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Sweet Suspicion

Title: Sweet Suspicion
Author: Nina Bruhns

Published in February 2004 by Silhouette Intimate Moments
Genre: Romantic Suspense
ISBN: 0-373-27347-9

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She is a party girl, it is just that simple. Although many people may not even try to understand, Muse Summerville is not your stereotypical, or ordinary run-of-the-mill party girl either, she has brains. She has worked hard to get where she is, and she is proud of what she has done. The situation that she now finds herself in is one that she has known could come about. She was not expecting it that is all. They were supposed to have everything taken care of, but then Muse knows that the problems the FBI are having tracking Davies and his activities make things worse for her. The last thing that she truly expects is the gorgeous hunk that shows up to claim her. She isn’t sure what’s going to happen next, but she knows that she is not pleased with this new development. She doesn’t want to be followed home, stalked by her ex-boyfriend, an FBI agent, or anyone else for that matter. She is having enough trouble keeping ahead of Davies and his hoodlums. She is well aware that the FBI is trying to protect her, but she is still uneasy. Muse cannot tell what is going to happen next, but this is over the top.

He is all male, and quite overpowering…Undercover Agent Remi Beaulieux of the FBI. She is not prepared for such a masculine presence in her life right now. Muse feels that if she doesn’t get away from the man soon, she will scream. She is carrying a lot of excess baggage from a ne’r-do-well father who abandoned his family, to a deep-seated fear of any kind of commitment. She is aware of her flaws, but she always thought she could live with them until now. What is it about Remi that stirs her up so badly, makes her want a real home and children? This is not a good thing, because it makes her want something she knows she is not cut out for at all. Muse knows she is not the settling down type, and if there is anything that she doesn’t want, it is roots. Roots are not for a girl like her. She cannot afford to get attached to a man, for he will just leave. Until she testifies, and until she puts Davies behind bars, no one that she would even date would be safe with her anyway. Muse knows she is a target for Davies, and she is the only one, the only witness still alive. The question is, can she stay that way?

He was curious about the woman he had been told about, curious enough that he needs to see her in case she requires his help. He would not blow his cover, the upcoming undercover assignment is too important to the FBI’s case. True, Muse Summerville was the FBI’s chief witness, but unless FBI Agent Remi Beaulieux locates James Davies quickly, and can get him behind bars fast, Muse’s life may not be worth much. Remi is used to the deep cover work, and he enjoys his job. He has the reputation of being a ladies man, and he does not mind it one bit. In his line of work, it helped to be tall, dark, and Creole. He could use his French Creole heritage to advantage, and has many times. With his crushed velvet voice, and six foot plus in height, he definitely turns heads, both male and female, when he walks into a room. He oozes sex appeal as well, and never hesitates to use it when the situation calls for it in his work. When he is deep undercover for the FBI, Remi is like a chameleon, blending effortlessly into the background, fulfilling each assignment without qualms or questions.

The situation he is in now was ok with him. He’s glad he does not have to deal with Muse, for she could be a definite distraction. Then his phone rings, and Remi shudders from the inside out. His cover has been blown, and he is to pick up Muse and take her to a safe house immediately. This is not a good situation for him to be in now. He has sensed the attraction he has for Muse, and he cannot afford it. Not now, not ever. He is a loner, the black sheep of his family, and the very last thing he wants to do is become entangled with a girl like Muse. She is bad news, a horrible distraction.. She makes Remi think of hot steamy nights with him wrapped around her, and bouts of hot lovemaking that would keep them sleepless into the wee hours of the morning. She has the reputation as a party girl, but somehow Remi just doesn’t buy it, there is something about it, about her that doesn’t ring true. As they literally run for their lives, the biggest question on Remi’s mind is why is he feeling like this is a forever relationship, and why does it feel so right? He has never felt this connected to someone before, and being on the run has nothing to do with these feelings. The attraction was there from the beginning, the first sight of her in the bar. The problem is the feeling is not mutual…or is it?

Nina Bruhns is a writer that brings romantic suspense to you willingly and in many delightful and wonderful ways. Sweet Suspicion is the story of two wounded souls who find courage in each other to try for the life they both long for inside. Muse, abandoned at a young age by her father, has no faith or trust in the constancy of men. Remi, branded a bastard by an uncaring father, is just as scarred, believing that he is totally unlovable and that no one in their right mind can or would care for him. Between them, they must learn to have faith, trust, and then finally reach for the brass ring. The trials they go through, the experiences they share all help to forge a bond neither one expects or wants. Neither Remi nor Muse wants to be tied down, or want a steady relationship. Their lives are not meant to be shared, or so they think.

Sweet Suspicion brings together two people who are damaged by life’s twists, and some rotten circumstances. It deals with the present day problems their pasts have left for them, and if those aren’t enough, they are also on the run from a crime boss who would love to see them both dead. Nina skillfully takes us from the French Quarter of New Orleans to the Bayou Country of Louisiana, and tells a very rich tale of love, abandonment, deception, and the rocky road that could possibly lead to love. Sweet Suspicion will be available in February from Silhouette’s Intimate Moments, and is a book you are going to want to add to your collection. Look for Sweet Suspicion soon in a bookstore near you. You will be very glad you did.

Yours in good reading,


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