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The Triaxen by Ciara Lake

Title: The Triaxen
Author: Ciara Lake

Published in March 2011 by Siren-Bookstrand, Inc.
Genre: Siren Allure: Erotic Futuristic Sci-Fi Romantic Suspense
ISBN: 1-61034-129-5

Cover Artist: Jinger Heaston

Ancelin gasped. “You’re not an Earth human or any humanoid I’m familiar with. What are you? Your eyes reflect like…like some of the carnivorous predators on Earth. What humanoid species are you?” Ancelin tried to steady her trembling hands.

Krevan smiled, and the lightning flashed, illuminating his striking face. “I’m a Triaxen humanoid. I’m sorry my eyes alarm you. I promise not to bite.” Krevan watched her with his eerie, inhuman eyes. His full smile framed his beautiful white teeth. They looked surprisingly sharp, especially his canines. His smile wasn’t sincere.

Krevan Vallex is on Verrian for a reason. He has been judged guilty in the murder of his wife, and has lived through a sentence of five years on Helgate Prison Planet. It is a place so harsh that few survive a few months let alone five years, and it has brought out some of the most primitive traits that his race has ever posessed. He was very embitered, and most there stayed far away from him. Only a shopkeeper named Krammer in Coti and a human named Derrick and his wife Katie were the only people he had any real contact with on the planet. His relationship with Derrick goes way back to a crash on Hellgate, and the chance that had Krevan there when Derrick's ship crashed. Krevan protected him and when he was rescued, Krevan was taken off the planet also. Derrick's departure coinsided with the end of Krevan's sentence, and the two had bonded over the experience. Now he was one on the only people to help with Krevan's sanity. Being alone for so long has made him quite antisocial, and it has also made him a force to be reckoned with on the lawless planet to which he has been exiled.

Krevan got a huge surprise when he went to pick up the new owner of a parcel of his land. He was totally unprepared for the lovely vision greeting him when Ancelin Trever was pointed out to him by the ship's personnel. He had been expecting a male, someone who could take care of himself, but this he was not prepared for at all. Vulnerable on such a wild and untamed world, she would be easy pickings for many who would want to do her harm, not to mention the many who were starved for female companionship. The only females on planet were wives or whores, and none of the latter would have anything to do with Krevan in spite of his wealth. He figured the best thing for him to do was to encourage Ancelin to go back to Earth where she came from, but then he discovered her stubborn side, and her refusal to leave only set him up as her reluctant guardian. But there was something more about this fragile human...his mate?

Ancelin Trever had not expected Verrian to be quite so primitive, but she had to stay. Yes, she is running, and this is about as far away as she can get from the sorrow and loss that her home planet afforded her. With nightmares plaguing her, Ancelin medicates herself to achieve a semblance of rest, but she comes to her new world with dark circles under her eyes and the heavy burden of being the one to discover her whole family dead, murdered in the most horrible and bloody fashion. It sent her on the run, and yet the sleepless nights and horrific nightmares still follow her and plague her even in her waking hours. Didtance does not seem to be the answer, and yet she feels a bit calmer around this strange man named Krevan Vallex. For some odd reason she feels drawn to him, and as far as Ancelin is concerned, she is not really certain of the validity of these new feelings. Things are still too sad, too confused, and she desperately needs the solitude a new place will bring her.

She has not a chance in the world of getting away from the nightmares that plague her, and only the medications she has brought along stand between her and the night terrors. It started to rain, and the storm strands her at Kervan's home for at least a day, and maybe more. The man is a puzzle, and his home is a showplace in a wild and dirty backwater inm the universe. He has luxuries she has forgotton existed, and at the moment is too tired to appreciate. Krevan tried to talk her into going back, but when he showed her to a guest room, she took one of her pills and fell into a deep dreamless sleep. Waking is not fun after taking the prescribed narcotic, and groggy lethargy plagues her as she stumbles after the enticing aroma of coffee. Weather not withstanding, her confinement with Krevan is not at all what she expected. Ancelin is finding it very hard to ignore the attraction she is feeling for Krevan, and notices he has been mellowing toward her as well. The dangerous aura is still there, but the gruff and almost rude and predatory air he carries is being muted for some reason. Is she having an effect on him or is it her imagination?

Ciara Lake gives us a new world and a new outlook on human and humanoid relationships. You meet a new species, one that is every bit as predatory as some of the most wild werewolves, yet the Trianens have managed to civilize themselves into a fairly normal and for the most part benign race. They are faster, stronger, and have some very acute senses, but that is all a part of their background. The mate and bond with a true mate, and only in this does nature hold sway. But Krevan is different. He has been incarcerated on the Hellgate Prison Planet where no one but the strongest survives. It has changes him in fundamental ways, causing him to revert back to a more primitive behavior. Intelligent not withstanding, he is more dangerous than anyone on Verrian, and most people know it and give him a wide berth. He suspects something is up when he finds himself desiring to protect the fragile young woman who has dropped into his lap, and soon, there is not turning back.

The Triaxen is a story of greed, murder, and flight, but it also brings two people who have suffered greatly for someone else's gain together where they can find love. This is a book that starts out slowly, but seeding the ponderous beginning with enough delightful hints t5o keep one reading. When all gets going and the action heats up, the tale spins faster and absorbs the reader in the lives of this pair and those they come in contact with on and off Verrian. Ciara Lake's The Triaxen is a gem of a book, for those who love a well told story and want a world of imagination to go along. It will definitely remain on my "Keeper Shelf" and be read many more times. I suggest if you like the futuristic style of romance, you head right on over to Siren Publishing and purchase a copy today, and if you haven't tried this genre yet, this is an excellent introduction to the futuristic genre of romance.

Yours in good reading,

author ad Ciara Lake

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