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Title: Spellbound
Author: Kathleen Nance

Published in April 2004 by LoveSpell
Genre: Heartspell Romance
ISBN: 0-505-52486-4

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Cyrus Cromwell was the scum of the earth. She thought she was goingto be rid of him forever when her mother had her mental breakdown, andhe disappeared. Now, it didn't really appear that way after all. Herhorrible, debilitating stage fright had struck again and caused her to make a terrible bargain with her employer. Madeline Fairbanks has to find her unscrupulous, and dastardly stepfather and produce him at theparty on St. John's Eve for a no-holds-barred interview with Feydor, her boss. Do that, and she will be back in his good graces, and could save this job that she so badly needs. The problem was that she had no idea of where he was or of how to find him, and Feydor had given her only until his party to find and produce Cyrus.

Madeline is sure that things could not get any worse. If the three week deadline wasn't bad enough, she could always remind herself that the rent on her apartment is going up, and with her mother's expenses in the hospital, she won't be able to afford the new rate. If it wasn't for Tildy Maehara's timely offer of a place to stay for the summer, Madeline might even be out on the street. Tildy had come through with an offer for her to house sit while she weighed her options. So, faster than her head could spin, she was now ensconced in a room at Tildy's and the only thing she has to worry about is Tildy's enigmatic house guest. He is not the aged widower she expected, but a force with which to be reckoned. He is the epitome of masculine beauty, of hard-bodied male, brimming with vibrancy, vitality, virility, and undeniable sensuality.

Music is his heart, soul, integral to his being, along with the spirit and rhythms of Kaf, his home world. The Minstrel of Kaf knew his place and his duty. Zayne is The Minstrel, and he is alone in this, there are no others who could take over for him. There is not even a youngster in training, so something must be done quickly. The uncertain flaring of his ma-at and the wildness of new and strange stirrings brought disharmony and were disturbing to him and to Kaf. The music clashed and became discordant, and the delicate and finely tuned balances in his ma-at and within Kaf itself are being disrupted. Ma-at must dominate, because it was the essence of the music and the essence of Kaf. If he should fail to control this strange new energy that is so disrupting, the very fabric of his life, his people, and his world could be destroyed.

Divination has shown him the path he should take. It is a sure path, and one he has waited far too long to travel. If there were several Minstrels, as there had been in the past, the need would not be so urgent. The Minstrels of Kaf always held the balance in their hands, and in this, Zayne was no different. He protected the balance of Kaf, but that was not enough anymore. It was long past the time for him to find his own balance. If he doesn't meet this need, Kaf would definitely suffer. What Zayne, Minstrel of Kaf, needs is a partner who will stand by his side and counter his masculine energy, a female to sing the counterpoint, to provide the harmony for his life. In short, Zayne needs a zaniya, a wife. The divination has even shown her to Zayne and given him her name. There is only one catch....she is Terran, and he must go there to find her.

Kathleen Nance has done it again! In her new release, Spellbound, her exquisite blend of fire and air meet earth and water, come together in another heart-pounding and sensual trip into realms of magic and love. Spellbound reacquaints us with Zayne, Minstrel of Kaf, who is experiencing a very unsettling disruption in his ma-at. This disruption can have catastrophic repercussions if he cannot resolve his balance issues. Zayne needs Madeline, and as it turns out, Madeline needs Zayne. Madeline teams up with Tildy's houseguest, although it doesn't seem like the most productive way to find her evil stepfather Cyrus Cromwell, until she hears Zayne play.

The divination he performed has led him to Madeline Fairbanks, but there is a drawback. Zayne needs a singing partner, a woman of unparalleled vocal ability, and Madeline can't carry a tune. Was the divination wrong? The heady mix of love, sensuality, and dangers of various sorts abound in this newest adventure into ma-at and magic. Terra and Kaf, inextricably bound for eons, must once again join forces to restore balance, and as before the trip is wonderfully entertaining. Spellbound is another masterpiece that has been carefully woven, intricately carved, and crafted for the reader's ultimate pleasure by Kathleen, and brought to you as a June release from Dorchester's LoveSpell books. It is coming to a book store near you. I highly recommend Spellbound.

Yours in good reading,


Kathleen Nance  Review  Buy Kathleen Nance BooksKathleen Nance

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