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The Star Princess

Title: The Star Princess
Author: Susan Grant

Published in August 2003 by LoveSpell
Genre: Futuristic
IBSN: 0505-52541-0

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Women are available for his pleasure, but that is not really what's on the mind of Che Vedla when he undertakes his trip to the newly discovered but backward planet, Earth. The pressure was on for him to marry, but it has recently increased. even now more than ever it is thought to be of utmost importance for him to secure a "proper Vash Bride". The Crown Prince has stolen the woman who was to be his bride, and there were within the palace, factions that are not pleased by this very unwelcome development. It was thought by these purists, that Che should be the High King, ruler of the immense Vash Empire. It is truly a vast empire, one made of varied peoples, a conglomeration of worlds that had been enslaved and conquered by a once superior force. Out of those numerous ruined civilizations, rose a ragged band of eight legendary warriors who proceeded to unite the worlds and drive the oppressive intruders from their midst. Che was descended from one of those legendary eight, the one whom many looked on as being the rightful king. He was pure Vash Nadah, not like Prince Ian Hamilton. The Crown Prince was not even related to the High King by blood, but a savage, the uncivilized son of the Earth-dwelling barbarian that Rom B'kah had married.

Tee'ah, the Dar Princess he was to have married, wasn't missed. Betrothed as mere children, he felt no love for her, and would've only married her out of duty. Love was not important according to his father and his advisors, but the fact that he has been robbed of what is rightfully his seems to fester like a wound in the hearts and minds of some. Well, he is not going to be forced to listen to the plans that they have for him now. Let them search and find him a bride if they wish, he is going to go away on a vacation, and he is going alone. He is tired of the nagging and the innuendo that are constantly being thrown in his direction. He has been told that he will be expected to marry within the next three standard months, well before the upstart barbarian Crown Prince. In this way, Vash pride, damaged by Tee'ah's defection and impending marriage to Ian, will be assuaged. The plans he makes will assure him that when he does return to marry, he will be content to settle with the one they have chosen. Meanwhile, he will go to Earth. Maybe the first impressions he'd had were wrong. Just maybe he really didn't remember Ian's sister, Illana Hamilton, the Crown Princess as the creature of his dreams. Maybe the attraction he had to her odd Earth-sky blue eyes and perpetually wind-mussed hair were just in his imagination...

Illana Hamilton had a secret, and a problem, and the wedding invitation that has been plaguing her was partially to blame. The daughter of military pilots, and step-daughter of yet another distinguished flier, it would not do for her fear of flying to really get out to the family. The distance to Sienna, the B'kah home world, and her career were always excuse enough to keep her from flying, space flight or otherwise, but things change. Ian, her twin was engaged to a Vash Princess, and the wedding was to be celebrated in the same palace on Sienna where her mother and step-father tied the knot. Unfortunately, that meant space flight...time again to live on valium and seasickness patches. The worst part was the class that he attempted to take to overcome her fear of flying. She couldn't get through the introductory class! She had cut out. fleeing to her car with a pair of lungs which couldn't seem to get enough air, and a heart that threatened to beat itself to mush against her ribcage. Her friends and co-owners of SiLF Filmworks, the company they had founded together after college at UCLA didn't even know the extent of this secret. They thought of her a s a gutsy chick, in control and always ready to face the challenges. Well, they might be right when it came to business, but when it came to flying, that was another thing altogether.

Her thoughts swung back to Ian and the wedding. The Vash lifestyle was not for her, she would chafe under the restrictions of the women in that society. Her mother had done wonders to loosen the strictures on Sienna, but then that was the B'kah homeworld. The rest of the empire...she never seemed to get beyond that thought. The image that kept playing in her mind was of a pair of pale gold eyes that seemed to see beyond her and stirred up the interest in the tall, bronze, enigmatic Vash Prince, Che Vedla. OK, she knew there was interest there, but what he did know was how far did the interest go. It was one thing that she doubted she would have to worry about. She was in no position or place to be worrying about a Vash prince who had better things to do with his time. The fact that he has suddenly shown up here on her door step throws a definite kink into her plans. She doesn’t know quite to make of it. She is conscious of Che on more than one level, and very aware of the latent dreams that the brief encounter on a windy LA rooftop had seeded into her fertile mind. Was it time for dreams to come true? Was she destined to become a true princess of the stars?

For those of you familiar with Susan Grant’s Star Series, welcome to the latest, and as always exciting installment. To those for whom this is a new experience…fasten your seatbelts and be prepared to take off into a world of incredible beauty, intrigue and danger. Sue’s worlds are diverse places where the stars rule, and the people are merely pawns in a greater galactic plan. Such is the case for Illana and Che, for the attraction that was just a glimmer on a rooftop, was enough to start a slide into love and the intricacies of interstellar politics. Neither Che nor Illana are really prepared for the events, but they meet the obstacles head on, exposing the enemies of the Vedlas and preserving not only the family honor, but their position in the vast Vash Empire. The Star Princess follows the story of Che and Illana’s courtship and as is generally true with a Sue Grant Romance, it is filled with fun and excitement as well as enough romance to satisfy the toughest critics.

Muffin is back, and for those of you who care, he has an unusual surprise in store for him as he trails Che and Illana in attempt to keep them safe from harm and from other not-so-friendly prying eyes. The Star Princess is a story of the joining of two great Vash Houses. It is also a tale of Illana and her fear of flying, and the ultimate cure that she finds in a most unlikely place, and taken in a most unusual way. Sue brought back favorite characters, and gives the story the feeling that we are dealing with good friends, familiar places, and the ever-present excitement that is a Susan Grant trademark. As usual, The Star Princess is a definite must buy, and it is available now in you favourite bookstore. It is an August release from Dorchester's LoveSpell books, and one you cannot afford to miss!

Yours in good reading,


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