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Title:Three Weeks Last Spring
Author: Victoria Howard

Published by: Publish America
Genre: Contemporary Suspense Romance
ISBN: 1-4241-2990-7

Skye Dunbar, a computer specialist, books a cabin on a far away island, hoping to push a devastating love affair on the back burner. She wants absolutely nothing to do with any man, ever. After she meets Jedediah, she begins to have a few second thoughts until the accusation is made on her credibility. In all her life, she never imagined being blamed of computer hacking. Now she doesn’t care if she ever sets her gaze on him again, but something inside her heart tells her otherwise.

Skye is trying to get over a terrible relationship and she thought going to the San Juan Islands would do the trick until she has an encounter with Jedediah Walker, who is a scientist that has his own environmental company. Just because she knows a lot about computers, doesn’t warrant her as a hacker. All she wanted was some peace and quiet on the island, to absorb her thoughts. No matter how much the thought of being with another man bothered her, one thing she did want was to find true happiness and love. Still, the past events seem to drown out any happy thoughts of ever considering finding that love sensation that so many discover in life. Then Jedediah has to enter her life and create stirring fits that leave her divided on the subject.

Jedediah Walker, a marine biologist, who formally worked for the State Department of Fish and Wildlife, happens to be investigating the amount of dead fish that continue to wash upon the island’s beaches. Everything seems to be going well until Skye decides to rent his cabin creating more than just a little nuisance in his life and his heart. No sooner than she arrives, it appears that someone has been hacking into his computer and trying to go over some personal files. Then when he learns that she and her business partner, John are ones that deal in government classified work that involve computer technology, he begins to consider her a number one suspect. First toxic waste is illegally dumped into the beaches at Puget Sound then the computer incident, and none of the events happened until Skye entered the area. If she would only leave and return to London, he is certain everything would be much better then again his heart has other thoughts.

Jedediah has his own chaos that he has to get to the bottom of with the analysis of the dead fish. Someone continues to put toxic chemicals into the water and the poor fish are paying the price for this evil deed. With that on his mind, he had forgotten that he had lent out the cabin on his land. Skye had no idea that he was her landlord when they made their acquaintance. He really doesn’t like her and wishes that she would change her mind and go home. Then strange things begin to happen more with the fish. When someone tampers into his computer, and tries to access his files, he believes her appearance and all the strange happenings are more than a coincidence since her arrival. Now he is determined to get to the bottom of matters without allowing his heart to awaken to any warm feelings concerning a one, Skye Dunbar.

Someone is illegally dumping a high concentration of toxic chemicals in the sea that is killing the fish. Jedediah has been called upon to locate the suspects and stop the killing of the fish. As landlord of the cabin that he just rented to Skye, something tells him that she may have something to do with the situation and he is determined to find the answers. Skye had no idea the nice-looking man was her landlord, but after making an acquaintance with Jedediah, she doesn’t quite find him that nice. Due to her past relationship that scarred her, she truly distrusts men, and Jedediah is no exception. She decides the best way to never run into him is stay out of his way, unfortunately he seems to show up when she is least expected. Their attraction seems to surface when a storm blows to the island and he goes to check on her. They seem to hold feelings that they keep pushing aside. She cannot trust even him, and until he finds who is causing the turmoil he cannot really believe her. Skye decides to call her good friend, Debbie and have her join her for a weekend. When Debbie arrives and hears about Jedediah, she decides to offer a little input of her own. After Debbie’s little interference, Walker elects to get to know Skye better in anyway he can. He still doesn’t care for anyone digging into any of his personal matters, but Skye could be innocent. Just when things begin to blossom for the two, things shift and Jedediah has to embark on another path for answers. The splitting of the two has Skye wondering if she will ever see Jedediah again and if the criminals will finally be found after the chase is over. Someone definitely wants to keep the two apart, but as their love grows stronger, only time will tell if they will find a way back together when everything is over.

Three Weeks Last Spring is a most enjoyable read that carries the reader into a world of passion, love, suspense, betrayal, heartache and romance. The chemistry between Skye and Jedediah is so loving because they start out slow and blossom into a deeper emotion. The characters are well developed and the story flows consistently to keep the reader captivated. The characters take the reader on a magnificent expedition that engages the reader completely. Skye and Jedediah find a way to work through their problems while developing a love interest that begins to scorch the pages. Sometimes I could feel the emotions that they emitted, they were so powerful.

Ms. Howard pens a masterful tale that keeps the reader spellbound. It’s one of those feel good books where you get a comfy chair, put your feet up with a cup of tea and just enjoy the ambiance as the story carries you into a beautiful setting that is hard to forget. She crafts a well-written story with an incredible plot surrounding the fish and the computer hacking to make this one wonderful suspenseful read, intense and compelling. The addition of the in-depth secondary characters kept the tale churning with an electrical charge loaded in TNT. This is one book that I thoroughly enjoyed and look forward to reading more of her fabulous stories. She lights up the pages with her words. This is one book that really satisfies in every way, shape and form. Why not get your copy of Three Weeks Last Spring today at and begin the adventure that will make you feel warm all over.

Yours in good reading,


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