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The Maiden's Voyage

Title: The Maiden's Voyage
Author: Vivian Hart

Published in 2003 by eXtasy Books
Genre: Historical
ISBN: 1-55410-146-8

Miranda Reddington feels trapped, trapped in the confines of Victorian fashion, trapped by the stiff morality of the era, and trapped in a betrothal to a man in a foreign land she does not know. Though her parents promised her she would have a choice in who she would marry, they betrayed that promise and sold her to the highest bidder to reduce her fatherís gambling debts. Now she must make a voyage alone on a clipper ship half way around the world to marry a man she neither knows nor loves. The only soul alive who seems sympathetic to her plight is the charming and handsome captain of the ship.

Captain William Harris knows the effects of a forced marriage. A widower, he feels guilty that he did not love his first wife the way he should have, but they married to appease his parents, not themselves. He understands the deep heartache he sees in his beautiful passengerís eyes, but it is a real test of will to resist her sensual nature and the true passion they feel. Will he be able to give her to the man she should marry? Or can he convince her to defy her parents and be his for all time?

The Maidenís Voyage by Vivian Hart is a very traditional, but sensual romance. There arenít many surprises in this short read, but the style of the writing is smooth and easy to read. I felt the story relied very heavily on standards of the genre, and hoped for a little more from the characters and the situation, but it is a short story, and so perhaps there wasnít the room to voyage outside the box. Still, I was entertained by the characters and the situation, and we all love a romance. If you are in the mood for a compact and sexy little tale, try Vivian Hartís The Maidenís Voyage released by eXtasy Books, 2004.

Yours for good romance,


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