pearson & Crystal Ordonez
Phantacie: Welcome to Swamp's End

Angela Verdenius
Heart Of An Outlaw
Heart Of The Betrayed
Love’s Sweet Assassin
Soul Of A Hunter
Soul Of A Mercenary
Love’s Bewitching Thief
Heart Of The Forsaken
Soul Of A Witch
Heart Of A Traitor
Soul Of The Forgotten
Love’s Beguiling Healer
Heart of a Peacekeeper
Soul of a Predator
Love’s Winsome Warrior
Heart of a Smuggler
Soul of a Guardian
Shattered Soul

Angeleque Santiago
Diary Of A Love

Anita Whiting
A Killer's Agenda

Ann Durand
A Promise To Keep

Arianna Hart
Dark Heat
Take Your Medicine

Ashlynn Monroe
Passion's Escape

Aubrey Ross
Mystic Keepers 1: Cayenne

Audrey Godwin
Midnight Mistress
Pretty Baby
Tender Lightning
The Rogue President
Brothers of the Night

Autumn Dawn
Interstellar Lover


A Hint Of Summer: A Moonlit Romance Beach Duet
Alluring Tales ~ Awaken the Fantasy
Lucky Thirteen
No Law Against Love
Sinful Sundaes
Animal Attraction Anthology


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romance at heart roses
ad Author/Artist Debi DeSantis
romance at heart roses



Barbara Sheridan
Angel City (New)

Barbra Karmazin

Barri Bryan
Mail Order Bride
Blue Beard

Bess McBride
Love of My Heart

Betty Bradford-Byers
The Big Payback

Billie A. Williams
Skull Music

Blaise Kilgallen
Wild Knights
Plumber's Helper, The

Bonnie Vanak
Falcon & The Dove, The
Tiger & The Tomb, The
Cobra & The Concubine, The
Panther & The Pyramid, The

Brenda J. Weaver
Dragon Lord of Kells, The


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romance at heart roses
author ad Ciara Lake
romance at heart roses



Caitlyn Willows
High Roller
Hotel California
Thief of Hearts

Cameron Hale and J. Kramer
Tomorrow's Dawn

Cara North
Tequila Makes Her Clothes Fall Off

Carly Phillips
Kiss Me If you Can

Carole Ann Lee
Solar Wind
Banner's Bonus

Carol McPhee
Retreat To Danger

Carolina Valdez
Dark Stranger

Carolyn Lampman
Wild Honey

Carolyn Russell
Beyond The Lies

Cat Johnson
Trilogy 106: Nice and Naughty, Book 2
A Prince Among Men

Catherine Spangler
Shadow Crossing
Shadow Fires
Touched by Darkness

Charlie Cochrane
Lessons In Love

Charlie Valentine
Better Days Ahead

Celia Ashley
Dark Tides

Cheryl Brooks
The Cat Star Chronicles: Rogue
The Cat Star Chronicles: Slave
The Cat Star Chronicles: Warrior

Chessie Granger
Within The Mist

Cheyenne McCray and Mackenzie McKade
Lord Kir of OZ

Christa Fairchild
Duchess On The Run

Christiane France
Just One Look

Christine Feehan
Mind Game
Dark Secret

Christine Young
Highland Honor
Highland Magic

Christy Gissendaner
The Learning Curve

Christy Poff
Dante's Flame

Cia Leah
Lethal Artists 3: Danzionna

Ciara Lake
The Triaxen

Cindy Spencer Pape

Cindy Vallar
Scottish Thistle, The

Cissy Hassell
Deceit Times Two

C.J. Barry

C.J. England
Luck is a Lady

C.J. Winters
Fordestined Summer

Claire Michaels
Between Dreams and Darkness

Clay Renick
Oregon Re-released

Cooper McKenzie
Behind Closed Doors/Pushing Boundaries

Cricket Starr
Doll, The

Colleen Thompson
Fatal Error

Crystal Inman
Fire Goddess

Cynthianna Appel
Beautiful Dreamer


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romance at heart roses
Author Ad-Laura Tolomei
romance at heart roses



