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Take Your Medicine

Title: Take Your Medicine
Author: Arianna Hart

Published in February 2007 by Samhain Publishing
Genre: Contemporary
ISBN: 1-59998-107-6

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Jared Romero is a computer wiz who makes his living doing odd jobs for the government. Jobs that sometimes land him in hot water and on the run for his life. With a bullet in his side and unconsciousness threatening his every step, he makes his way to Connecticut and his one chance at staying alive. Once upon a time Jared was a computer geek with insignificant looks that didnít garner second glances. Years later he is bulked up and prime material due to his stint in the army. Now Jared is a man who inspires want and lust in females that glance his way. With his finely chiseled features and over 6 foot frame he is the perfect specimen. For the last year however, Jared has thought of only one woman. Macayla Sullivan. It is Macayla who inspires his fantasies and causes him to lose his hard won control. Jared knows that she will help him. Besides her being a doctor, she once helped his best friend Connor out of a deadly situation. It also helps that he was godfather to her best friend Samara's daughter who is also Connorís wife.

Coming face to face with Macayla reminded Jared of just how powerful his feelings were for her. Despite his obvious pain, he still finds himself wanting her fiercely. Jared doesn't like having to rely on Macayla. He knows that the bad guys are one step away from him and that her life is now in danger as well as his. Unable to do anything but recover, he makes plans with Connor to go into hiding at a location that is not easily disclosed. His plans of going to a safe place include Macayla since by his arrival she was put in jeopardy. After a few mind shattering kisses Jared knows that possessing Macayla is all that he wants for his future. His only problem is staying alive for the next 3 weeks. Not an easy task with criminal mastermind Shaun Hints fast on his trail. On the upside Jared knows that 3 weeks is all he needs to show Macayla that he could be a really good "patient" if she would just give him a chance.

At 28 years old Macayla Sullivan is a success in her own right. A control freak as well as being exceptionally bright, she sped her way through school and is now living her dreams. Delivering babies gives her the satisfaction that she is doing good for women everywhere. A victim of past abuse both mental and physical, at the hands of an ex- fiancť, she is afraid no longer. Being a black belt in karate has also giving her the means to protect herself, as well as fight back when the situation calls for it. Having a father who was an FBI agent gave her certain skills that lately she has been having a need for. Especially when strange men make habits of breaking into her home. It is now that she is preparing to go on a much needed break that she finds herself at a loss as to what to do. Used to working long hours and covering for everyone else, she realizes just how lonely she truly is. Not one for relationships she makes plans for a vacation spent alone.

Unfortunately for Macayla, the one man who has the power to melt her defenses has just strode back into her life. Or in this case fainted in her arms. Jared Romero is the stuff hot fantasies are made of. Macayla hungers for glimpses of his naked muscled flesh but knows that giving herself to any man is a risk she is not yet ready to take. This time however, it's out of her hands. Jared is hurt and needs her help badly. He is a loner like her and so the two find that they have a mutual bond. Not knowing who his pursuers are, Macayla agrees to go with him if it means the safety of Samara, Connor and baby Caitlyn. Despite her denials to Samara about her attraction to Jared, Macayla knows that it is a matter of time before her heart rate picks up. Jared is both dangerous and compelling to Macayla's peace of mind. e is also just what this doctor finds herself wanting.

As Jared and Macayla go on the run the two are forced to realize their unrequited desires. As erotic dreams of each other haunt their sleep, Macayla finds herself denying Jared what he so obviously wants. A man of immense physical power, she sees Jared as a bully until he shows her the man beneath the might. Totally ensnared with a side of Jared she never knew existed Macayla gives in to her bodies demands. As the two proceed to burn up the sheets, the floors and the workout room their bond because more than just physical. Jared knows he is in over his head. But does Macayla have the same feelings for him? As deadly foe's close in on the lover's hideaway, will the two be alive to pursue what was started over a year ago? And most importantly, can Macayla turn over the reins off control to a man who wants to be the one to take care of her? Arianna Hart has given us two very hot characters that hearts everywhere will not be able to keep out.

TAKE YOUR MEDICINE was everything I expected it to be and a whole lot more. Blazingly hot as well as soothingly sensual it is a book meant to be read time and time again. A love story that started in it's prequel SURPRISE , it quite took my breath away. Jared Romero is the hero that every woman dreams of. Macayla Sullivan is the strong woman we all want to be. When the two are together they are a powerhouse of sizzling proportions. TAKE YOUR MEDICINE had elements of everything that makes a story complete and captivating. Sex, danger, humor, passion, action and a whole lot of love provided for a story that touched my heart in all the right places. I recommend the reading of TAKE YOUR MEDICINE to romance lover's everywhere. Published by Samhain and available at MBaM, it is exactly what this reviewer prescribes!

Yours in good reading,

Joann Ruffen

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