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Trust With Hearts by Kelli A Wilkins

Title: Trust With Hearts
Author: Kelli A Wilkins

Published in 2010 by Amber Quill Press, LLC
Genre: Contemporary
ISBN-13: 978-1-60272-677-2 (Electronic)
ISBN-13: 978-1-60272-793-9 (Paperback)

Cover Artist: Trace Edward Zaber

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She is not feeling like herself, she is short tempered, has not an iota of tolerance, and is just downright bitchy. What is worst of all, Sherrilyn Michelle Parker is taking it all out on her beloved cousin Dave, and his houseguest, and that is totally NOT like her to be so rude. Even though she is aware of all of this, she just can't seem to help herself, and that bothers her as well. It is not just that she had a bad breakup, but Sherrie knows that her ex fiancé’s treatment of her is partly to blame. She has come to terms with the abuse, and she has sworn no one will ever keep secrets or abuse her again. Sherrie is not going to be a doormat for anyone. She also realizes she has major trust issues to deal with, but that will come later. For now, she is just going to concentrate on recovery from Rick and his abusive behavior, and her cousin Dave is just the one to help. After all, he has always been the one person she could trust, and she hopes it will always be that way.

Sherrie was not counting on Dave having a really good looking house guest, not that she minded, but her frame of mind is not really conducive to getting to know new people right now, and especially not a new man. She is definitely not ready for Curtis Taylor, and his country ways, and she is most assuredly NOT a country music fan. She needs room, space to grieve for what was lost, what will never be, and yet there is something about Curtis that draws her to him. She really doesn't want to like him, but the more she is around him, the more she finds herself falling for the man. When her ex shows up, it is Curtis that saves her from more of Rick's depredations, and it is only after she is certain Rick is gone for good that she even tries to thank Curtis. There is only one thing holding her back from falling all the way for him and that is all the secrets he holds close to his chest...

Curtis Taylor is running away to hide for a while. He has success, he has wealth, and he has almost everything he wants but love. Right now, he is not ready for that eventuality as he is fighting to stay by his dying grandmother's side. She is the light in his life, the strength and his reason he has stayed so grounded in a profession that can eat performers alive. There are many secrets the public doesn't know about the country star called CJ Tyler, and Curtis would just like to keep it that way. But his grandmother has always been there for him, and so Curtis is determined to keep her out of the spotlight, and suffer her loss in private. He has had it rough considering his breakup with the supermodel named Moira was made so humiliatingly public and her accusations of him being a lousy lover were slashed for all to see. Women were just not in his future, and it is not the first time he thought he found love, only to find the woman wanted his money, his fame, or something other than the man who was Curtis Taylor. Then in walked Sherrie

There is something wrong with Dave's cousin. Curtis is not certain what it is, but he has a pretty good idea she has been ill-treated and abused by her former fiancé. He remembers his own mother’s and his reactions to his father, a mean drunk who would beat him and his mother until he decided it wasn't any fun anymore and left them high and dry. It was a pattern of actions and reactions he thinks he sees in Sherrie, and that upsets him more than he would like to acknowledge. Something is drawing him to her, and he thinks it is more than her wounded soul. There is something about Sherrie Prescott that Curtis really likes, and he only hopes to get a chance to find out about the real Sherrie, just as he wants her to find out about the real Curtis, NOT CJ Tyler. He has trust issues, and it is very hard to explain anything to anyone any more. If she can just trust him for a while, then maybe he can admit to what he is doing here at her cousin’s and just who hides behind the hat…

Kelli A Wilkins has again done her characters and a story proud. Trust With Hearts is a tale of two people, hurt and banged around by life and love until there is not a whole lot left that is in one piece. Sherrie just came from a bad and abusive relationship with a man who thought she should stay home and keep house while he played the field. He didn’t care about her as a person, but wanted her under his thumb. Rick’s game was control, and he thought she would be mother to his children while he stayed foot loose and fancy free. She thought herself lucky to get away, and so does Dave. He is more than happy to grant her refuge, even with Curtis needing a place as well. But Dave has the guest house he is remodeling, and Curtis is more than fine staying there, and eating at the main house. It gives him the solitude he needs to write songs for an upcoming album, and is close enough to Asheville, where his grandmother is in the hospital. His trips there are only known to Dave, but when Sherrie comes into the picture, they become a point of contention.

Trust With Hearts is typical Kelli A. Wilkins work. It is character rich, and full of drama along with some sizzling scenes to spice it up. The relationship with her characters helps us to see that Curtis and Sherrie may not make it, but then, as the drama unfolds, and she shows us their hearts, we realize there just may be more there than meets the eye. There are many places we get to see the rocky spots in both Sherrie and Curtis’ lives, loves, and yet they are both willing to put all aside for the chance to trust and love each other. The most compelling thing they must decide to do is, for them, the hardest. Trust With Hearts is a must read. You will laugh, cry, and in the end you will totally fall in love with the story, characters and all. This book will remain on my favourites shelf for a long while, and it is a definitely recommended read from this reviewer. Trust With Hearts can be found at Amber Quill Press, so stop by and download a copy today.

Yours in good reading,

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