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Tender Lightning

Title: Tender Lightning
Author: Audrey Godwin

Published in 2004 by eXtasy Books
Genre: Gothic Romance
IBSN: 1-55410-113-1

The Tarot Series: The Magician

Dana Perrin is a fan of Romance Novels. Okay, she is a little more than a fan, she is an addict and is perfectly willing to admit it. Unfortunately the latest book she is reading about a reclusive magician trapped in a ghostly old house kept her so riveted to the story, she is late getting to the airport. While she rushes to the airport, a strange pink bolt of lightning strikes the road in front of her car, causing her to crash. Confused and disoriented she tries to find help. But the only refuge on the dark and shadowy road filled with strange shifting mists is a creepy old English manor. Once inside, she collapses, unaware that she has inadvertently become the heroine of the book she had been reading, the one that ends with the heroineís death.

Franz Staresini is much more than a mere magician. Immortal and man, magic and mystery combined, he has survived the ages beneath the shadow of a powerful curse. He is attracted to the wild and passionate woman trapped in his lair, but fears that the truth of his life will drive her away, and he is so desperately alone. Will he find the strength and power to save her from her fate, even if it means losing her forever?

I was very entertained by Tender Lightning by Audrey Godwin. The author certainly had a knack for creating and maintaining a dark and creepy mood and atmosphere in the story, and you canít help rooting for a heroine who is addicted to reading romance novels. With a heavily gothic feel, this was a fun addition to the tarot card series by eXtasy Books. Though some of the magic and world building in the story left me feeling a little lost and confused, I enjoyed the characters, the setting, the imaginative plot, and the dark sensuality of the tale. If you enjoy the tarot card series, Tender Lightning is worth a look.

Yours for good romance,


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