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Timing is Everything

Title: Timing is Everything
Author: Sabra Brown Steinsiek

Published in 2000
Genre: Contemporary
IBSN: 0-595-12656-1

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The last thing that Nancy and Jay Morgan would ever believe was their son would become a performer. They never discouraged him, but when he announced at the bold young age of seven that he would become an actor and a singer just like the Phantom of the Opera, his parents smiled and passed it off as another childish whim. Taylor Morgan never forgot that moving performance, and now his life is wrapped around the best he can give his audience. He is dedicated to the art and his voice and face draw fans of all ages. He is a man without a home, on the road more than off, and although he has a home-base of sorts in Florida, he is rarely there. Albuquerque is just another stop on the road, just another set of performances and meetings, and receptions that bring him one step closer to the Christmas break. The holidays are never lonely, but they are missing the permanence of family.

Tragedy struck before his mother and father got to see him perform, before they got to see the audience response to him. His life hasn’t been the same since, and the hole left has never been filled. His friend, Annie, has been the one constant in his life. She and her daughter have become Taylor’s family, and until now he has been content. Meg is ever energetic, and Taylor has watched her grow up, and provided both with a sense of home and family. He was the best friend Annie had when she was in trouble, beaten and left by a no good husband, and he is determined to see that nothing hurts her ever again. What Taylor hasn’t counted on was Laura’s appearance in his life, not the effect she would have on him. From the moment she entered his hotel suite to interview him, his life would never be the same. Never has he met a woman who impacted him as she does. Before he knows it, he is making plans for a return to Albuquerque, to Laura Collins and a permanent relationship.

Laura Collins is a no nonsense gal, dedicated to her job, her family, and definitely not looking for love with a “star” type person. She hated doing the celebrity interviews, putting up with the condescension and the self-importance that so many celebrities cultivated. This last minute assignment to cover Taylor Morgan, do the interview for her paper, is one that she would just as soon pass up, but that is not within the realm of possibility. Robert, her boss, is hot on her tail to get busy. Jeans and T’s are not proper attire. The interview, scheduled that she barely has enough time to get changed, is to be held in the hotel where Morgan is staying. She would gladly give the assignment to someone else, but when faced with Taylor, she loses her irritation. He is not at all what she was prepared for, and this throws her off guard. Not even her boyfriend has the impact on her that Taylor does, and she is swept into a world of glitz, glitter, and fame.

From the first meeting, Laura is disturbed by Taylor at the most basic level. He is down to earth, not at all what she was expecting. The rehearsal she watched, and then dinner they shared, struck a deep chord within her. She was not a person swayed by celebrity, yet Taylor drew her to his side, and sneaked his way into her heart. She wasn’t counting on her jealous boyfriend, Cary, or being raped by him. She was not prepared for what life was throwing her way, but to her surprise and relief, Taylor came to the rescue. His assistant was quitting, and Laura jumped at the opportunity to act as Taylor’s assistant, press secretary, and public relations person. It was not a case of running away, it was a case of new scenery, the dulling of the pain of betrayal, and the chance to heal. Little did she suspect that Taylor meant a lot more to her that she would ever have thought. His kindness to his friend, Annie, and her daughter touched her deeply, and she soon saw the man behind the star. Never in her wildest dreams would she have thought he could share her feeling. The possibilities are endless, the chances of true love…that remains to be seen.

Sabra Brown Steinsiek has created a story with depth, characters that are striking, and has given us a tale that will stay with you for a long time. Taylor and Laura are pulled and stretched to the limit, and each has their own burdens, and foibles to overcome. Human nature is a funny thing, and although fate seemed to be against them, Taylor and Laura wade through the quagmire of life and struggle to survive. Through the ups and downs of their relationship, Sabra tells of the resilience of the human spirit, and bonds of true friendship, and the struggle of two people to find happiness, a bit of justice, and discover all the joys and sorrows that life has to offer.

Timing is Everything is a terrific read. It is filled with light, love, romance, danger, and a lot of great plot twists and turns to keep the interest of the most jaded of readers. The settings are chosen with care, and the ancillary characters are an important part of the story. It is a story of friendship, and the meeting of two caring people who must triumph through a world of hurt and misunderstanding. Timing is Everything tugs at the heartstrings one moment, angers you the next, but never leaves you hanging and unfulfilled. Sabra has been inventive, and clever in her presentation, and the end definitely justifies the means, and the way you get there. Timing is Everything is available from iUniverse, and is a recommended read for those who want a full-bodied, and truly romantic read. Kudos to Sabra, and please, don’t stop now, keep them coming.

Yours in good reading,


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