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Title: Sweeter Than Sweets
Author: Darlene Nicholson

Published in August by Publish America
Genre: Contemporary
ISBN: 1-4241-4910-X

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Two years since they slept together, and now getting letter in the mail from Kimmie, Reggie is not thrilled. Finding out they share a son has him facing their night of passion all over again. Reggie does not look forward to informing Sweets, his wife. However, Sweets catches Reggie talking on the cell phone, again, does she fully suspect he’s hiding something. He admits to holding back information that will not please her, though not ready to talk about it, yet. Reggie accepts the knowledge that this news will destroy their marriage.

Reggie remembers the night, in a drunken haze, Kimmie’s lusty seduction. Having slept with so many men how could Kimmie be sure that Lil Gary was his son. Reggie demands a paternity test sets off Kimmie’s anger. She phones him constantly now, elated by her scheming Reggie away from Sweets. Kimmie’s plan is successful due to Dr. Jai’s lying about Reggie’s paternity test results; well worth the ten thousand dollars, she paid him. Leaving the doctor’s office she runs into Marcus, who demands a paternity test too, as he is tired of paying support for Lil Gary. After shopping at the mall, Kimmie meets Kevin, liking his looks. She lies to him about being married prompting him in giving out his phone number. Another innocent pawn in Kimmie’s faithless, self-absorbed life.

At home, Kimmie’s ex-husband Gary reflects on knowing Lil Gary is not his. Kimmie forgets that he’s a doctor, aware of her pregnancy before returning to his bed, and privy to medical information. He tires of her neglecting him and the kids, more so he despises being played a fool. Gary plans to stop Kimmie’s scheming by confessing to Sweets and Reggie Lil Gary’s parentage. First, he calls his ex-wife, Anne asking for forgiveness, pleading his love for her. Then he calls the bank, restricting his accounts and credit cards from Kimmie’s access; including a stop payment on a ten thousand dollar check.

Bored at home, Kimmie spends the night at Bernice’s experiencing her first lesbian love session. She cares nothing for the fact that Bernice’s fiancée, Tisha leaves the apartment, angered by Kimmie’s wanton behavior. The next morning Bernice demands satisfaction in return for last nights frolics. Hesitant at first, Kimmie does her best with astounding results, and the knowledge that womanlove is not so bad. Gary comes from home for lunch, since his housekeeper phoned to let him know Kimmie’s home. Entering the house, he threatens to take the kids away of she does not start acting like a mother. Moreover, Gary owns up to the knowledge that he is aware of the children’s paternity but vows to care for them anyway. Shocked by his admissions, Kimmie worries, for a moment that he may know about her current ruse though quickly pushes that thought aside. Without further concern, she walks out of the house, leaving the children in the housekeeper’s care, again.

Love and relationships problems do not solely belong to Kimmie. Dumping his love time boyfriend, and then dating for over a year now, Wayne is getting married. Theresa wants to save herself for the wedding night, hiding the true reason about fearing his well-endowed anatomy. Although frustrated Wayne honors her wishes, but the strain manifests after seeing his lost love, Sweets, in the airport restaurant. After Theresa and he get into an argument, Wayne leaves to cool off. Upon his return, Theresa attempts oral sex with him, when performing poorly she gives into his lovemaking. The pain unbearable she throws him off, angering Wayne. Their relationship suffers a monumental blow when she discovers that he is bisexual, after running into his ex-lover. Theresa’s innocent questions makes Wayne feel guilty and ashamed. He ends their wedding plans…he is not *in* love with Theresa. Wayne believes he is still in love with Sweets.

Sweeter Than Sweets, Book 2 continues where *Sweets* leaves off. Kimmie still schemes to get Reggie away from Sweets. However, this time her ex-husband, Gary knows of her plans before implementing them. Angst driven, the active plot is fluid as the characters survive deceits that thrusts them into chaos, destroying friendships and marriages. Ms. Nicholson’s shows her character’s mettle against a scheming shrew. Sweets is not so center-stage this time, but her independent, practical presence glows as she saves her marriage from the brink of divorce. Reggie’s stout politeness, withstands the turbulent emotional storms instigated by Kimmie’s cruelty. The minor cast members, like Wayne, Bernice and Gary, share the stage this time as they find love and happiness, though not immune to Kimmie’s shenanigans. Wayne finally begins to love another, though struggles to rid his longing for Sweets’ the only character not caught up in Kimmie. Bernice’s love life thrives with plans to marry Tisha, though suffers a blow after Kimmie’s disastrous, although lusty, intrusion. Gary returns to his ex-wife putting his life on the path of joy and faithfulness; evicting Kimmie from his home and bank accounts. The only one without love is Kimmie, and until she acknowledges her errors and shortcomings, that experience will be far out of her reach. The pages sizzled and writhed with sex, from normal marital unions to steamy one-night stands, even a loving between Reggie’s mom and her new beau made for a racy, satisfying read. Sweeter Than Sweets, Book 2, published by Publish America, is loaded with erotic romantic intrigue and vivacious characters.

A Dedicated Reader,

Pamela Jenewein

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