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Title: Rock Hard Seduction 1: Voices and Lies
Author: Tonya Ramagos

Published in February 2009 by Siren Publishing
Genre: Erotic Romance
ISBN: 1-60601-315-7

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For Derek Kadin, life was one big turn-on. He has had his ups and downs like everyone, but he is also extremely lucky in that he is doing what he really loves. Making music, being in the spotlight in a popular band has been his dream since he was twelve, and now he and his friends have made it to the top. Their band, Fašade, has had two platinum albums, and their plan for success is still on track. They have worked very hard together to write, and perform for the fans that made it all happen. Life is good, because Derek has been able to use his education, and the talents of his friends and parley it all into a modicum of success that is paying off for them now. They trust in him, and in their talents and with the hard work and the commitment, they were rising to the top of the heavy metal world. This latest stop on the tour was just one of many to get through before the band took a break. Too soon this tour would end, then it would be time to do new material, so there were songs to write, arrangements to do, jam sessions to work out the kinks, and all the while the guys in the band had girlfriends, lovers, and in Trey's case, a new baby soon to be born, to consider. Family was important, and yet Derek felt as though he was really missing out on something special.

The feeling of life closing in was odd for him, and it is that oddity, which is driving him to find someplace where he could relax, refresh his mind and body. Yeah, the tour was over, but that wasn't going to help because he still needed to unwind badly. They have some special concerts to do and he really needs to get it together for the fans. He needs to regroup, and get some relief from the oppressive feeling plaguing him. Some place cool, quiet, out of the way, and off the beaten path is just what the doctor in his head ordered. When he found the upscale and exclusive Addison House Bed and Breakfast, he thought it was just the place for him to do a bit of "R & R" and get things together before the band continued on with their off-tour activities. It is far enough away, in St. Petersburg, Florida, to suit his purpose. Although he drove the 18 hours to get here, he could fly home if needed in an emergency and return later for his truck if necessary. It is only a week, he had been hoping for more but he would take what he can get. He needs the peace and quiet away from home, away from the hustle and bustle of family, friends, the band, the fans. One precious week, but Derek feels it is time he needs to spend relaxing, and it is something he has to take for his own good and peace of mind. He already has the reservation in hand, and the next week at least free before he has to meet up with the band for the next sessions of writing songs, quick tour concerts, and planning their future.

It is not something she does often, but Alicia Addison has managed the place before. The Addison House Bed and Breakfast is her sister Star's baby, and if it wasn't for the last minute trip to Morocco with her husband, Star would not have asked Alicia to help out. It will not be a very busy week or so, but it may give her some time to get her head wrapped around the recent events. Thank heavens her erstwhile and brand new fiancÚ is gone for a few weeks. The fact she is engaged is one thing, but he never even asked her, and everyone took it for granted he did, they would be married, life ended, career down the tubes, and she would conform and thrive as a society darling just as her mother and William planned. WRONG!!! The more she thinks about it, the stronger the decision she has to stand up for what she wants, what she believes in. Yeah, her grandmother wanted her to try because she regretted the distance between her and her daughter, but that was grandma and mother's problem, not hers. If there was distance between her and her mother, it was because her mother wanted to run Alicia's life, and that was not going to happen. She was writing, her vampire novels were selling in the electronic venue, and doing well. If William and her mother had their way, she would give up her writing, her cozy little cottage she bought with her earnings, and her beloved heavy metal music and concerts she loved so well.

She really didn't mind helping Star out, it gave her a change of scenery, and the bed and breakfast is a change that couldn't hurt. She looked around and decided she would give some of the expensive trinkets her mother had insisted on decorating her cottage with to Star. It looked as though they would fit here, more like she already had, and if Star could use them she was welcome to them. She has changed the decor of her place into something more homey for her, more comfortable. The designer furniture went, as did the expensive paintings and assorted odds and ends her mother insisted on her having. Now she has a place in which she finds comfort, a place she could work in peace and she can truly call home. The high fashion style of her mother makes her nervous, and she tried to do it her mother's way, but it is not the way Alicia is programmed. With her unconventional writer's lifestyle, and her best friend Diana to hang out with, Alicia can't ask for more. Now if the mysterious guest who reserved a room under the name of Mr. Smith would only be Derek Kaden, her favorite all time singer with her all time favorite Heavy Metal Band called Fašade, she would be in heaven. Fat chance of that, but it made for a nice dream. Of course everything explodes in her face when she opens the door late that night for very late Mr. Smith, and finds dreams do come true...

Tonya Ramagos has a talent for giving us realistic characters, and then putting them in very hot, steamy, and difficult situations. For Alicia, dreams come true when Derek Kaden shows up at her sister's bed and breakfast for a week of rest and relaxation. The Addison House caters to an upscale clientele, but he is the last person Alicia expects to find on the doorstep at eleven o'clock at night. With apologies at the lateness of the hour, he waltzes into her life, and with a few choice words, into her heart. Alicia knows she is in trouble because after a few days, things seem to fall totally apart. After a wonderful night with Derek, William shows up and demands an explanation to her refusal to marry him. As for Derek, if looks could kill, she would be dead. Derek is upset. He feels Alicia has lied to him, but if he is totally honest with himself, he is lying too. He should come clean with her about his identity, but he feels as though someone with her obvious class is so very far above him on the social scale it would never work. Little does he know the cool facade is a mask she wears only on very special occasions, and she would never give away that she knows exactly who he is and what he does.

Rock Hard Seduction 1: Voices and Lies is a delightful romp in miscommunications, misunderstandings, and some very hot and steamy make up sessions that will leave you wanting more. The trials Derek and Alicia put each other through make for some interesting and delightful reading. In the depths of the relationship are some trust issues neither can seem to get around, but when faced with a life time alone, neither can help but deal with them up front and center. Strong and delightful characterizations, true to life action and settings are a mark of great writing, and Tonya has them all. Her visualization of the band, its members, its music, and the surroundings all add up to a wonderful and exciting tale of love, rejection, and the realization that some things are just meant to be. Rock Hard Seduction 1: Voices and Lies is just the beginning, and I can't wait to read the next. She brings you humor, tension, fun, and the hot steamy love scenes that blend the whole together in a most delightfully hot and sexy way. Tonya's whole Rock Hard Seduction Series is soon to be available at Siren Publishing, so if you want a good story told with realism and fun, get a copy of Rock Hard Seduction 1: Voices and Lies, and watch for the others soon...

Yours in good reading,

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