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When That Time Comes

Title: When That Time Comes
Author: Sabra Brown Steinsiek

Published by Whiskey Creek Press in 2003
Genre: Contemporary
ISBN: 1-59374-061-1

Related Books: (1) Timing is Everything (3) ‘Till the End of Time

Laura Morgan has been thrown a curve ball. Laura had gone through school to become a journalist. She had met Taylor while doing a piece for the paper she worked at. He was the star of the theatre show she was writing about. Later she decided to become Taylor’s assistant and later, his wife. Now, however, she was content with writing while Taylor is doing a show. Laura is a successful author in her own right, so the couple didn’t want for anything in the material sense. Having two adopted teenage daughters, Meg and Betta, awaiting acceptance into the schools of their choice, Laura discovers she is pregnant. So much for the plans Laura and her husband Taylor had for the empty nest. Not that she was unhappy about the unexpected news. Just terrified. She’d never been a mother—not to a baby anyway. How was she to cope? And whoever said morning sickness was just a morning ailment? Laura soon gives birth to the newest addition to the family. They named her Annie. Laura depended on Betta’s Aunt Rosina and her Uncle Matteo for keeping their everyday lives organized. Rosina is the Morgan’s housekeeper and Matteo their chauffeur. Laura soon finds that her misgivings about motherhood to be unfounded and she settles into her role quite comfortably. But then things start to happen that threaten to destroy her family.

Life went smoothly for a while, until some fan letters take on an ominous tone. Laura convinces Taylor to take them seriously after she gets an FBI agent, Pierce Allbright, a friend of theirs, to look at the letters. Laura sometimes consulted Pierce for research on her books. Pierce agrees with Laura that the letters prove that whoever is sending them knows too much about their personal lives. Each letter uses a different fan club membership number but they believe they are all from the same person. They approach the president of his fan club, Elodie, and tell her about the letters so she and the person who sorts the fan mail could keep watch for any similar envelopes. Laura didn’t particularly want Elodie involved because she knew Elodie was not impressed with Taylor’s decision to quit the show, nor was she a fan of Laura’s. Then again, Laura didn’t like her either. Laura knew Elodie was in love with Taylor, even though he thought they were just friends. Men could be so dense sometimes.

Taylor Morgan is a devoted family man and is career oriented. That career has taken him from acting to teaching and then acting again on Broadway. He enjoys his life, his family and his fans, doing everything in his power to keep everyone happy and life on an even keel. Although, sometimes, things just don’t work out the way he thinks they should. Taylor tries to keep his family together and create a home for them, wherever they may be, and struggles to keep his career on an even track. Changing venues at times, depending on what aspect of his career that he wanted to develop, but always doing what he believes is best for his family. Taylor tends to be a very trusting person almost to the point of naiveté. So, when he learns things about a friend of his, he is quite shocked and has a hard time believing it. He proves to be quite stubborn about it until he is shown undeniable proof about the friend’s treachery.

From the disturbing fan letters, to his friend’s treachery, to a student making threats and falsely trying to accuse him of sexual harassment, Taylor valiantly deals with situations that compound difficulties in his home life. When Taylor left the show and moved the family to Albuquerque to take a post at the university, he knew that Laura would love the move and the opportunity to be close to her family. But after a few years, he misses being on stage and the theatre and jumps at the opportunity to perform on Broadway. Tyler, once again, packs up the family and they move back to their apartment in New York while he pursues his career.

Sabra Brown Steinsiek continues her story of the Morgan family that began with Timing is Everything. When That Time Comes continues as they family grows and deals with their trials and tribulations in a home (or two) filled with love and compassion. Sabra brings depth to her characters and succeeds in making you laugh and cry as you follow the Morgan’s through the journey of life. Having a large cast of characters throughout the book that play an integral part to the unfolding of their lives, just enriches the storyline. Taylor is offered a job teaching dramatic arts at the university of New Mexico in Albuquerque, Laura’s hometown. He takes the job. As the years go by we get a glimpse into their lives and those of their families as their older daughters Meg and Betta grow into ambitious young women. A visit to Ireland with their grandfather turns their world upside down—not just the girls, the whole family.

When that Time Comes entwines the lives of Sabra’s characters into a loving, if not complex unit, through a series of life-altering events that will have you immersed into their world and guessing at the outcome. Taylor and Laura tackle the obstacles thrown in their paths with honesty and integrity with a fierce loyalty to justice. When Annie is kidnapped, we see the bonds of family strengthen along with the healing of those who feel they are responsible in some way to Annie’s disappearance. This book is an enjoyable read and will not leave you disappointed when you add it to shelf. Whiskey Press published When that Time Comes in 2003. It is the second in a trilogy by Sabra Brown Steinsiek. Look for the first in the series Timing is Everything, and also the third, ‘Till the End of Time.

Read and enjoy,


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