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Wrestling with Desire by D. H. StarrWrestling with Desire by D. H. Starr

Title: Wrestling with Desire
Author: D. H. Starr

Published in October 2010 by Featherweight Publishing
Genre: Gay, Contemporary
ISBN: 978-1-60820-221-8

Cover Artist: Dan Skinner

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Derek is a senior at Brampton High School, and hardly believes it himself when he pulls up there on his Honda Civic one day and is bombarded with people who want to know him. He isn't the usual jock material though, he doesn't want to sit and talk about how many girls he has been to bed with, so why he would want to chat with the cheerleaders or other jocks of their conquests is beyond him. Beck is one of his friends who knows he has an interest in the boys at the school, but he likes to keep his sexuality a secret among the jocks around him as he would probably not be able to control the unwanted attention he would get due to his choice. He is not the sort of person who gets on with anyone the first time he meets them, and doesn't like telling them anything about him as easily as it makes him uncomfortable.

Once Derek meets Scott its love at first sight, his heart skips a beat, and he gets all nervous and warm all over for the first time. He doesn't want to get so interested in his new class mate, but at the same time can't help talking to him as if he is genuinely interested. When he chances to mention about his love of wrestling that is enough to make him want to know him more, as what are the chances of having his locker next to Scott and share his love of wrestling too?

Even though he has only known Scott for a short while at the school, he knows he has the same interest in wrestling, and understands the sport as he does, but unlike the other guys at school, he immediately felt comfortable around him when he took his seat next to him, and started talking. For Derek that is pretty unusual, and an omen to him that he might just be the sort of guy he wants to be his lover, but he's still not sure.

Scott is the new kid in the school, singled-out by the teacher while in class, and made to feel bad enough, the girls want to get to know him for his handsome looks, while the guys aren't even noticing him, except for one - Derek. As he is given his welcome pack to the school, is it divine intervention or just mere coincidence that he has his locker in between Derek and Beck? He isn't happy that he had to change schools so late as he is in his senior year too, and having to get to know a fresh bunch of school friends all over again seems a bit daunting for him. His dad comes from pretty good stock though, and has managed to go up the corporate ladder after landing his new job, but moving with the job is what made the kid unhappy in the first place.

Scott is not happy about being the new kid, but meeting Derek has eased him into a new school where he feels he can fit in even if his only friend ends up being Derek. He gets on with him well, but there is also the problem of coming out as being gay where most young men at the school are interested purely in girls, and nothing else. The chances are there will be a few bisexual types, but they would be more likely to refrain from telling anyone. Scott is however a nice guy, and one of the only ones who is interested in Derek in an intimate way. As they have similar interests and like being together, it is only a matter of time before their love blossoms. If only Scott would give up acting as though he is the new guy and letís himself enjoy being around Derek more, he would live life more easily around others. Derek knows it is not easy moving from place to place and trying to settle down, knowing full well at some point his dad might want to relocate. Scott is reluctant to give into his love for Derek for fear that it might be too fleeting, and who can blame him.

Wrestling with Desire by DH Starr is a fated romance between the established kid on the block and the new kid in town, with Beck acting as mediator. The main thing that links the two of them is their love of wrestling, which up until now, neither of them had anyone as interested in it as them. What makes this so interesting and steamy are the characters, mainly and the way the writer has managed to tap into the readerís brain in order to gain their interest. Derek has a keen mind, and DH Starr has used her knowledge of wrestling to bring out the best in him and his newfound friend. Beck is Derek's friend he tells all his personal stuff to, the kind of stuff no one else gets to know, and she knows for sure he is deeply interested in Scott, even though he is new to the school. Derek knows Scott sees wrestling different from most that are into the sport. He feels that wrestling isn't a test of who is the big guy, the strongest or the best; it is a test of your own inner strength, and courage.

Enjoy this title, Wrestling with Desire by DH Starr, which is sure to become a new bestseller. Wrestling with Desire by DH Starr is an enthralling and engaging contemporary story of love, romance and desire as well as wrestling from two high schoolers perspectives. They both wrestle with their love of each other and their conflict with the other guys at school, as well as their parents.

Enjoy grappling with this one,

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