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Title: Wicked Angels: Sequel to Dark Rapture
Author: Michele Hauf

Published in April 2007 by Publisher Pending
Genre: Contemporary/Paranormal
ISBN: 1-60186-144-3

Other Books by Michele: From The Dark, Getaway Girl, In The Event of My Death, Rhiana, Flawless: It Girls Book 2, Once A Thief, Gossamyr, Seraphim, Perhaps..., Send Me An Angel, Enchant Me Not, Betray Me Not, Tame Me Not, Wicked Angels, Here Is My Heart, My Lady Madness, Dark Rapture

Secrets and the search for truth endanger two vampires’ love for one another. He believes protecting his lover from the truth will shield the ugliness of being vampire. She longs for knowledge that provides a deeper purpose for being undead. Within another vampire’s family diaries lies hope, answers to her many questions, but it takes time to absorb a lone vampire’s experience amassed over many centuries.

Sebastian is obsessed with his lover since turning her vampire over a year ago; watching her every move, fulfilling her every want, even commanding where she may go, and not go. He senses her thirst for knowledge about being a vampire, but does not have the answers she seeks. Fearful that she will leave, he begs a promise from her to let nothing tear them apart. Still, withholding his past from her may be the catalyst that drives a wedge between him and Scarlet.

Reading Vince’s family diaries possibly hold the secret to an immortals special powers. However, as the books consume much of Scarlet’s time makes Sebastian a tad bit cranky, no matter how much she comforts his ego. Spending time in Vince’s company exposes her to the seedier side of immortality, the murdering of the blood host. Since turning, Sebastian staunchly warns Scarlet of the perils when drinking blood until the victim dies, but Vince makes it seem…vital to being vampire. May be that is what she feels is lacking, the power of “the kill”.

Vince, an inborn sired by a vampire who impregnated a mortal woman, longs for something greater. Lacking guidance from like vampires, he intentionally seduces and then kills his victims, giving him an exciting rush of adrenaline; drinking until death frowned upon by many of his kind. This method causes the vampire to relive the victims’ memories, but the extreme high is worth the mental torment. His adrenalin addiction draws the attention of Federico Bellange, an old vampire who introduces Vince to a “fear induced kill”. The blood high is phenomenal, more enticing is absence of the mortal’s memories that plague him after their death. Vince shares this reckless experience with Scarlet, slaking her need for understanding vampirism. He also expects this sharing will bring her closer to him, like his want for adrenaline, his attraction for Scarlet also grows.

This angst driven, complex story continues Ms. Hauf’s Dark Rapture tale. The fast-paced plot, bordering on macabre, mesmerizes the reader with the darker side of vampirism, though softened by the story’s underlying theme of sensuous Spanish folk music lends to the novel’s bridled sultry romance. As Wicked Angels opens, it becomes clear that Sebastian is busy keeping two young vampires under control. His sole focus is Scarlet, his blood bound lover of one year. He knows the dangers for a fledgling like her, easily enthralled by the heady allure of power that vampires can weld over unsuspecting mortals. His worse fear is she will succumb to the need to kill, riding a rapturous high that creates the deadliest kind of vampire. Sebastian believes Vince has discovered this trait so worries that it is too late to pull the young man from its clutches. Keeping Vince away from Scarlet is hard at best, as she is both independent and stubborn, but naivety may prove her greatest downfall.

Ms. Hauf masterfully blends contemporary and historical periods, smoothly disengaging the reader from one era but quickly immersing them into the next. The melding of two timelines, century’s apart, also gives the reader two delightful romances in one book. Deep, sturdy characters hold the readers attention, and at times are as complex as the story. Sebastian’s stoic centurial maturity stands out as he gently reigns in Scarlet from endeavoring to acquaint herself with vampirism, outside his scope of expertise. Vince is a troubled man, alone in a dark world without a trusting tutor in the vampire ways. Scarlet is tenacious, determined to find answers to her many questions. A thrilling story, Wicked Angels from Triskelion Publishing, that I intend to refer many times. However, I cannot help feeling it would have been all that more enjoyable if the previous story, Dark Rapture, also published by Triskelion, had been read first.

A Dedicated Reader,

Pamela Jenewein

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