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Title: Unearthed
Author:CJ Barry

Published in May 2003 by LoveSpell
Genre: Futuristic
IBSN: 0-505-5240-2

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He was tall, dark, and had fascinating golden eyes, and he was savior and kidnapper all rolled into one handsome and mouth-watering package. As if that wasn't bad enough, he was an alien, and most likely the man of her dreams. He was also the source of her worst nightmares. It was because of him that Tess MacKenzie, up and coming singer/songwriter, found herself in this predicament, and she wasn't too sure that she liked it one bit. It all started when someone had tried to rob her after her last gig, when that was, she was no longer sure. It was then that she saw him, the sinfully beautiful man with the golden eyes, and his short red-eyed friend. Her assailant dropped, and she just knew she wasn't gonna make Friday's gig as her nighttime world darkened further and turned to black. She had wakened from her enforced nap in a very strange room, and that fact had not made her feel any better. Then she very disoriented, but now, as she thought back on the past few days, it seemed just plain weird. Just the fact that she was in space was unsettling, but to have someone tell you that you were the key to something, and then give you little or no more information was a bit annoying.

Tess had to admit, that as far as it went, she felt a pull. It is an attraction that surely was just a physical desire. All one had to do was look at those gloriously gorgeous golden looks, the smooth tanned skin, those mesmerizing golden eyes, and the tawny brown hair that was streaked with golden highlights and any female heart would skip a beat or two. It was a natural reaction. It was nothing special. Anyone would react that way to a man like Cohl. But deep inside she feels a niggling doubt that she tried very hard to push aside, and has had little success to date. It is a longing that she is not used to feeling. Her hard work to establish her in a singing career is going right down the drain, and yet she is finding it harder and harder to care. As the problem that Cohl is faced with becomes clearer, she finds herself more willing to help him, to lend whatever assistance she can to Cohl and his mother. The more time they spend together, the more she realizes that Cohl is more than he appears to be. She soon suspects that the feeling that she thought was just lust, is something entirely different, and that is a thought for which she was not prepared. Still, there is yet another secret or so...she can feel that he is hiding something.

He was a man running from his past, from the weighty responsibility that he felt unworthy to hold. To that end, Cohl Travers has forsaken his birthright, and taken to the stars. Relic-Hunter extraordinaire, he has tracked down and secured some of the most valuable lost treasures that any have known, but none have been nearly as important as the Demisian Amulet. He needs this amulet to free his father. It is the price that has been demanded for Cohl to pay, or they would put an end to his father's life. The warring factions of the Trakas were at it again, and each sought to gain power over the other by any means possible. Legend gives the Demisian Amulet the ability to bestow the power to control and exert influence over enemies, and both the warring Traka factions want the mystic amulet badly. Cohl knew that he had no choice, and he hated that he could not give her one either. The fiery-haired beauty with the unique voice was the key to retrieving the amulet from its hiding place, but that was only if they can find the mysterious planet Demisie. His sources had pinpointed the planet's probable location, but it is Cohl and Tess who will have to go in and retrieve the amulet. He hates to drag her into this, but without her voice, there is no chance of ever laying his hands on the means to free his father.

Yre Gault was home, and yet he felt no real welcome there. To him it was a symbol of enslavement and his loss of freedom. That was something he did not want to give up, it is the reason he left in the first place. He now finds himself in a position where he has to return home and face some uncomfortable facts. One day he will be the King of this planet if his parents have their way, but it is not something he desires. He is afraid that he will make the wrong decisions, and plunge the planet into chaos. Cohl has felt the abandonment caused by the burden of ruling a planet, and he does not wish to force the burden of that experience to any wife of his. That thought alone was unsettling. When did he start to think of Tess in terms of wife? He couldn't deny the attraction, but at the same time, he had felt the same attraction for other women as well. This was slightly different, it had more of a forever feel, and that scared him to death. The sooner he got the relic, the sooner he could take her home. She didn't want to stay with him anyway, so he wanted to just stick to business. That was safer for both of them, it was definitely safer for his heart.

Welcome to C.J. Barry, a new voice in the genre of futuristic romance, and a wonderful one to boot. In her first book, UNEARTHED, C.J. takes us on a romantic adventure in to the far reaches of the galaxy, to hunt for a missing planet that holds a missing treasure. Cohl and Tess must learn the most important lessons in life, that strange circumstances can lead to even greater adventures, and the possibilities of love. That theme is effectively carried throughout the book. As they battle their attraction for each other, they must also battle the forces that threaten to stand in the way and keep them from rescuing his father. They learn that trust, love, and unity can go a long way toward establishing a good relationship. Although both are actively fighting against their feelings, they realize that it is team work that will ultimately win the day.

UNEARTHED is a terrific romantic suspense that will keep you locked within its pages. From the moment Cohl rescues and kidnaps Tess, till he realizes that what he feels could be love, you are simply carried away on the wings of the adventure. It is truly an Indiana Jones type adventure, but yet more. It is the story of two people who desperately need to find their place in life. Only by finding each other, trusting each other, and working together, can they learn that with the power of love they truly claim their true place in life. UNEARTHED is definitely one book that you should add to your collection..Tess and Cohl will call you back again and again, so you better make sure to add a copy to your keeper shelf. UNEARTHED, by C.J. Barry is available now from Dorchester's LoveSpell....more good reading from the folks at Dorchester Publishing!

Yours in good reading,


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