Dakota Dawn
Hiddenn Angel

Danielle Devon
Captive Bride

Danielle Wingard
Right Here Waiting

Dara Edmondson
Wrong Way Kay

Darlene Nicholson
Sweeter Than Sweets

Debi DeSantis
She Cries in the Dark

Debora Hill & Sandra Brandenburg
Land of the Wand: Volume I Lost Myths Saga
The Crystal Chalice: Volume II Lost Myths Saga

Deborah Boyer
Still Life In Chocolate
Rock Paper Scissors

Deborah Jackson
Ice Tomb

Deborah Warner
Gift Of Surrender, The

Dee Davis
Midnight Rain

Deidre Knight
Red Fire

D. H. Starr
Wrestling with Desire

Diane Gilmore
Perilous Circles

Diane Merlin
Michael Angelo
Mercenary Heart

Diana Laurence
Soulful Sex: Erotic Tales of Fantasy and Romance
Soulful Sex II: Erotic Tales of Fantasy and Romance

Doreen Orsini
Hunting Diana
Also See Erotic Reviews


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romance at heart roses
Author Ad-Laura Tolomei
romance at heart roses



Elaine Corvidae

Elaine Levine
Rachel and the Hired Gun
Audrey and the Maverick

Elizabeth Amber
Nicholas: The Lords of Satyr
Raine: The Lords of Satyr

Elizabeth Hoyt
To Seduce A Sinner
The Leopard Prince
The Serpent Prince

Elizabeth Stewart
A Limited Partnership

Elle Druskin
Outback Hero

Ellen Fisher
Love Remembered

Emma Bruce
Baby Mine

Emma Sinclair
A Wolf's Eyes

Emma Wildes
A Most Scandalous Position: Brothers of the Absinthe Club, Book 4
Reformed Rakes 2: Compromising Situations

Frost Fair

Erica DeQuaya
Power Play
Backstage Affair

Erin Aislinn
Earthly Possession

Erin Moore
All I Ever Wanted

Erin O'Brien
Harvey & Eck

Eve Asbury


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romance at heart roses
author ad Felicity Heaton
romance at heart roses



Francis Ray
Dreaming of You


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romance at heart roses
author Sherri Desbois
romance at heart roses



G. A. Hauser
A Question of Sex

Gemma Halliday
Killer in High Heels
Spying in High Heels

Georgia Tribell

Ginger Simpson
Prairie Peace
Sisters in Time

Glynnis Kincaid
The Dragon's Horn

Gracie C. McKeever
Eternal Designs


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romance at heart roses

romance at heart roses



Heather Holland
Beauty Within, The

Heide Katros
Click, Click, Delete

Heidi Betts
Callie's Convict
Hannah's Half-Breed

Helen Highwater
Rose of Shiraz, The (New)


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romance at heart roses

romance at heart roses



Ilena Holder
Rose Garden

Inga Mahn
Coming Home

Irene Estep
Sunset Promise, Book 2

Isabel Mere
Almost Taken

Isabella Jordan


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romance at heart roses

romance at heart roses



J. J. Massa
A Hunted Heart

J. Morgan
Ghost of a Chance

J. M. Snyder
Carey'd Away
Working Man (series)

J. E. Taylor
Dark Reckoning
Survival Games

Jan Minter
Body Guard

Jan Zimlich
Shadow Prince, The

Jackie Rose
Captive Master
I'm A Vampire...for Real

Jaden Sinclair
Shifter 1: Stefan's Mark

Jaide Fox
Devils Concubine, The

James A. Hall
American Messiah

Jane Dawkins
Letters From Pemberley
One Perfect Afternoon

Jane Shoup
First Snows
Jayna Incarnate
Ammey McKeaf

Jane Toombs
Beltane Fire

Janet Lane Walters
All Our Yesterdays: Egypt
All Our Yesterdays: Babylon
All Our Yesterdays: China
All Our Yesterdays: Pompeii
All Our Yesterdays: Britain
All Our Yesterdays: Switzerland
All Our Yesterdays: Japan
All Our Yesterdays: Peru

