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Title: Tequila Makes Her Clothes Fall Off
Author: Cara North

Published in 2008 by Tease Publishing LLC
Genre: Contemporary
ISBN 10: 0-9789024-0-8
ISBN 13: 978-9024-0-7

When she saw the long-legged cowboy, after her girlfriends could not be found, she introduced herself as Bethany, Bethany Dodson from Louisville, Kentucky, and then ordered a bottle of Patron. The cowboy’s name was Jack, and he had manners. She had gone to Las Vegas for fun at her friends, Katie bachelorette party but somehow they all sort of got separated and Bethany may have found her own little party that might turn out to be a bit more exciting for her. She would love nothing more than to be romanced and loved by a real man, and meeting up with Jack just might be the answer she seeks to shift her life completely.

After handsome Jack Johnson makes the acquaintance of Bethany, he watches her drink and wonders is she planning on getting wasted. He kind of thinks she is a bit strait-laced. Her friends were off gallivanting and she was all alone by her lonesome. As for him, he was celebrating the end of a bad relationship when an old friend turned out to be someone he really didn’t trust at all. So his little joust to Vegas had been to marry a woman that just up and left him in the cold. He needed a marriage because of his grandfathers’ will but she made certain she was no longer part of any deal. The longer he spent sharing some tequila with Bethany only made him wish he could be locked in her arms all night.

Bethany can drink her friends under the table. One thing she doesn’t need is Jack’s money since her dad was in Time Magazine as one of the richest men in the U.S. She had not danced in ages and when he led her out on the dance floor, he looked well-defined in the Levi pants. So good-looking that it made her feel warm all over. It was almost like a perfect fit, the two of them. In no time Bethany is inquiring if he has a room there and he is in no way shy in his reply. He can’t wait to get her off the dance floor and into his arms, as he inhales the sweet smell of her scented hair.

His kisses were the right spell to tell her that he was the right man that she was searching for that one night that soon would be filled with heated passion. Then again he needs a woman for a three month marriage so he can get his money from his grandpa’s will. In no time they are on their way to his room when they wind up in a chapel and in no time are husband and wife. She realizes the real reason he needs a wife and for now just being in Jack’s arms for three months was worth gold. Neither wishes any marriage with fighting nor pretence, but the closer they get to the agreement being fulfilled, they begin to wonder could they make it work and not be like the other marriages, even in their own families. With each passing day, Bethany wonders could she have it all, love, children, and happiness as they seek to please each other always, yet with a darkening in her past that may come ashore any time, she wonders will the love she feels for Jack be enough to keep their relationship a foot.

Tequila Makes Her Clothes Fall Off is a delicious read with non-stop entertainment at its best. The dialogue is loaded in magnificent wit and the sex appeal transcends in the pages between the characters. I could almost picture Bethany and Jack making their first encounter all the way standing together at the chapel. Jack is one stunning, sexy, hot and tantalizing cowboy. The intensity of their expressions and emotions really lace within the storyline.

Cara North has a way of penning a story to captivate and pull the reader into a pleasurable tale that weaves with excitement. She graciously fashions a wonderful driven plot that engages this reader completely. Not only did I find Tequila Makes Her Clothes Fall Off a most gratifying read but one that comes highly recommended. The high-strung Bethany paired with a handsome cowboy who needs to marry for his own reasons soon proves that the two have conflicts that need to be settled and as they learn from each other each day, they find there is so much more in their package deal than just a marriage agreement. This cleverly written story is one that really brings seasoning and dynamite to the pages. Hurry and check out Mardi Gras Publishing where this charismatic read is just waiting to find a home with another reader today. Tequila Makes Her Clothes Fall Off is one satisfying read that astounds in every way.

Sincerely good reading,


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