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Too Close for Comfort

Title: Too Close for Comfort
Author: Lisa Renee Jones

Published in 2004 by Liquid Silver Books
Genre: Erotica – Suspense
ISBN: 1-931761-87-6

Disillusioned with relationships, Corey Evans wonders if there will ever be a woman in his life who is interested in him—Corey Evans the man, instead of him—Corey Evans the star pitcher in the majors. Exuding an air of sexuality and in possession of a vibrant personality that demands a reaction, the last thing he needs is another person in his life to disappoint him. Finding himself the target of death threats, management has given him the option of taking on extra security or being sidelined. Not really having a choice in the matter, he is not happy that the chief of security needs to ‘baby-sit’ him twenty-four hours a day. He’s less than impressed that the same person is required to pretend to be his girlfriend. Or is he?

Believing that his troubles and dissatisfaction in life are the result of being known as an all-round nice guy, Corey decides to shroud himself in an aura of arrogance. His antagonistic persona does not induce a calm, friendly, working environment for his new chief of security, and that’s the way he wants it. All he wants is to be left alone. That is, until he discovers an unaccountable attraction towards her. Keen to see where a possible relationship may lead, the antics of his unknown stalker keep intruding to remind him of why she is here. It doesn’t help that she makes it obvious that she is determined to dislike Corey, despite the fact that his broad, dark good looks are far more devastating in person than on television or in magazines. Will he be able to convince her to take a chance on him?

An ex-dancer who had deliberately learned all the ins and outs of security for the stars, Shelby Allen heads the top-notch business of Allen Security. Despite its success, she needs money, a lot of it, and fast. Her loyalty to her sister has left her in a financial bind. As a favor to a friend, she is reluctantly talked into taking on a well-known athlete as a client and her first impression backs up what she already knows—athletes let their nether regions do the thinking, whilst having an over-inflated ego that gets off using people as doormats. Looking more like a groupie than a security expert, Shelby knows that she can’t walk away from this job. And it has nothing to do with the huge fee she is receiving for it. Despite the initial, and rancorous, meeting, she doesn’t like how the tone of the letters have changed, and is determined to protect her client—even if he thinks she is being overly cautious about an obsessed fan.

Not one to walk away from a challenge, Shelby wonders if she has taken on too much this time. Getting calls from someone she assumes is harassing her for money, getting caught-up in the stalker’s inflated web, and fighting an ever-increasing attraction toward her client, her ability to concentrate on the task-at-hand is becoming more and more difficult. Trying to come to terms with her attraction to an athlete of all people, Shelby must maintain her objectivity in order to find out who the stalker is. The list of suspects takes an unpalatable turn, as the evidence seems to point to someone within his sphere of influence. Will she miss the clues leading to her unknown suspect as her infatuation increases? Will her charade as the girlfriend put her in the line of fire?

Too Close for Comfort is a tale steeped in suspense whilst its two main characters dance around their mutual attraction that is so strong you can almost see the sparks fly. As a pro-ball player in the majors, Corey is completely lacking in self-esteem when it comes to meaningful relationships based on prior experience, which is not surprising when you think about it. How do you know if someone loves you for who you really are and not what you are? Shelby has been hurt in a previous relationship with someone who is a notorious athlete. Seeing the fickleness that is often part and parcel of a star’s life first hand, her experiences have clouded her judgment when it comes to believing that any star is capable of being sincere in any of their relationships. With Cory and Shelby busy painting each other with the brush of prejudice and bias, add to the mixture the presence of an increasingly dangerous stalker and the result is a surprising twist at the end.

Lisa Renee Jones has surpassed herself in Too Close for Comfort. The vibe of suspense is maintained throughout the entire book, even when you are melting through her romantic scenes. The ability to keep you guessing who the culprit is is displayed with flair. Skillfully and thoughtfully written, Lisa has demonstrated that she is continually maturing as a writer. Tastefully executed, Too Close for Comfort is just the tip of the iceberg in regards to her writing abilities. Despite the fact that she has already several excellent books under her belt, she is evolving further into a respected author. Her ability to write in the erotica genre without giving offence to first time readers in this field has always been maintained. Recommended for those who love suspense, and those who are curious about the erotica genre, the book Too Close for Comfort is one that should be purchased for your library. Published by Liquid Silver Books, it’s available now.



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