Janet Wellington

Janet Sinclair
24 Days

Jayelle Drewry
The Other Half
The Outcast
Waking Annabel

Jaxine Daniels
A Good Place To Land
A Hard Place To Find

Jayne Castle
After Glow

Jean Fullerton
Midnight Marriage

Jeanne Barrak
Silver Fire
Amber Inferno

Jen Bokal
Celtic Heart

Jennifer Ashley
Pirate Next Door, The
Pirate Hunter, The

Jennifer DiCamillo
The Price of Peace

Jennifer Lynn Hoffman
To Love A Gambler

Jennifer Mueller
An Arrangement Among Gentlemen
Egyptian Nights
The Wolf Within
All My Dreams
I Imagine Walking

Jenny Penn
Sea Island Wolves 1: Mating Claire

Jewel Adams
Creole Blues (New)

Jo Barrett
A Brush With Love

Joan M. Fox
Tame My Heart

Joanna Challis

Jocelyn Devon
Wild Souls

Josie Litton
Dream Island
Kingdom of Moonlight

Joyce Henderson
Walks In Shadow

Joyce Sullivan
Her Royal Bodyguard

Julie D'Arcy
Legacy of the Black Dragon
Sword of Niraz

Julie Skerven
Serena’s Web


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romance at heart roses

romance at heart roses



K. R. Bailey
Can You Trust a Cowboy?

Kally Jo Surbeck
For The Love Of...
Sudden Fall

Karen Duvall
Desert Guardian

Karen Kay
The Last Warrior

Karin Huxman
With An Open Mind

Karyna DaRosa
Dry Moon
Tempted Fate

Kate Hofman
A Greek Love Story
Enchanted Castle
Golden Heart

Katherine Deauxville
Last Male Virgin, The
Out of The Blue

Katherine Warwick

Kate Burns
Aphrodite's Charms

Kate Dolan
Langley's Choice

Katie MacAlister
A Girl’s Guide to Vampires
Sex, lies, and Vampires

Katriena Knights
Vampire Apocalypse, Book I: Revelations
Vampire Apocalypse, Book II: Apotheosis

Kathleen Nance
Day of Fire
More Than Magic

Kay LeGrand
Polka Dots and Moonbeams

Keira Ramsay
Redemption: Terran Realm Book 1

Kelli A. Wilkins
A Midwinter Night's Delights
A Midsummer Night's Delights
Trust With Hearts
Confessions of a Vampire's Lover
The Sexy Stranger
A Most Unusual Princess
The Pauper Prince
Naughty Nobles

Kelly Abell
Captured In Lies
Sealed In Lies

Kelly Long
Hart's Truth

Kelly McDonough
Crazy For Kate
Twist of Faith
Make-Believe Bride
Christmas Wishes and Holiday Kisses

Kerry A. Jones
Cast In Stone

Kevin Staniec
And This Was My Happy Ending

Kiera Black
The Protector's Destiny

Kimberly Adkins
Blood Evolution
The Medallion of Solaus

Kyla Logan
Catari Heat 2: Double The Pleasure


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romance at heart roses
Angela Knight
romance at heart roses



Lara Santiago
Blind Date After Dark Series

Laura Baumbach
A Bit Of Rough

Laura Tolomei
Tasting Leon's Mark
The Sex: Virtus Saga Book 1
The Game: Virtus Saga Book 2
The Festival: Virtus Saga Book 3

Lee Rowan
Home is the Sailor

Trilogy 109: Sail Away

Lee Rush
Bound by Fate

Leiland Dale
Paul's DeMarco

Lena Matthews
Joker's Wild: Call Me

Lesley-Ann McLeod
Three Wise Monkeys

Liana Laverentz
Thin Ice

Lilith Saintcrow

Lily Graison
A Touch of Heaven
Wicked: Tempt Me Not

Linda Andrews
Christmas Village, The
Ghost Of A Chance
Some Enchabted Autumn

Linda Ballard
Dreams of Forever: Book 1

Linda Lael Miller
The Montana Creeds
A Wanted Man

Linda Wisdom
Wicked by Any Other Name
Hex Appeal
50 Ways to Hex Your Lover
Midnight Lady

Linnea Sinclaire
Finders Keepers

Lisa Christian
The Legacy of Rose House

Lisa Renee Jones
All The Right Spots
Tempting Jason
Going Too Fast
Too Close For Comfort

