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Title: The Legacy of Rose House
Author: Lisa Christian

Published in 2005 by Romance At Heart Publications
Genre: Contemporary
ISBN: 0-9754589-7-3

Catherine is an independent woman who works as a restaurant critic with a major Chicago newspaper. She is well known within the circuit and many colleagues are jealous of her position and try to imitate her. One thing that she has decided to do is swear off men forever. One man just broke her heart and for sure she doesn’t ever need the sights of another man in her view again.

Catherine loves Marc or at least she thought she did but his disloyalty has caused a huge battle between them. As a restaurant critic she certainly knows how to argue in any situation but now having to be so close to him, she fears the entrapment will kill her. Marc Hunter took her heart and shred it in pieces, why would she even consider trying to get along with him? Let alone staying in the same house as he.

Marcus Hunter is a dynamic, ambitious man who airs confidence wherever he goes. He has always been able to have any woman that he desires but the one that he really enjoys being with is Catherine. She is one provocative lady who stimulates him completely. He finds her one sizzling woman but afraid that the love word maybe easing into the picture and he needs to find a way to show her that she can never trust a man like Marc Hunter.

Marc remembers the one great thing he and Catherine shared and that was incredible sex. He feels that he will never be able to make a commitment to her and this sends him into a panic. When Marc sees their relationship taking a deeper plunge, he seriously rejects his feelings for Catherine. He needs to make her see that this arrangement is not a good idea and what better way than to betray her trust. Unfortunately, Marc decides to do it twice which doesn’t sit too well in her book.

Catherine is a very competent woman at dishing out great edits as a restaurant critic but when it comes to relationships that is something entirely different. She is a modern woman who likes to go after what she sees unless it is a man, one being, Marc Hunter, who has split her last nerve and has sworn her completely off men forever. Catherine has every bit of success to make her happy but being lonely is one embodiment of her achievement that she hadn’t hoped. After she finds herself once again neck to neck with him, she wonders how she can resist that incredible charm. Marc loves his work and his life. Knowing he never has any problem getting a woman, he delights that he has the charismatic charm to have the ladies turning their heads. The one woman that he enjoys breezing his way is Catherine but of late he is afraid that she may be expecting more from him that he cannot really deliver. So he does the one thing that will stop her heart from feeling that warm feeling for him again. He does the unmanly thing by breaking her heart.

Catherine thought she had given up men until she is forced to live with Marc for six weeks in a mansion. But some woman they never met intends to leave them millions if they will only stay in the house for six weeks. It is the only way to inherit the millions and she refuses to give up her share of any money. Neither knew that Rose House already had occupants when they moved in known as ghosts, nor that the ghosts had plans to make sure Catherine and Marc would leave more in love then when they checked in. The couple soon discover the love they had before never crackled in such passion as when they entered Rose House. Now it is up to Marc and Catherine to follow their hearts while falling in love all over again.

The Legacy of Rose House is a story with exciting characters, brilliant dialogue and a story that not only will touch the heart but make the reader feel the true presence of love. Catherine and Marc are believable characters in their actions and spin a story that holds the attention from the first page to the last. Once they enter Rose House, there is love abounding in a house with a wonderful ghost that refuses to let two people who should be together always lose that incredible loving feeling. It is a story of losing and discovering love all over again only making it better the second time around.

Ms. Christian takes a tale and weaves love, desire, and warm passion to create one noteworthy read. She pens a moving tale with delightful characters that leave a feel good sensation. With a tantalizing plot, lovely prose, not to mention the paranormal features, this is one emotional read that is worth more than just one read. Ms. Christian takes appealing characters and allows them to triumph over their hurt and obstacles to find an everlasting treasure with each other. This is a most satisfying read sure to please. Visit Romance at Hearts Publications today and pick up a copy. There is no disappointment in this charming romance. Pull up a cozy chair, pour a cup of tea and get ready for a book that is a joy!

Sincerely good reading,


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