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The Game: Virtus Saga Book 2

Title: The Game: Virtus Saga Book 2
Author: Laura Tolomei

Published in March 2010 by eXasy Books
Genre: Gay, Fantasy, Paranormal
ISBN: 978-1-55487-568-9

Cover Artist: Angela Waters

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Powerful and cruel, Christopher Templeton has wielded his Virt since being a child, and his fiery power can be used to hurt or heal depending on his state of mind. His ability to use it has grown immensely over the years,††and Ylianor has experienced this first hand, yet it was in anger that he dealt the blows, cutting her body out of fear and loathing that she had the opportunity at some point to take Duncan away from him. He has shown how he can hurt even if they are the ones he loves. The three of them have reached the place where the valley robbers have been hiding. They originally stole the section of the Pyramids of the Nephis Valley and they need to get it back.

Ylianor can use her power to find it quicker and feel who has got it, along with the accomplice. Christopher is flustered by the fact he was ever there, and put under a spell where he kissed Ylianor, and when he is reminded of it, he is embarrassed with contained anger he has against either Duncan or Ylianor, and is caught in a problematic situation where he both loathes and is starting to love her.

As a person, Christopher is resentful about what happened in the valley, recalling how he normally loathes women and all they stood for. He has a bitchy attitude, and an acerbic wit he uses on anyone he cares about, or not. Christopher contains an evil and destructive side he has to keep under wraps, and in Ylianorís case fails to as he found her weakness and exploited it from knowing her as a young girl in the past along with Duncan. As Christopher is a chameleonic character it is hard to tell when he is being sincere as in one breath he tells Duncan how much he canít stand to be around her, and in another he confesses to both Her and Duncan how he had need of her company after the incident in the valley. Christopher gets as good as he gives out verbally when Duncan teases him about the valley incident, and he doesnít like to be put in a situation he canít control.

As the title of the book states, the game is a reference to one that Cecilia sends as an invite to Christopher where he can come to her place along with his lovers and indulge in a game where under strict rules, the participants, usually couples or threesomes have all got roles, master, slave and guest. The object is to give or receive pleasure while following these rules. Duncan is greatly interested in the three of them going there where he is the master and someone else will be the slave. Even early on Duncan would like it if the three of them could get on despite their obvious differences. He already has difficulty with Christopherís stubbornness and Ylianorís reluctance to allow Christopher near her, even for nothing more than just base pleasure. Being a part of Ceciliaís plan is also a good way of getting into the Blue Oasis in order to retrieve the piece of Pyramid.

There can be a solution to all this, as Christopher has another twist to his personality in that he might be falling for Ylianor, even though he did not want that to happen while they were together for that short amount of time. Christopher has become taken with her, her beauty and her manner. Kindness is something she is known for, yet she still feels uneasy around him due to his erratic behaviour and the incident in the past. If he can endure being around her long enough he can learn to have her in their relationship. As is usual this is not as easy as Christopher views Duncan as his one true love, and could, only use her for her body rather than love her in the same way he does Duncan.††Duncan comes up against more problems when he learns that his father, Lord Fairchild is dying and there is no one around to replace him as leader. He is in a state of mourning, and he will need the help and support of the other two lovers around him as combined help.

As far as the plot and overall story goes, Laura Tolomei can tell a very emotional and in-depth tale that surrounds a threesome in a fantasy world where anything is possible, in a society where those with the ability can use their Virt for good or ill. The Game: Virtus Saga: Book 2 is her second novel and one that has the characters playing their part carefully and in hope that all will be revealed when it has to. It is interesting to notice that Duncan only has his own agenda in mind when playing the game, and that in turn angers Christopher, who is never one to be left out of anything, especially sexual matters. It is interesting to find out that Christopher is not capable of loving a woman; he will only use her as a sex object.

For the second novel, Laura Tolomei persuades the reader to look closely at the relationship between Duncan and Ylianor as it has a special significance and shows a meeting of both past and present. Christopher is the one in the middle in this volume, and does not like being there; after all he enjoys being centre stage doling out his quips, and jibes to anyone who will listen, though even he has to be watched, and as Duncan knows controlled as he can be loose cannon if left to his own devices. There is enough humour, interesting dialogue, and enjoyment to be had for the reader to want to see what happens next in the book. The Game: Virtus Saga: Book 2 is a great novel to while away the hours. And The Game: Virtus Saga: Book 2 can be purchased at eXtasy Books where no one will be disappointed..

Yours in enchantingly good reading,

author Laura Tolomei

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