*lizzie starr
Dancing the Stars

Liz Maverick
Shadow Runners, The

Lora Leigh
Soul Deep

Loraine Mer
A Christmas Proposal

Luna Carrol
Time and Again

Lydia Parks
No Good Deed

Lydia Phillips
No Glass House

Lynda Coker
The Ocean Between

Lynette Springs
Genie In A Bottle

Lynn Erickson
In the Cold

Lynne Connolly
Harley Street
Diamonds of Ice: Dept 57

Lynsay Sands
Born To Bite


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romance at heart roses

romance at heart roses



M.A. duBarry
Silk Garters, Enslaved

M. Jean Pike
Waiting for the Rain

Madeline Baker
Dude Ranch Bride

Malena Lott
Dating da Vinci

Margaret Blake
Beloved Deceiver

Margo Reasner
A Walk on the Cliffs

Marie Force
Line of Scrimmage

Marie-Nicole Ryan
Man for the Job

Marie Treanor
Guitar Man

Marjorie Liu
Tiger Eye

Marilyn Gardiner
When the Wind Blows

Mary Alice Pritchard
Ghostly Mistakes

Mary Jean Kelso
Blue Coat

Max and Ariana Overton
A Glass Darkly
Glass House
Looking Glass

Megan Hart
An Exaltation of Larks

Megan Ziese
The Soldier's Baby

Melanie Jackson
Selkie, The

Melissa Schroeder
Grace Under Pressure

Melissa Wathington
Surrender Your Heart
Double the Blessings

Michèle Ann Young
The Lady Flees Her Lord

Michele Braden
Love's Blessings

Michele Hauf
Wicked Angels

Michele Miles
A Bend In Time

Michelle M. Pillow
Galaxy Playmates 1: Sapphire
Galaxy Playmates 3: Diamond
The Barbarian Prince

Michele Sinclair
The Guardian, from the Highland Hunger Anthology
Tempting the Highlander

Mike Ryan
Begin With Me

Midnight Showcase Anthologies
Sweet Revenge
Sinful Sundaes

Morag McKendrick Pippin
Blood Moon Over Bengal

Morgan Ashbury
The Lady Makes Three
Lily in Bloom


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romance at heart roses
author ad Angela Verdenius
romance at heart roses



Nancy Barone Wythe
Designs on You
Nostos: The Homecoming

Nancy Bush

Nancy Darryl
Bad Hair Day

Nancy Pirri
MacAulay Bride, The
Rough Edges

Naomi Neal
Calendar Girl
Method Man

Nicole Dennis
Dragon's Grace (New)

Nikita Black
Slave to Love

Nikki Leigh
Lilan and the Locket
Widow's Walk

Nina Bangs
Master of Ecstasy
Night Games

Nina Bruhns
Sins of The Father
Sweet Suspicion
Ghost of a Chance
Blue Jeans and a Badge
Royal Betrayal
Forbidden Enchantment, The (New)

Nita Wick
How Faerie Dust is Made (The Roscommon Faerie Tales Book One)


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romance at heart roses

romance at heart roses





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romance at heart roses

romance at heart roses



Patricia Crossley
A Suitable Father

Patti O’Shea
Ravyn’s Flight

Phillip Sweeney
Christmas Fairy, The

Philippa Grey-Gerou
And a Star To Steer Her By

Phyllis Campbell
Holding Out For A Hero


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romance at heart roses

romance at heart roses





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romance at heart roses

romance at heart roses



Rae Lindley
Eye of Alloria
Cimmerian City
One Evening In London

Rae Monet
A Viking's Vow

Raine Delight
Sticky Magic
Red Hot Magic

Regan Taylor
Indentured Bride
Wicked Witch
Jason's Accord

Regina Hammond
Fireworks and Independence

Rekha Ambardar
His Harbor Girl

Renee Reeves
Night Angel

Ria Gomes
Heaven In Her Arms

Rita Hestand
Hannah's Man

Rhonda Stapleton

Robert James Allison
Matters Of Faith

Robert Cloud
Toy's Story: Acquisition of a Sex Toy

Robin D Owens

Robin Leigh Miller
Elemental Challenges 01: Eternal Flame

Rod Casteel
Mistress of Table Rock
Texas Thunder

Romona Hilliger
A Shadow From His Past
Lure of the Emerald Peacock
Hunting With The Wolf
A Blue Bird On His Shoulder

