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Title: Wicked
Author: Tori Carrington

Published in August 2004 by Harlequin Blaze
Genre: Contemporary
IBSN: 0-373-79149-6

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Now in the course of human events, man comes to a crossroads and a decision has to be made. If there is hope for something, that is one thing, but when the situation looks hopeless, you have to give up or give in. Dr. William Sexton was not a man to give up easily, but some things were and are just way beyond his ken. The fact that the woman he is dating is a resident at the hospital where he works is just part of the problem. She has decided, just before they started dating, that she was not going to have sex again until she got married. For five months, Will has been putting up with this, wondering if she was serious or seriously demented. Now Janet has taken off for a conference in California, leaving Will totally alone and very, very frustrated. Adding insult to injury, Janet is the daughter of the Chief of Staff, and Will has been working hard for a promotion. He feels as though he is treading a fine line, but now there are new complications, which he is not certain about, threatening to mess up his life.

She has played a huge part in his most recent fantasies, and Will cannot believe it when he comes face to face, body to body, and skin to skin with his sexy upstairs neighbor, Renae Truesdale. He is thoroughly floored to find out that she is not what or who he thought, and the rewards of his spur-of-the-moment actions lead to the most incredible sex of his life. Now he is plagued with feelings that he is very uncertain about, and is not sure how to handle them. When he turns to his best friend Colin to help him out, Colin gives him the same advice that Will had given him earlier, and Will is no more inclined to take his own advice now than Colin was then. After all, Colin ended up with Lucky, the love of his life, and surely that couldn’t happen twice. After a lot of fretting and trouble, he has only one real decision to make. One night of fantastic sex did not a relationship make, but something told him this is a lot more than just great sex. He is afraid there is a whole lot more at stake, and he is almost scared to really find the woman he has dated for five long and sexless months is not the woman to fill his life. He is even more scared to find out that Renae is really and truly the woman of his every dream…

Life was not easy for Renae, but she had the heart and soul to keep plugging along and hope for better things. Being the only child of a stripper led to an interesting upbringing, but that was definitely something she was putting far behind her. There was an upside to her life up to this point. Those very circumstances that could in other ways jeopardize ones life had helped Renae achieve a permanence she didn’t think she could find. She had a steady job that she loved, clients that loved the classes and seminars she held in the mall shop called Women Only. It was in a greater sense home…Ginger was more of a mother figure than her own had been, and her friendship with Lucky had blossomed all through the hurt and her desperate struggle to stay away from the handsome psychiatrist Colin McKenna. Now the confidences of the friendship are returned as Lucky attempts to help Renae with her own doctor problem. Unfortunately, for Renae, Lucky can see beyond the walls and barriers she has erected. She realizes she has truly fallen in love with the exquisitely handsome doctor.

Feeling like a fool, Renae decides that avoidance is the best policy, but the separation from Will takes its toll on her. As her life dips and dives from the wonderful highs that comprised her “strictly sexual relationship” with him, to the lows of her roommate’s lover’s dirty tricks, and as promise blooms bright on the business front, her personal relationships seem to be headed for the trash heaps. Trouble is escalating with Tabitha’s lover Nina, as her petty thefts and spiteful destruction of Renae’s things are bringing things to a head. Her mixed emotions about Will, and the excitement of the proposal she wants to propose to Ginger, the owner of Women Only has Renae turned almost inside out. She is almost afraid to hope for this dream that seems within reach now. Maybe if she can keep herself busy the time will pas more quickly, she might even get over the handsome doctor who flipped her heart and her life upside down. She knows she has to realize it, acknowledge it, and she really doesn’t want to give voice to the truth. It has to be a terrible mistake, but Renae knows with an unflinching certainty she has fallen in love with Dr. Will Sexton, delicious hunk extraordinaire, and she doesn’t think he returns those feelings at all. She had hopes and dreams, but he really isn’t the man to make them come true…or is he?

I have to again give kudos to Tori Carrington for another outstanding book. Wicked takes you into the staid and uptight world of a playboy doctor who is suffering a definite lack of action, and a girlfriend who has decided that sex is not all it is cracked up to be before marriage. Frustrated and fantasizing, Dr. Will Sexton runs smack into the woman that stars in some of his most heated dreams. He and his friend, Dr. Colin McKenna often complain to each other about the Lesbian couple who live above Will in apartment 3B. Now, faced with his most fervent desire, he can only succumb. Swamped in a world of guilt and frustration, both Renae and Will are at a loss to understand the feelings between them. With neither giving voice to them, the road to true love looks to be walled off for good.

If you have read the first books of the series, Forbidden and Indecent, you will recognize old friends in Wicked, and be thrilled with the new ones you meet. Renae and Will are a perfectly matched set, and you will enjoy the trips and tangles they get caught in as they end up falling head over heels in love. From the frustration of Will’s sexless relationship with Janet, to Renae’s troubles with Nina’s malicious pranks, you will be giggling and blushing all they way through this wonderfully race addition to your Tori Carrington Library of Fine Romance. Wicked will be coming to your local bookstores in August, so look for it where ever Harlequin Blaze books are sold. Wicked is a definite must buy for Tori’s fans, and here again is another delightful introduction into the world she so deliberately creates for those who haven’t experienced her touch in romance. I think you really need to be a little bit Wicked!

Yours in good reading,


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