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The Plumber's Helper

Title: The Plumber's Helper
Author: Blaise Kilgallen

Published in April 2004 by Liquid Silver Books
Genre: Contemporary
IBSN: 1-931761-90-6

It was one thing to come back home, and another to have everyone looking at him, and talking to him as though he had to stay. Well, Jake Plummer hasnít made up his mind yet, but he has to admit, it really is nice to be home. The oldest son, his father has held tight to harbored hopes that one of his three sons would follow in his footsteps. But no, all three left for other careers. Jake made his way in the financial world, and as for the other two, well they earned their livings by hard honest work too, but none had taken to plumbing. Well, Jake had apprenticed at his fatherís side, and he really enjoyed helping out. What he wasnít expecting, is the smack to his senses that Roxy Diamond can still provide. She was one hot chick in high school, and as Jake is not sure of the ladyís status, his mind is filled with the memories of her and the longing he has always had for Roxy. Now, as he is working on a leak in her parentís home, he wonders about her. His thought wander to what she is doing, and where she is living. It has been a while since he has seen her, and he wonders if she has truly forgiven him.

He was, however, haunted with the mistake he had made with her in the past, and that is something he is sorry for to this day. He was unaware of her status, for the circles she ran in were with were the most popular, and the girls not always pristine as to virtue. Imagine his surprise when he found her untouched, and the embarrassment he felt at her pain. No amount of apologizing could cover the blunder, but now, years later, he finds that the attraction has not faded, and the memory of the mistake still sharp. He wonders about her now, and he wonders if she will ever forgive him. Things are looking up, however, and so he will try to behave, play the right cards, and then maybe, just maybe, Roxy will be his for the summer. What he doesnít count on is her reaction to his presence, or his reaction to her as a sophisticated woman. The old feelings return, slamming into Jake, and it takes all of his willpower to stick to his plan. This is not the same old Roxy, but one with whom he could spend his lifeÖ

The last thing that Roxanne Diamond expected to find was Jake Plumber fixing the leak in her basement. She knew his father still had the plumbing business, and had trusted him as always, leaving instructions about where to find the key. Of course, she probably didnít need to tell him either, as it was where her mother had always put it for him anyway, and the first place he would have looked. Seeing Jake, brought back a rush of memories and feelings that Roxy was not ready to deal with, however, and as hard as she tried, she couldnít get him out of her mind. It was bad enough being back here and wondering about the classmates and friends who had moved on, but to come face to face with the man of her dreams, the one person who could so easily unsettle her, well, it was awful.

Roxy was amazed at the strength of the feelings she still had for Jake. He was always the center of attention, most popular, and as she was the new girl, it was hard to break into the circle of the friends that had grown up, played, and went to school together. Back then she had been left with feelings of inferiority, attracted to Jake yet as an outsider terribly afraid of rejection by the older boy. Concentrating on her studies, she dated occasionally, and then married during college. Sadly that hadnít worked out, and so Roxy decided she could and would make it on her own without any male around to screw up her life. She wasnít counting on Jake to come back into her life under any circumstances, leastways not as a single. After all, there had to be one out of the multitude of his acquaintance who had snagged him by now, and that was all well and good. She didnít need Jake Plumber or any other man in her life to screw it up again. She was done with them, had a career and a life to look after and really doesnít want to be stuck with another loser. Once was enough, at least that was what she keeps telling herself while her body calls her a liar every time Jake smiles.

From Blaise Kilgallen, the author that brought us Wild Knights, we get another steamy story of love lost and love found. The Plumberís Helper is the tale of Jake and Roxy, and how they have desired each other with a passion since high school. The ignorance of youth, mixed signals, and time has kept them apart. Now years later, the two meet up again and the sparks fly. The question that comes up now is one of doing the right thing, a will they or wonít they situation. Jake has never met anyone with whom he wanted to settle down, and the bad marriage of Royís left her with a bad taste in her mouth. Neither was expecting to find the searing, seething emotions left over from their youth. They havenít died. Apparently the embers have kept burning all these years and Jake is the one man, possibly the only man, who knows how to stoke them to flames.

Blaise writes an exciting and sexy romp, and in The Plumberís Helper as in her previous works, she brings to her tales an earthy element. She imbues her characters with life, and a realism allowing her readers to identify with the characters, and see the world through their eyes. Insightful and personal glimpses into the minds of the characters also lend credence to the plot, and in the ups and downs of the relationship, you wonder if these two are ever going to get their act together. Published in April 2004, The Plumberís Helper is available now through Liquid Silver Books I think you will find it a delightful contemporary read. I know I really enjoyed The Plumberís Helper and it would definitely be on my recommendations list.

Yours in good reading,

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