Ronda Thompson
Call of The Moon
Violets Are Blue
Walk Into The Flame

Rose Middleton
Tantaliser (New)
One Foot Forward (New)

Rowena Cherry
Forced Mate
Mating Net
Insufficient Mating Material


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romance at heart roses
author ad Deb Stevens
romance at heart roses



Sabra Brown Steinsiek
Timing is Everything
When That Time Comes
'Till The End Of Time

Sahara Kelly
Alana's Magic Lamp
Sun God's Woman,The
Persephone's Wings

Saje Williams
Sword and Shadow (New)

Samantha Graves
Sight Unseen

Sammie Ward
Love to Behold

Sandra Hill
So Into You (New)

Sara Reinke

Selena Kitt
Blind Date

Selena Robins
Sabrina’s Destiny

Serena Yates
Work Place Encounters 1 - The Elevator Mechanic

Shannon Leigh
Chasing Booty
Immortal Desires
Lycan Lore

Sharon Page
A Gentleman Seduced

Shayla Black
Wicked Ties

Shiela Stewart
Discovery In Passion (New)

Shelby Reed
A Fine Work Of Art

Shelly Laurenston
Pack Challenge
Go Fetch!

Sherrilyn Kenyon
Night Pleasures
Unleash The Night

Sherry Hall Mauro
The Darkest Hour
Even Angels Fall
The Face of Heaven

Sherry Derr-Wille
Transplanted Love

Skhye Montcrief
Feral Fascinations

Sonja Baines
Soul Haven

S. L. Carpenter
Betty and The Beast
Toys 4 Us

Stacey Lynn Schlegl
The Defense

Starla Childs

Stormy Glenn
The Katzman's Mate

Summer Jordan
let Me Entertain You

Susan Grant
Legend of Banzai Maguire, The
Star Princess, The

Susan Squires
Body Electric
No More Lies
The Companion
The Hunger
The Burning
One With The Night

Suzanne Marie Calvin
Fiona's Fancy

Suzanne Marie Knight
Alien Heat
Lucky Thirteen

Suzi Goode
Dakoda's Revenge


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romance at heart roses

romance at heart roses



Tabitha Gibson
Guarding Madison

Tammy Boulds

Tamara Gray
The Wolves Den

Tamela Quijas
Dante's Lady

Taylor Kincaid
Why Angles Dance Book 01: Ashley’s Waltz

T. L. Sinclare
Silver Dagger

T. L. Vance
The Third Son

Theresa D'Amario

Therese MacFarland
Princes of Anfall, The

Toby Heathcotte
Angie's Promise

Toni L. Meilleur
Touch of the Fire God
Caress of the Dark God

Tonya Ramagos
Heavy Metal Seductions 1: Voices and Lies
Heavy Metal Seductions 2: Picking Art
Heavy Metal Seductions 3: Sports Beats

Tori Carrington
Flavor of The Month
Just Between Us
Night Fever
Sleeping With Secrets

Tory Richards
It's All In The Jeans

Tracy Anne Warren
Wicked Delights of a Bridal Bed

Tracy L. Ranson
Caribbean Splendor

Tricia McGill
Look Into Your Heart
Remy O’Shea
Irresistible Challenge

Tyler Blackwood
Prophesy of The Seventh Dragon
The Last Expedition
Riana Unveiled


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romance at heart roses

romance at heart roses






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romance at heart roses
author ad Vicki Gaia
romance at heart roses



Veronica Wilde
Haunted in Hawaii (New)

Victoria Howard
Ring of Lies
Three Weeks Last Spring

Vicki Gaia
Cradle The Light: Warring Hearts Book 1
Fragments of Light: Warring Hearts Book 2
Long Strange Trip

Vivi Anna
Goddess of the Dead
Blood Red
Prince Charming and his Ladies in Wanting
Buck Naked

Vivian Hart
Maiden's Voyage, The


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romance at heart roses

romance at heart roses






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romance at heart roses

romance at heart roses






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romance at heart roses

romance at heart roses






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romance at heart roses

romance at heart roses



Zinnia Hope
Conspiracy of Angels


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romance at heart roses
romance at heart roses


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