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The Doll

Title: The Doll
Author: Cricket Starr

Published in August 2003 by Ellora's Cave
Genre: Contemporary Erotic Fantasy
IBSN: 1-84360-602-X

What is the secret to happiness? Well, for Jenny, it is the ability to take some time for her own, finally. She and Cory had worked hard in the bookstore, and it was paying off. They were getting a larger clientele, and the business is starting to thrive. She could manage to take small bits of time now for herself, and also purchase some of the things that she has always wanted. That is why she went into the curio shop to begin with, and the dolls on the shelf triggered some memories of her doll Charlie. Those same reminiscences drew her to the odd, faceless doll that sat behind all the rest. So far behind, that she almost missed the exquisitely carved figure. The details of the doll are explicitly carved, definitely male, but oddly enough he has not been given a face. That doesn’t stop Jenny, however, and the wooden doll with the wonderfully detailed, beautifully sculpted, and delightfully mobile limbs finds his way to her bedroom….

The current experience is a very new one for the Spirit. It has been forever since he was trapped in The Doll, and found himself subjected to the whim of whatever the owner of the doll desired. This owner, Jenny, is very special. She has extremely strong wish magic, and he is experiencing new things, feelings that he has only dreamed of before his present encounter. He really wants to know how far this can go, but over and above all, he finds that he truly loves Jenny. This knowledge shakes him, and for once wants to make very sure that when he comes to her she receives the greatest pleasure. He doesn’t quite remember if it has happened before, but he doesn’t think so, but this one, his Jenny has given him a name too. She has named him Charlie, and for the first time ever he wants to be free of The Doll. He harbors his own futile wishes now, but they are impossible to fulfill…aren’t they??

The world is full of magic, some good and some bad, but often times it doesn’t find those who deserve its benefits the most. Well, Jenny is one of the lucky ones when she stops into the curio shop that day. The Doll she picks up is special, and the magic that results is a wonderful thing. Two lonely spirits are joined in that encounter, and the power of love supplies the best magic of all. In order for dreams to come true, the magic has to be strong, and love provides the strength that could bring the two together, the question is, will it happen in time?

Well, here we go! Once again, Ellora’s Cave has found for us a bright, shining, and brilliant new voice in erotic romance. Cricket Starr has a down to earth and gritty style that will titillate the reader and yet treats her heroine and hero with intelligence and does not fall into the “sex trap”. The story of Jenny and her Doll is worthy of EC, and definitely an erotic trip into the fantasy of love, good sex, and true caring between the partners. It encompasses the magic of love, and proves that where love is, magic happens. The Doll is a definite must buy from the Ellora’s Cave list of Quickies. Released in August of this year, If you haven’t picked up your copy of The Doll, by Cricket Starr, do so now. It is a delightful and erotic flight of contemporary fantasy!

Yours in good reading,


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