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The Beauty Within

Title: The Beauty Within
Author: Heather Holland

Published in September 2003 by Ellora's Cave
Genre: Erotic Fantasy
IBSN: 1-84360-631-3

Cursed by an angry goddess, Medusa has been left on the island of Samos, destined for a life of loneliness, and the knowledge that she his hunted by many. That fact stares her in the face, every time she leaves the confines of her crumbling abode, visible in the stone statues of the many men who have come to destroy her. Their greed for the riches her destruction would bring is their driving force, only to doom them as victims of their own foolishness. It does not bring her comfort, but only adds pain to her already heavy burden. Cruelly, Athena has heaped suffering upon her, and it is crushing her, as is the burden of the deaths of the many who have braved the dangers to reach her island.

She was once a beauty, not the most beautiful of maidens, but pretty enough to attract Poseidon's attention. The god seduced her in Athena's temple, enraging the goddess, and since she couldn't punish him, her wrath turned on Medusa. Her once beautiful ebony tresses turned into hissing snakes, her body no longer resembling the human she was, Medusa is left to her misery, until Hera decides that enough is enough. When the queen of the Gods decides to take action, not even Zeus can stand in her way...

The loss of his ship and it's crew was completely devastating, and so the loss of sight was just an annoying burden he really didn't need. Half drowned in the freak storm, Theron grapples with his losses, and with the knowledge that he is in deep trouble. It is just possible, given his ship's position when it was driven onto the rocks, that he is on the dreaded island of Samos, home to the horror that is known to the mortal world as Medusa. The stone statue, with its amulet, could be a harbinger of what is to become of him. He doesn't know if his blindness will save him or condemn him, but he does realize he is not alone.

The musical voice that Theron hears is not what he expects, and the amulet presents an opportunity to offer a gift in exchange for help. Little does he realize that his fate is being guided by the gods, Hera in particular. Nor does he realize that the soft spoken maid, Tha´s, is the monster Medusa...or is she?

In this Ellora's Cave Quickie, the tale of the Gorgon, Medusa, is told in a very different and more sympathetic light. Heather Holland, a newcomer to Ellora's Stable of Writers, bursts on the scene with an exciting showering of sizzling hot fireworks in The Beauty Within. This imaginative retelling of the Greek Myth is definitely five star hot, erotic and well written. The very memorable characters play on your imagination, and carry you along in a sensual haze. The inventive and enjoyable tale brings a new twist to the well known story, and it seethes with eroticism and true heat. If The Beauty Within is any indication of what Heather has to offer us, we are in for some very hot and erotic offerings to come. This is a wonderful story, and deserves all the hearts and flowers that go to the best. Welcome aboard Heather! What is next?

Yours in good reading,


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