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Title: Thin Ice
Author: Liana Laverentz

Published in by The Wild Rose Press
Genre: Contemporary
ISBN: 1-60154-016-7

Emily Jordan is not searching for any new man to enter her life. The ER doctor is not interested in looking for any attraction with anyone and especially not one who is prone to violence. She is tired of all the brutality she sees most everyday. She thought she had seen the last of any beatings after leaving her ex-husband, who loved to use his forceful actions but still, as a doctor, she sees much of that in her line of work. At midnight she had enough bear-size men in ER that had been in a fist fight that seem to irritate her to no end. It seemed someone by the name of Cameron had started the fight and from there, others had joined in. By the time she had heard the story, and the man had been carted off with the police, she could only hope he would stay there. She frowned on anyone that was a menace to society. Half of the oversized jerks, who she ended up nursing after a brawl fight, were nothing but overgrown idiots who threw insults her way. As a spirited woman, she loves her independence and doesnít need any man in her life giving her any commands. She doesnít wish to depend on anyone, especially of the male species. With her own home, and her career, she and her son, Robbie, along with family and friends, make her life feel important. After a scuffle in a barroom sends Eric Cameron into the ER for treatment, while she is on call, he is one person she would rather not really treat after hearing all the chaotic disorder of the barroom fight.

Eric Cameron is a professional hockey player but one night while drowning some sorrows in a bar, lands him in a barroom fight only sending him to the ER where the doctor he meets seems to think those who start fights are brainless. He had overheard the conversation that Emily had held with the others on staff about the brawling idiots she had just treated. He had nothing really against women doctors, he just didnít know tonight of all nights he would run into one. Her bedside manner doesnít appeal to him after being hauled off by the police for a fight he knew was staged. He has never been with any woman judgmental with his actions. How dare she judge him when she knows nothing about him. Yet there is something about her and the way she nurses his wounds that fascinate him. He finds her not only intelligent but very beautiful. When he learns she has everything that he has desired in his life, a family and home that would matter more than anything to him, he sets out to prove to her that he is indeed someone good and completely worth-worthy.

Emily has no room for any man in her life again but the night Eric enters the ER, she may have found out otherwise. He has been in a fight and needs treatment. She has no hint that he is even a famous hockey player. Not willing to admit how he strikes a chord in her, he may be just the right man to break the barrier of ice that freezes her heart. The only problem is she is not one that enjoys any type of violence, and learning that Eric is a hockey player, she is aware that is one sport that can turn aggressive. Eric canít forget the first moment he set eyes on Emily; the memory is still vivid in every way. From the soft touch of her nurturing hands, she had been able to ease the barroom clash that he had been in that night. In time Emily feels an attraction to Eric as he comes around to visit with her but her heart is not willing to open up to any man again and feel anymore hurt.

Eric is tired of being lonely and alone after meeting Emily and Robbie. He has just the right medicine to help her get over her broken-heart to be able to trust again, but she is just too afraid to open up to him. As they gradually begin to run into each other Eric feels some of Emilyís behavior is compared to that of a hypocrite, which only upsets her further. With a little persistence, Eric is able to smooth out the situation, and Robbie is not far behind in trying to lend some help his way when it comes to his mom. Emily begins to see things differently and never imagined the simple love of a stranger would create so many sparks in her life. Eric knows that Emily is the only woman who has captured his heart, soul and mind, and if he doesnít tell her his true feelings, he may lose her forever. Now the two must overcome their obstacles while learning to reach out and find a love that will double with love any sorrow or pain they might feel.

Thin Ice is one of those stories that reaches out and grabs the reader at the start of the story. It definitely brings out the emotions, not only in the characters, but the reader, as well. Emily and Eric have a strong passion between them that captivates the audience. I loved the strength of Emily and the perseverance of Eric in not giving up on something that he wanted in life. The camaraderie between Emily and Eric is astounding. Liana Laverentz creates characters that almost leap from the pages. After Emily suffers with a broken-heart, among other things, I can see why she would feel skeptical of falling in love again. Once a heart is broken, it is sometimes difficult to get over the hurt, and one often feels the healing process will never really rid the terrible pain that lingers.

Eric is like a breath of fresh air that gives Emily the lifeline she needs to be happy. He has seen some hard times, too, and the thought of him desiring to have a family life, in the same regards as Emily, made this read even more credible. The tossing in of Robbie was a great asset to the story, too. Ms. Laverentz sketches two delightful characters that face predicaments only to rise to the top and face them head-on. With a love determined to outweigh any troubling complications she gives Emily and Eric the strength to endure only to become more fervent in their actions to find a path to each other. She creates a breathtaking tale that makes the heart elate in so many ways. She is a talented author that doesnít disappoint in this moving story that delivers.

Sincerely good reading,


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