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Spying in High Heels

Title: Spying in High Heels
Author: Gemma Halliday

Published in 2006 by Dorchester Publishing
Genre: Chic Lit
ISBN: 10: 0-8439-5735-2
ISBN 13: 978-0-8439-5735-8

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Maddie Springer, an LA shoe designer, loves fashion. In fact her basic rules are always fashion and more fashion. Of course at the moment she is a little worried because she is late. Late, late for that, where you hope the rabbit doesnít die. She phones her good friend Dana, who she hopes will be able to help her through this dilemma but Dana is sort of tied up with another boyfriend in her life right now and canít really get to the phone. Now Maddie is not only three days late, for that, but late for a lunch engagement with her boyfriend, Richard Howe, thanks to the heavy traffic. Of course when she does arrive, Richard is already with another client. Maddie finds the said client rather odd after the meeting concludes and when she inquires about the man, Richard would rather not discuss him, claiming he was just a nobody. Maddie begins to feel like he is more than just a Mr. Nobody the way Richard continues glancing his way. Richard has to cancel their lunch engagement, which sort of is a relief to Maddie. He seems to be in another world not really paying much attention to her. He tells her that he will call her later, so she leaves and heads to the gym hoping to run into good friend, Dana.

Maddie begins to worry when Richard never calls since it isnít like him never to return any phone call after she leaves a message. Not only was it annoying but also wearisome that there is silence between them. When he isnít even at the office, she decides to go to his condo. She looks around for any note, or anything that would tell her where he had gone, and then she overhears a voice, to only see that it isnít Richard. It is the guy in the office who is inside the apartment searching some of Richardís desk drawers and other searching places. What could he possibly be searching for? Quickly ducking into the closet, so not to be seen, she looks real good to make sure it is the Mr. Nobody that she had seen with Richard at the office. Indeed it is the same man and this time he is toting a gun. Maddie knows that Richard must have packed for a trip, but where she had no idea. She knows one thing, if he was just out in the Bahamas, she would surely kill him.

Detective Jack Ramirez needs answers about Richardís whereabouts and it seems that the only person who can give him any insight, is the girlfriend, Maddie, and he intends on pursuing until he gets all the information he needs. Richard is in deep, almost to his eyeballs and if he didnít do the killing then there is another killer out there and Maddie could be the next in line. He needs her to open up with him and be truthful about everything concerning boyfriend, Richard, who has so many little secrets, that Maddie is shocked to learn. When other clues begin to point to some blond hairs and a stiletto heel, suspects point to a woman killer and the more that Maddie continues to interfere with her own spying, Ramirez needs her to just go home and leave the detective work to him.

Richard Howe, boyfriend of Maddie. When he suddenly disappears, is he innocent or guilty of the crime that has been committed? Is he really capable of killing someone? Or of lying, stealing and cheated? Can he be so weak that when things get too hot, he runs away? He is the only one with the answers if he can be found.

Detective Jack Ramirez is undercover as a bouncer, and he must not allow his identity to become disclosed. Immigrations and Customs Enforcement, or ICE, believe that Monaldo is involved with the Marsucci family, involved in criminal activities and even counterfeiting. How Maddieís father blends in with everything he is working on, he cannot say, but he does need Maddie to please stay out of matters and allow him to do his job. This is hard for Maddie who feels she has a stake in the situation. She would rather be involved than just sitting around and waiting. After stumbling over a dead body, that she presumed was a bag of concrete, things really take on a different shape when she feels the deeper she leans into learning the truth, she may soon find herself next in line for foul play.

Maddie soon learns that something is not right with Richardís disappearance. To make matters worse there has been an embezzlement of funds of twenty-million dollars, from the companyís funds, and there is no Richard to explain what is happening. She believes that Richard is innocent and she wants to prove his innocence. There is only one thing left, she persuades Dana to help her solve the crime and clear Richardís name. Neither expected to find the body of Richardsí boss, not long after he had been shot, and now Maddie is being watched by the police department. The drop-dead gorgeous detective, who comes face to face with her, makes her forget about any relationship with Richard. Detective Jack Ramirez is one hot cop that she would really like to get to know, if she can find Richard and give him his pink slip so to speak. Thoughts of being late with her period quickly fade from her mind. Of course she must think of Richard and clear his name, and Dana and Maddieís mother, who is going through post-menopausal symptoms, decide to jump in and assist. Maddieís search on the trail to the killer connects with the help of hottie cop but he begins to wonder if the killer will get to Maddie first. He would certainly like to get to know Maddie a little better. With trying to help with her motherís wedding preparations, not to mention the bachelorette party her mother desires, Maddie has her hand full trying to find the solution to the whole turn of events.

Spying in High Heels is a dynamic read, loaded in non-stop action that keeps the pages turning for this reader. Right from the beginning, Maddie is a hoot with her wondering about taking a pregnancy test. The dialogue shared with the characters really makes the book a stylish read and engages the reader throughout. I could practically see all the expressions exhibited on Maddieís face each time her thoughts began to roam. Then when she was connected with Detective Ramirez, boom-boom, it was a treat listening to them. They practically leap from the pages. He is one hot tamale. Dana, the sex-craved friend is a hoot and makes the book even more wonderful. And when Maddie was describing her motherís outfit with the cat on the front of the shirt, and said she was so glad she hadnít inherited her mothersí fashion, that was a hoot.

Gemma Halliday is a brilliant writer who pens a perky read with a great cast of characters that keep the story flowing smoothly. She fashions a cleverly witty book with some mystery, and intrigue, filled with romance that captivates the reader. The humor she instills within the story is so fantastic it was hard to put the book down once I started reading. She creates characters that are real and make the story quite believable. With each character she gives them a certain quality that makes them unforgettable. With some twists and turns, and a well-crafted plot she makes this story a great read. This zany, fast-paced read is a delight and to get your copy just visit Dorchester Publishing where you will find an exciting read that will leave an awesome feeling dance through your body. There are many surprises in this book and I am certain the next one will be just as thrilling.

Sincerely good reading,


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