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The Sex: Virtus Saga Book 1

Title: The Sex: Virtus Saga Book 1
Author: Laura Tolomei

Published in March 2010 by eXasy Books
Genre: Gay, Fantasy, Paranormal
ISBN: 978-1-55487-518-0

Cover Artist: Angela Waters

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Ylianor is a lady formerly banned from the Black Rose several years ago, a responsible type who can look after herself no matter what dire straits she might be in. She is conscious of her situation after being banished, and wants to lead her life the way she wants to yet she does have something in her life she needs to consider first Ė her father, Fuzeon who is dying and the verbal abuse she is subjected to by him as she takes care of his needs before his time is up. She has strength, yet she is stable enough and strong to take this burden on herself.

She lives on Sendar, with Stella as their sun which beats down on them, at a place where she has to endure the endless tasks and routine of looking after her father, who, it becomes apparent has changed considerably from the man he once was. Although she knows his condition is worsening, she tries to help all she can. Ylianor has to think of his needs only and put aside her own feelings and wants. She has a heart of gold, and a personality that has the capability to influence others in any given situation.

Her mind and heart hurt while her father is in the last moments of his life, but before this she helps a young man, Duncan Caldwell, a prince who needs a place to stay and she asks him to have a bed for the night without trying to sound as though he is a burden on them. Duncan soon remembers her as his old friend and crush, and Ylianor was very fond of him once she remembers too. The two of them have a lot of history, as Prince Charles Caldwell had died earlier and Ylianor had been told to leave by Lady Caldwell. Ylianor also knows Duncanís friend Christopher Templeton, and dislikes the affect he has on him. For the length of time he is around her, she grows even fonder of Duncan, yet as he has also taken on Christopher as his lover, she is put off by his presence there.

Duncan Caldwell, a prince by birth is a noble man, kind-hearted and just wants to help Ylianor with her awful predicament with her father. Previously amazed at his mother wanting heirs to the Caldwell name, he felt he did not want to have an arranged marriage; rather he wanted to marry a woman who he had grown fond of and understood as an equal. He hates to be pushed into anything, and has already formed a deep and lasting bond with Lord Templeton, who others think of as his only true friend in the place. Ylianor tries to avoid Christopher even if he was his childhood friend just as she was, and dislikes that he has taken him as his lover. Duncan it seems would have liked to take Ylianor on as his lover, as he already has a fancy for her, though there is something in his way Ė his lover Christopher.

His main problem is with Ylianor and Christopher, and Ylianorís loathing of Christopher, while Christopher also has a hatred of her he canít easily disguise from them both. Duncan is far too sensitive of Christopherís ways as he has known him for so long. Christopher has been given the chance to warm to Ylianor, yet refuses to enjoy her company in the way Duncan has. If Duncan canít get Christopher to see his point of view, to know that it means a lot to him to have her as his other lover, then their relationship has the possibility to be doomed to failure, yet it would be interesting if Christopher decided to take another man and bring him into the relationship Ė whether Duncan would support him too would be something to question. In this story it is a matter of give and take, nothing more.

The Sex: Virtus Saga: Book 1 by Laura Tolomei is the first in a series of novels that describes a three-way relationship and the problems each of the three characters encounter on the way. It gives the reader an idea of what can happen in a fantasy novel that deals with too many different emotions, hatred, fear, love, and most of all in this story, jealousy and the impact it has on a three-sided relationship. As a beginning, it has what the reader wants, to be lured into a well thought out story where the characters have been given many facets to their personality, mainly Christopher whose jealousy knows no bounds. Many will see Christopher as one of the most interesting characters in the story whose actions are to get him into a lot of trouble with his lover.

Each remembers his own part, and two of the three have to deal with their foibles and come to terms with them before they can let love blossom in its place. The Sex: Virtus Saga: Book 1 is the perfect read as it tantalises, teases and creates great intrigue and explores the inner nature of humanity. Their intricacies, unusual nature, and what turns them on will also serve to turn you on too as there is no shortage of excellent sex scenes in this novel. Go and get your copy at eXtasy Books and enter into a new series of novels that will go far to open your mind.

Yours in enchantingly good reading,

author Laura Tolomei

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