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Vampire Apocalypse: Apotheosis

Title: Vampire Apocalypse, Book II: Apotheosis
Author: Katriena Knights

Published in 2003 by ImaJinn Books
Genre: Paranormal
IBSN: 1-893896-xx-x

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Lorelei is safe, the babe is out of danger, but now they have a new set of worries on hand. Julian and Lucien know that Lilith has ties to Ialdaboth, and that she could probably lead him to their enclave. Destroying her is out of the question, and Julian forms a new plan to put before Lilith, to see if she would be willing to help.

Lilith is not the most cooperative of vampires, and she is also a walking talking magnet for their enemy. She walked out of the enclave, desperately searching for a way to get far from these people. Lilith thinks that the only way to keep them safe, is to get away. Her ties with Ialdaboth are too strong. What she has seen, and what she has felt in this place, is entirely different from the enclave that he maintained in Romania. Ialdaboth has darkness and evil down to an art form, and she fears what will happen if he shows up and tries to claim her. The fact that Julian, whatever he has become, has saved her life and she is in his debt. She feels she must return the favour, and the best way is to get far away from the New York enclave, and do it quickly. The problem is that Lilith has become more than a bit fond of Dr. Jarod Greene, Hematologist, and Vampire Doctor Extraordinaire. She knew that the blood that she took of his was the only thing that kept her hidden from Ialdaboth in Romania, but the attraction has been there and grown since she awakened to see him in the enclave’s hospital wing.

This situation seems rather odd to Raphael. The atmosphere is light, almost airy, and that is a definite contrast with what he’s been used to before. This is not a dark dank place, and as his eyes adjust once more, he becomes aware again, of a lot of things that are not readily apparent. Lucien and Julian said that there was nothing to fear here, and so far they were correct. Although he had been kidnapped, he really couldn’t say that he was worse for wear. The woman, Sasha, really clocked him good, but even so, there was something about her he couldn’t let go. He used to be a red-blooded male of seventeen, and being around Sasha brought it all back very pleasantly. Only turned four years prior, Raphael does have enough savvy to realize that this place is vastly different than the Romanian enclave. Julian ran a tight community, but his rule was not oppressive. The vampires in this enclave were not subjected to the rigorous drills and tests, the oppressive flood of hatred that was so prevalent under Ialdaboth. He had been little more than a sex slave to Brigitte, and to be out from under her possessive presence was the greatest of blessings. For this alone, he would pledge Julian his fidelity forever, but for the chance to regain the sun? If that were truly possible…

Ialdaboth, Ruha, Aanu, Belial (known most recently as Lucien) are the four First Demons. Born of the virgins presented to the god for his pleasure and appeasement, the babes were the first offspring, and as such were revered. Twelve thousand years have passed since their birth. Ruha and Aanu had both disappeared, but of the two, he knows that Aanu was lost right after they awakened from the Great Flood. He suspects Ialdaboth, but could prove nothing since the location of Ruha and Aanu has never been found until now. Lucien has brought back the bones of Aanu, and with the help of Dr. Greene, Aanu will hopefully soon be as good as new. It is amazing, the regenerative powers their bodies possessed. Aanu holds another key, an important piece to the Book of Changing Blood, and Julian needs it if they are to save the world from Ialdaboth’s ultimate evil. Lucien only hopes that Aanu will not run out of time. The fracas in Romania left Ialdaboth dead for the time being, but Lucien knows that he will strike when the time is right.

The Children can be changed, and now it is up to them as to whether they want to become adults or not. Tara Summers knows that this will be a challenge, but she has helped them until now, and she will see this through. Daniel, the five hundred year old ten year old is the first to be given the choice. The unforeseen complication here is the hypnotherapist, Dr. Gray DeAngelo, who was chosen to help him make up his mind. Tara experiences a strange sense of déjà vu while in his presence, and it hasn’t stopped there. Gray has been in her life before, and she is certain that he was a Hunter before as well as her lover. She has also started dreaming, as if this meeting has triggered a spontaneous regression. The stunning part is that Gray is experiencing similar, and even the same dreams. This revelation shakes them to the core and causes both of them, and Julian, to review the situation. The times are changing in more ways than one, all seemingly triggered by that momentous Halloween. What comes next? And is time running out? Ialdaboth is coming, they can feel it, but the question remains, do they have enough time left?

Vampire Apocalypse, Book II: Apotheosis continues the story of Julian, Lorelei, and the New York City enclave. They are preparing for the battle that may have world changing and world shaking consequences. Lucien knows that Ialdaboth has weaknesses, but he is not sure exactly how to use them. The Book of Changing Blood holds the key, but there are two pieces missing. Aanu has one, and Ruha the other. But there is the catch, Ruha has not been heard from for a very long time, and Aanu has still not fully regenerated. Julian also realizes something else. The memories that he has from the Senior contain clues, and if it weren’t for his reluctance to delve into them, and the resulting headaches, he feels that he would already know a few more badly needed answers. As the tension mounts, the stalwart group is tested again and again. A great deal of love, loyalty, and strong survival instincts are pushed to the limit as the time for the confrontation draws near.

For those who enjoyed Katriena Knights Vampire Apocalypse, Book I: Revelations, you are in for another treat. Vampire Apocalypse, Book II: Apotheosis is a wonderful sequel, and neatly wraps up a lot of missing pieces, and brings an ending to an exciting and rather suspenseful sequence of events, or so it seems. That is the problem, just as things appear to be coming to a satisfactory ending, Vampire Apocalypse, Book II: Apotheosis sets you back on edge yet again. The epic clash between good and evil is action packed and memorable under most circumstances, but Katriena has taken it farther yet. Julian, and Lorelei have been changed, but no one knows who or better yet, what they have become. Julian and Lucien, remain the best hope for vampire and human alike. This is one sequel you cannot afford to miss. The future of the world hangs in the balance, and lives, loves, and loyalties are tested to the ultimate limits. Remember, Vampire Apocalypse, Book II: Apotheosis is coming for this Halloween, from ImaJinn Books.

Yours in good reading,


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