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Title: Trilogy 106: Nice and Naughty, Book 2
Author: Cat Johnson

Published in 2006 by Linden Bay Romance
Genre: Historical
ISBN: 978-1-60202-008-5 ebook
ISBN: 978-1-60202-009-2 paperback

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Other books: Trilogy 103: Red Hot And Blue, Book 1, Trilogy 105: Smalltown U.S.A., Trilogy 107: True Blue, Book 2

A fundraiser for a children’s hospital brings together three fine-looking men and women who find romance that ends in some vigorous love play. Ms. Johnson pens three sizzling tales only to combine them into one seductive anthology; definitely my kind of book!

There’s something sexy about a man who can cook and Scott O’Malley, in Secret Recipe, proves it. Two years of living together, Scott’s girlfriend gives him an ultimatum; a wedding or it’s over. Following that humiliation Scott poses nude for a “Hunky Firemen” calendar; a fundraiser for a children’s hospital. Scott’s Mr. July, wearing only an apron that says, “Kiss the Cook”. After picking up his things from his ex-girlfriend’s house, he meets his firemen buddies for a beer. Alexis heads one the hottest cooking shows and is the author of a bestselling cookbook. However, she burns water when in the kitchen. Her agent suggests that she learns to cook and finds a chef to teach her. Days of working with her chef had Alexis waking to nightmares of “falling soufflés and curdled eggs”. Wanting to practice a chocolate soufflé she goes to the mini mart where she races to the dairy aisle. Running into “Mr. Muscles” she watches as he places the last four cartons of eggs into his cart. She needs those eggs…but what she gets from Scott, later, is so much more fun then whipping up a soufflé. While teaching Alexis how to cook, so she can cater the fundraiser’s evening event, Scott’s desire intensifies, so much, that he can’t think of nothing else but Alexis. He understands now what his buddies meant when saying that the right woman will give him no doubts about getting married. He just didn’t think it would happen so fast.

In Mr. December, Santa Claus calls in sick. So what’s a COO to do but get into costume and play with the kiddies. Yet, one particular kiddy has sensuous curves and soft kissable lips. Jason Bryant loves Christmas not because it’s the time of year that Bryant’s Department store has booming sales, but the merriment of the season excites him. This is his first holiday season in managing the store on his own, and Jason wants it to be memorable. Still, having a woman drop into his lap is not what he had in mind, though his racing heart and his happy northern regions tell him that it wasn’t all bad. Tessa O’Donnell plops into Santa’s lap and quickly realizes her error – this is not her brother, Troy. Embarrassed, Tessa introduces herself while exclaiming how delighted though surprised she is that “stuffy old Bryant” agreed to hold the fundraiser’s Bachelor Auction. Never realizing that the “old Bryant” she just maligned is standing in front of her. Tessa finds out how stuffy Bryant is when locked in his office with a large serviceable desk available.

What do a fireman and a chef have in common? Fiery passion. In Can’t Buy Me Love the pages are scorched with it. Zoey Massey is sole owner of a catering business and can bake a cake that resembles a little poodle. Except she cannot keep up with the demands of clients and the bookkeeping too; the vendors are demanding payment, now. Mulling over her past due bills, Zoey smells something burning. Rising out of her chair in a panic, bangs her head on the rod overhead; her office is in the closet. She comes to with a hunky man standing over her. Gordy Mullen, a divorcee, is fed up with fickle women. More so when reading in the newspaper that his ex-wife is marrying another firefighter; the very reason why she divorced him. Walking home, he passes Zoey’s Events and sees a plume of smoke swirling from within. Entering the building Gordy finds Zoey on the floor, and when coming around she tells of bumping her head and blacking out. He’s worried she may have a concussion so stays the night at her place. A few days later Gordy comes across Zoey on the floor again, this time in a panic attack. He finds his concern for her alarming, since he swearing off woman after his divorce. She does make his blood boil with a need that has been dormant for quite a long time. As Zoey leaves for her aunt’s funeral Gordy hopes she’ll call wanting him to make love to her.

An altogether humorous anthology, Trilogy 106: Nice and Naughty entertains with witty dialog and diverse plots that are gratifying and engaging. Ms. Johnson’s Secret Recipe is a sizzling story with a plausible plot about a culinary diva trying to learn to cook without jeopardizing her career. Mr. December is another amusing tale about a rich business man who meets and falls in love with a working-class girl. Can’t Buy Me Love is a delicious, sexy romp as a divorced fireman and an entrepreneurial woman find love again. The characters are witty and charming as they heat up the pages with sexual tension and sultry unions. Alexis, Tessa and Zoey are quick-witted and independent; owenrs of their professional and personal destinies. Whereas Scott, Jason, and Gordy are he-men but who know how to treat a woman; with compassionate words and lots of kisses.

Trilogy 106: Nice and Naughty is the sequel to “Trilogy 102: Opposites Attract, Book 1”, and are both published by Linden Bay Romance. Ms. Johnson’s other books look quite appealing too: Trilogy 105: Smalltown U.S.A., Trilogy 103: Red Hot And Blue, Book 1 and its sequel Trilogy 107: True Blue, Book 2.

A dedicated reader,

Pamela Jenewein

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