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Title: The Rose of Shiraz
Author: Helen Highwater

Published by: Romance At Heart Publications
Genre: Historical Romance
ISBN: 0-9754589-9-X

Rose Carson has been left in a precarious dilemma after the death of her father. Being left in the hands of her guardian, Jack Devereaux, she wishes to evade his unwelcome advances. The man is a cad and reeks of evil. He realizes that she has nowhere to go but to him, and he doesn't make it none to easy on her. With only one thing left to do, she decides to flee thinking all will be much better for her. She sets it in her mind to go to Central Asia and find Stephen, her long lost brother and things will be back to normal. Rose never imagined she would find herself in the wilds of an exotic land hunting for her brother. When she is snatched by savage bandits they think she is their Queen. She also finds sort of an ally in Leo Davenport. If she doesn't wish to endure torment and certain death, Rose must give in to Leo. She finds Leo captivating and dashing but doesn't wish to surrender her complete self to him. She has her honor to consider. Yet Leo informs her that if she will only grant him her love, he will do anything for her, even risk his life.

After Rose goes in search for her brother, her world becomes worse than she ever imagined. Running away from an awful custodian only took her to a tribe of people who would rather torture her if she doesn't comply with their conditions. Now in a land she has never seen and a world with entirely different customs, she is forced to rely on another captive that she knows nothing about and succumb to being his wife to survive. As she dwells on her fate with her evil guardian, or Leo who wishes to save her from what the tribe intend to use her for, she has only one choice and that is to trust Leo. Between the tribesmen and Leo, Rose feels her fate might be safer in the arms of Leo, but something inside her heart still has its doubts. If she does what Leo suggests how will she ever face the people she knows in London again?

Leo Davenport is also English like Rose and has been taken captive by the strange tribe of people but the woman they deem as their 'Queen', the woman they call the 'Moon Princess' has him more spellbound than the people in the tribe. Leo offers to spare both their lives but he admits to Rose that it will not be easy. He soon learns that he and Rose are in the middle of a struggle to save more than their lives as they soon must face their natural attraction they begin to feel for one another.

Leo discovers Rose in the desert in the middle of nowhere. When he learns what the people of the tribe believe her to be, they soon land in trouble worse than they ever thought. He knows that she is a proper lady and what strict codes a proper lady of her background live by but he is aware if they do not accept a marriage between them then the men in the tribe will use Rose to their own advantage and that is something that he doesn't wish. When she expresses her search for her brother, he assures her that once they get away, he will do everything in his power to help her find Stephen. Leo begins to feel an attraction for Rose with each passing day. He desires to tell her his true feelings but he fears she will not wish to have him with her always. Now the only thing left on their side is time until their hearts find a way to join the other.

After Rose is kidnapped by the tribe she is greeted soon by Leo. She explains how she was searching for her brother when she was abducted. Leo promises to help her find her brother but first they must get away from the bandits that have taken them captive. If he pretends to be the Sun King, Rose explains that he will not be killed. Since she is the Queen and he the Sun King, they must marry in front of the whole Tribe. Realizing what course they take will be most dangerous, they prepare for what lay ahead of them. Rose will do anything to find her brother, Stephen, even though she feels she has been forced into the situation with Leo. Yet with each passing day Leo grows to care deeply for Rose and somehow he must find a way to tell her his real true feelings.

The Rose of Shiraz is a beautifully written story that is fast paced and full of tender romance. The characters of Rose and Leo are thrown into a situation that neither wanted but due to survival must accept or suffer the consequences. As time transpires between the two, they find something never dreamed of and never regret their decision to be linked as one. Rose and Leo are strong well-developed characters that really display tender emotion and love for one another. Their love affair sizzles with blazing heat. The Rose of Shiraz is one enticing read that jumps out from the pages and delivers in every way. It breathes life as each turn of the page unfolds.

Helen Highwater spins a wonderful tale of romance with certain conditions that are most pleasant. In The Rose of Shiraz she generates a lovely tale full of surprises. With her fascinating characters and great chemistry, she weaves a fabulous story that is most remarkable. Her style of writing leaves the reader with such a vivid detailed description of the journey of Rose. Everything is so real it is as if the reader is right there alongside Rose helping her to make the decision. This is one page-turner that satisfies and keeps the reader on their toes. She makes Leo like a shining knight coming in to save his princess. Their love shines through the pages and Ms. Highwater blends in escapade, jeopardy and intense romance that soar dramatically. She creates a refreshing tale that is well worth the read. Anyone wishing to find a beautiful way of escape that mixes rare freshness be sure to pick up a copy of The Rose of Shiraz today at: Romance At Heart Publications this is a most gratifying read.

Sincerely good reading,


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