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Waiting for the Rain

Title: Waiting for the Rain
Author: M. Jean Pike

Published in August 2007 by Champagne Books
Genre: Contemporary/Paranormal
ISBN: 978-1-897445-21-1

Download, or 190 pages in Paperback Format

Willow Mackenzie was dying. That was about the last straw in her life, and she knew it without much real thinking. Well, Tom, her soon to be ex-husband would never know, and now all she wanted was to get the divorce behind her and go someplace to die. She had regrets, friends she was leaving behind loved her, there were only a few but they were people who cared. There was no surviving this enemy, and at this point, Willow was beyond that because the serpent, the cancer that wrapped relentlessly around her brain, that evil which infused her with pain would soon put an end to it all. She had a rocky start in life, it was hard for her to love and to trust, but it only made those she let into her life all the more precious. There were a few things she wanted to see, things she had dreamed of, and on one particular day, just before she was to start a useless round of chemotherapy, she got lost hunting for that elusive Bald Eagle she had heard was nesting near a small town outside the city.

She must have gotten turned around, because the roads were not familiar, she was a city girl after all. With the dead end now behind her, she had to retrace her trail, and the last thing she needed was a flat, but there she was, stuck. She had a flat tire, no cell service, and no way to get the help she needed so badly way out in the boonies. Little did she know a dog, named Lucky, would be her lifeline, and a sullen man her savior. When the flat tire forced her out of her Explorer, she had to get out and look for help, and when the old chocolate lab found her, she was never so glad to see anything or any one in her life. With the help of the strangely silent but intriguing man, she was back on the road, and yet determined to find out more about the small cottage she had glimpses of, and of the for rent sign she had seen in the overgrown yard. It was picturesque, tucked away under roses, already overflowing with blooms in the early spring. The setting was peaceful, tranquil, and she could well imagine herself spending what was left of her short life in that kind of an idyllic setting. After all, she had to have enough money to rent it for the rest of her life, six months rent couldnít be that much, could it?

Darby Sullivan had a secret, and it was not the usual kind one kept. It was not a matter of a criminal act, not a matter of inheritance, or trespass. Darbyís problem, his secret if you will, was a matter that he didnít wish to discuss, he kept to himself, and did not wish to have the world intrude. He didnít want a womanís intrusion either, yet something in the young woman attracted him, called to him, and he knows trouble when he sees it, but this is not the kind he could walk away from, not this time. This woman had a fragility about her, she was not well, and if there was anything he could do to help her, to ease her pain, then he was willing to try. He had an idea she would be back, and Darby knew it was her, when he was contacted buy the real estate agent about renting the cottage. What possessed him to allow this was totally beyond him, and he thought he was headed for trouble.

Little did Darby Sullivan know that what he was getting into with Willow Mackenzie would upset his usual outlook on life, and solitary existence he shared with no one but Lucky for so very long. Oh sure, Lucky had the habit of bringing injured things to him, he had helped to heal his share of wounded critters, but he put his foot down at people, they were a danger. But that had not stopped Willow. She was here, a vibrant force in his ordered, normally calm and sometimes placid surroundings. She was ill, and yet she thrummed with life that was bursting to get out, even if it was not and could not last. There was a desperation in Willow, a desire to live every moment to the fullest, and yet Darby sensed the magic slowly seeping into her, and sensing it could help her to survive. He had his secrets, and the more enamoured of her he became, the harder it would be to say goodbye, the harder it would be to see her walk away, and Darby knows only too well the pain that followed the departure. After all, he had gone through that once with tragic results, and he couldnít go through it again.

For some, the Fates are kind, but in Waiting for the Rain, that is not necessarily the case. This very poignant paranormal by M. Jean Pike will bring you to tears, but leave you believing in the hope of love that goes beyond the shallowness of human existence. Darby is a man of great sensitivity, a man who wonders exactly what his purpose in life truly is, and whether heís ready or not is about to find out. He and Lucky have been together for a long time, they know each other, and share a powerful bond. Now Darby and Lucky are about to take another step forward, and finally let another into their lives. Willow is not your run-of-the-mill girl. She grew up rough too, and as she shares herself with the man and his dog, Darby starts to hope. Willow does too, and when the rough patches come, she rallies to Darbyís side, much to his great surprise.

Some things, however, are just not meant to be, and if you think you can handle the ups and downs, the hope and the disappointments, and above all the story of a love that will sacrifice all for the beloved, then Waiting for the Rain is a book you need to read. This book is ripe with the love and loss that makes some romances maudlin, but with the paranormal elements brought in, Ms Pike keeps the reader riveted, and wanting more. The twists and turns of this story canít prepare you for the full impact of the story as a whole, and this makes M. Jean Pike an author you will want to hear more from, and soon. I have to admit, this book has stayed with me, and brought a tear, even long after it was finished, and it still pulls for another reading. Available now from Champagne Books, Waiting for the Rain is one book you wonít want to miss.

Yours in good reading,


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