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Wild Knights

Title: Wild Knights
Author: Blaise Kilgallen

Published in August 2003 by Liquid Silver Books
Genre: Contemporary
IBSN: 1-931761-74-8

Carla Moore feels that she is in a rut. She is soon to be having a birthday, coming close to forty! She never really knew, nor understands what life, sex, and the excitement of love is all about because it has been ripped away. It happened when she lost her husband. Newly wed, he was sent off to Desert Storm before they could really begin their lives together, then killed in a freak accident. Carla moved back home, and for the last fifteen years, she has kept a very low profile. She wasn’t sure that she missed a man in her life. Until him. The feelings, engendered by the hunk tending the rose bed at the spa, spawned these alien urges in her or so she thinks. Carla, although not a virgin, is terribly naive to the real passions between a man and a woman. Married and widowed without the chance to really learn about the full range of experiences she could have enjoyed, she shut herself away totally unaware of the allure she has, the power she can wield. She is not convinced of it even as the mysterious man tends the roses. Safely hidden behind the curtains in one of the apartments, she is free to watch him. Carla’s deprived libido steals the opportunity to tempt her, building erotic dreams in her mind designed to heat her sensation deprived body.

The fantasy about her mystery gardener grows. She feels foolish, desperate, and lonely with the impending celebration of the dreaded birthday, three years to forty. Her staff assistants have talked, cajoled, and badgered her in to going to the Medieval Showtime for a dinner show. Reservations were made, plans set, and for Carla there is no backing out now. They have been talking about the knights that perform there, chiding and teasing Carla, pointing out it is about time she had some excitement in her life. They are constantly telling her she needs a man, and she knows that they will be disappointed if she refuses to join them. After all, it is her birthday, and they took the time to arrange a celebration. She doesn’t expect to see or experience the surprise kiss from the man of her dreams, the sexy gardener-turned-knight. She is mortified at her awkward handling of the situation, consigning him to her dreams once more. The attraction can’t be ignored though, it draws her like a magnet. She tries to ignore it, but Fate has noticed and is preparing to surprise Carla in the most delightful way.

Evan Lupo planted the bushes there because roses were his mother’s favourite flowers. They’re sad reminders of what he’s lost, but also evoke pleasant memories, the love he had for her, and the times he spent with her as well as what he missed. He could sense the eyes watching him from the building when he came to look after the flowers he planted. He had asked for, and received permission, and made arrangements with the gardener that allowed him to come and tend them whenever he comes home. Working at the Medieval Showtime Dinner Theatre is an interesting experience, allowing him to travel the circuit, and still maintain a home base. He enjoys his job. It’s better than some he could have indulged in because it not only keeps him in shape, but it fills a fantasy for him. He enjoys the attention being a knight for the theater garners, the women that cheer for him as he fights his mock battles, and those he works with too. Still, he’s missing something.

Family is and has always been important to him, but there is darkness in his past. The Family that he belonged to by birth was a controlling one, as only the mob can be. His father had been killed when he was a kid, murdered by an inter-family rivalry. It proved even though you were born into the mob, it guaranteed nothing. His Uncle Tony’s summons, along with the illness threatening the old man’s life, has Evan on edge. He may now called on to right a family wrong, to avenge his father’s death if possible. The promise his uncle made to his mother had been kept, but with her death, Uncle Tony no longer felt bound to continue. Revenge is at hand, and the suspects are lined up. Tony is still powerful, still the head of the Family, but Evan’s cousin, his most bitter rival, covets the power that Uncle Tony wields with such finesse. Evan is Tony’s heir apparent, but has stayed out if the business so far. Uncle Tony has protected him yet Evan has never been blind. He knows the score, has stayed away from the business, but whether he can continue to do so is in doubt. His budding relationship with Carla is also on his mind. The nights of passion in her arms is something he doesn’t care to lose, but can he protect her from the darkness gathering around him?

Blaise Kilgallen gives us a hot and sexy romp to keep us warm on the coldest of nights. The tale of Carla and Evan is a well writing and most delightful story of the budding relationship between a lonely woman, and the younger man of her dreams. The characters, even through the difference in their ages, find common ground to build on, and the shared losses, loves, and the mutual attraction all blends to keep you entertained, and sometimes on the edge of your seat. Carla never dreams that Evan can be the man of her dreams, and Evan never thought to find a woman that he could love, respect, and still need so desperately. The physical hunger between them grows, and in spite of all her arguments and self-doubt, Carla has to admit that maybe it is truly love.

Wild Nights is fun, yet it provides the reader with a touch of danger to keep things interesting, and a load of steamy encounters to add additional spice. Blaise has given is a peek into the steamy dreams of one woman, and how she finally gets the fulfillment that she needs. It is also a trip of discovery, and the blossoming of a new and dynamic personality that has been hidden for too long. In some ways, Wild Knights is the coming of age of a woman who thought that life has passed her by long ago. The surprise that a younger man could find her attractive works to make a story full of promise, and angst. It is the sure presence of the hero that grabs the attention, and focuses the reader of the feelings of the heroine. Evan‘s strong character, and the confidence he exudes, allows Carla to actually explore her sexuality for the first time. Wild Knights is one hot story you won’t want to miss. Available now, and a must buy from Liquid Silver Books

Yours in good reading,

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