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The Darkest Hour

Title: The Darkest Hour
Author: Sherry Hall Mauro

Published in September 2004 by eXtasy Books
Genre: Erotic Paranormal IBSN: 1-55410-191-3

Brooke Vaughn finds herself running the family business after her father suffers a stroke. At 24, she is young to be in charge of such a vast business, but there is no one else to take over the responsibilities. Her twin brother, Kenneth, is not willing to manage the business and her stepmother is busy caring for her father. Brooke embraces the challenges of the business and thrives on provoking confrontations to prove her courage and strength. When Brooke comes to visit her family at her ancestral home, she meets her father’s attorney. His sensual firm features captivate her, as no other man has ever been able to. He draws her to him as the spider draws the fly. Brooke finds herself deeply affected by him and feels an instant connection with him, as if they had been lovers in a different life.

Armand Vitalis is living at Vaughn Hall, while he is drawing up the last will and testament of Mr. Vaughn, when he sees Brooke for the first time. He is standing in the family’s rose garden dressed all in black and once he has seen her feels as if he has found his soul mate and that they are destined to be together. Her long blond hair and blue eyes lure him as no other in the endless years he has lived as one of the undead. Armand has been a creature of the night and shadows for the last 200 years and has been searching for the one perfect woman to spend eternity with her. He knows that Brooke is his destiny.

Caleb has been Brooke’s best friend since childhood. He talks to Brooke everyday and has been in love with her for years. Caleb is tall with silky blond hair, bluish eyes, and works as a freelance photographer. While he admits to believing in the paranormal, he denies the possibilities of vampires. He wants to be the one that makes Brooke smile and her heart flutter with desire and love. Brooke has invaded his heart and very soul and he cannot imagine his life without her. Caleb ends up begging Brooke to hold firm against the darkness and evil that he believes is Armand.

In the Darkest Hour, Brooke Vaughn finds herself torn between two men that she loves, her childhood friend, Caleb, and her immortal lover, Armand. Although Armand is known for his atrocious womanizing and his wrath is destructive and deadly, Brooke is unable to escape his web of haunting lust. Armand becomes inpatient with Brooke’s fear and doubts and demands that she accepts him as her soul mate for all time. After the death of her twin brother and her father, Brooke struggles with embracing Armand’s offer of immortality versus Caleb’s offer of earthly love and acceptance. Does Caleb truly hold the key to Brook’s heart and or is the way to salvation through Armand?

The Darkest Hour by Sherry Hall Mauro will leave you guessing at the outcome until the last page. Who will win Brooke’s love and end up with the prize? Pick up a copy today from eXtasy Books to find out how this paranormal romance ends. This tale embraces the twilight hour, when romance is in the air and passion rouses the senses. The Darkest Hour is reminiscent of Bram Stoker’s Dracula and is a compelling story of a suspenseful love triangle. Check it out here: eXtasy

Yours Sincerely,


**Author's Note:
Though this book is published through eXtasy Books; the The Darkest Hour is highly sensual and charged, but “not” sexually explicit.

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