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The Dragon's Horn

Title: The Dragon’s Horn
Author: Glynnis Kincaid

Published in 2001 by Novel Books, Inc.
Genre: Fantasy Romance
ISBN: 1-931696-14-4 for electronic version
1-931696-85-3 for print-on-demand version

At eighteen with a glorious mass of midnight black hair, a well-endowed bust and awkward purple eyes, Xlana uses her wits to protect her virtue from the very few men she does not repulse. Her only friend is the most feared creature on earth – a dragon. When they had first met, she had been appalled when she had seen the magnitude of his injuries. Carefully and tenderly, she nursed him back to health, becoming more mesmerized with each visit. Surprised that no one had ever interrupted their time together, she was devastated to discover that he had gone. The daughter of a sorcerer, Xlana is told that any man who touches her will turn to stone as a result of a protective spell placed on her. She is led to believe that she will live and die with her honour intact. She is also told that she must perform a task assigned by the Gods when the time comes. If only she knew what that task is.

He is back. Her cherished dragon stood before her looking whole and well. Seeing him made her feel as if dozens of butterflies had taken flight in her stomach. When receiving his precious gift of his horn, Xlana realises that her destiny would always be enmeshed with this dragon. Fleeting images, secrets yet to be unveiled, and a premonition that her life will be changed forever: these all cross the back of her mind as she gazes at the luminescent present. Her time draws near to perform the task required of her, except how is she to do so without the guidance of her father? The man she looked upon as her sire is brutally slain by her would-be beau, leaving her all alone. Confused and frightened, she escapes with her dragon, fighting for survival whilst wondering how to perform her task – she must defeat the Demon of Fire.

Standing taller than the trees of the forest and having flesh consisting of soft peacock-blue scales, Rynack is the last of his kind. Hunted for his magical horn, he is rescued from certain death in his youth. Gaining confidence as he matures, he hears his mother’s voice many times in the wind, instructing him when and where to hide. Bound to a maiden whose heart is as pure as her royal blood, he has a destiny to fulfil. It is the reason he can vanish into thin air where others before him could not. Nagged by fear and sworn to protect his betrothed, Rynack has yet to learn a lot of things that will help him assist his mate in her quest. The Gods require that he must seek out his brothers and sisters, but how is he to do this when he must trust no one? How can he be of any use when he himself is hunted?

Rescuing and then sheltering his soul mate, Rynack chances upon one brother and sister who are of the Earth. It is up to him to find his other brother and sister in the Seas of the North, for he is the only one who can travel there without being detected. As he convinces his brother of the Sea to take his family with him to unite with the others, he is taught to transform his body into mortal form. Wearing the mantle of leadership, Rynack organises the rescue of mortals as the Demon of Fire begins his war. Already there are setbacks in the quest of good overcoming evil. His sister of the Sea has already crossed over to the Demon, her daughter has gone missing and the other shows traits of crossing over as well. He begins to wallow in despair as the voices guiding him become silent and the Demon of Fire looks victory in the face. What is he to do?

The fantasy world of The Dragon’s Horn is not just about good fighting evil. It’s about learning to trust in yourself and co-operating with others. Rynack’s love for Xlana helps strengthen her self-confidence, helping her to be all that she can be. She has a compassionate side to her that is so strong that, without the intervention of those who care for her, she would risk her life for those she feels the strongest empathy without a second thought. She needs to think of the greater good. Xlana’s love for Rynack grounds him. She completes him. Without her, he has no purpose. He needs to learn how to share the heavy burden he carries without feeling inadequate. The Dragon’s Horn demonstrates how a team working together can actually achieve more than individuals working toward the same goal. All they need to do is trust in themselves and in their Gods, that what they do is for the greater good.

With the writing combination of Ellen Edgar and Savannah Michaels, making up the pseudonym of Glynnis Kincaid, you are in for a fantastic journey. You can just picture the Dragon’s Horn being on the big screen, an epic adventure that holds you spellbound from the beginning to the end. The pictures they paint with their words are not so outlandish as to make the reader struggle to accept what they are saying; they make it seem more commonplace. Glynnis Kincaid makes sure that you are involved right up to the last page, and then teases you, making you want more. This contribution from NovelBooks Inc. is just the first of many offerings from Glynnis Kincaid, as she has us all guessing what will happen next in this possible saga. The Dragon’s Horn is available now. This is one book that demonstrates that all things are possible.



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