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Wrong Way Kay by Dara Edmondson

Title: Wrong Way Kay
Author: Dara Edmondson

Published in 2006 by Dara Edmonston
Contemporary Romance
ISBN# 1-933874-35-X

Kathleen Elizabeth Wright is known as Kay to her friends. She gets some weird clients in her growing beauty salon but it is a business and she doesn’t mind the manicures. She always gets to hear some remarkable tales when she takes care of the women who come inside to have their nails done. What she thought was going to be a great day turned out otherwise. All she planned to do was go to the bank then do a little shopping, unfortunately her plans detoured. Now her day is awful. As she stands in line at the bank, she finds herself being held hostage. After being dragged outside, she is suddenly released. If that hadn’t been dreadful, while shopping with her best friend, she is charged of shoplifting. Could things get any worse? Then Officer Joe Morton arrives with a very cute derričre. Oh, look out trouble.

Kay only wants to find that one man to be with always but it seems that nothing goes right for her. Whenever she wishes to find a Mr. Right, she ends up with a Mr. Wrong. Her ex-boyfriend, who she refers as Spawn of the Devil, continues to appear out of the blue. Her clients are peculiar and after her little hostage scene at the bank, not to mention the accusation of shop-lifting, she finds herself in the arms of dating two wonderful men. Joe is a handsome cop who continues to always be around at the right time when Kay needs to be rescued. Bob, on the other hand, is a rich attorney who insists he can remove every trouble that inflicts her. But as she dates both guys, off and on, Kay knows she will soon have to make a decision but whom? Her heart feels like she loves them both but if either of them discover she is two-timing them; she will be out in the cold again. Officer Joe Morton is only doing his duty. He has been alone now for two years and holds no interest for any female to enter his life. Even though he has never been married, he was engaged but she broke it off taking a piece of his heart with her. Then one little spirited gal hops into his life and he is eager to learn more about the bubbly woman that appears to be in the wrong place just when trouble abounds. This is one lively gal that will certainly be a challenge in his book. Joe can be there for her giving her love completely and rescuing her at every turn. He also has two cats, Law and Order, that would get along well with Kay, since she loves cats and has one, too.

Bob Nichols is a very successful attorney from Atlanta who is introduced to Kay by her mother. He is interested in Kay and can offer her an easy life of staying home and never working again. He can take care of her financially and never would she have to worry about finances again. But is he enough to knock her socks off?

After Joe comes to Kay’s rescue and she learns that Joe hasn’t gone out with anyone for two years and she is his first girl to really get to know, she is flattered. They begin going on dates and learning about each other and enjoying life. Just when Kay feels everything is going great, her mother decides to intervene and arrange a meeting with Bob, a new attorney at her father’s law firm. When Bob admits he is quite smitten with Kay and would like to continue seeing her, Kay is thrilled. She continues to go out with Bob and Joe. After Joe’s stepmother enters the picture and sees Kay with Bob, she pulls the plug on Kay’s happy life. And when Joe finds out, she wonders will Sergeant Joe Friday stay in her life or close the door in her face? Now Kay has to make a choice, Joe or Bob? Which way will her heart go? It appears that her life has been destined for a wrong turn, this time she hopes she can make a right turn that will bring happiness to her heart with the one man that really lights her fire.

Wrong Way Kay is a hilariously funny story. I hated some of the things that Kay had to endure but she had a great way of finding a way to take things in stride. She was fun-loving, energetic and carried the storyline well. The way she was matched between Joe and Bob, and feeling guilt, but trying not to get caught was a delight following her days to see whom she would choose. The way she had to deal with her sister and her mom, at times, touched in a way that I could almost relate. She is a refreshing character with ups and downs, like most people, and I absolutely loved her. Joe is a lovable and compassionate cop who seems to just gaze at Kay, and you can feel the intensity of his eyes through the pages. Bob just wants to take care of Kay never allowing her to want in anything. This heart-felt story about loving, trust, and friendship has its moments that some often find themselves in.

Dara Edmondson sketches a lovely tale that kept this reader in-tune to the developing of the storyline to the fabulous ending. It is a fun read, a fantastic read and one that will have you cheering on Kay and everything that she is dealt. She instills a heart with Kay, to be able to handle matters, whereas some people would have thrown in the towel and probably gone cuckoo. Ms. Edmondson fashioned characters that I fell in love with, especially, too, with Joe and his charming personality. A man, who had been through a rough time in his life, then stumbles upon Kay and bingo his life seems to change. This was a great read. I liked Bob, too, but it seems that Joe and Kay were just destined to have something there whenever they went out. I could just imagine Kay standing in front of the two wondering whom she should really choose because she really did love both of them. The in-depth secondary characters added just the right blending to make this tale believably charming. She pens one incredible book that is an outstanding keeper. If you have yet to read Wrong Way Kay, all this reader can say is why? This is one story that shouldn’t be missed. Wrong Way Kay has just about everything that will make the reader feel for the characters inside the pages, especially when it comes to family. So hop on over to Dara's Site and check our her books today. This reader was thoroughly delighted!

Sincerely good reading,

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