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Soul Of The Forgotten

Title: Soul Of The Forgotten
Author: Angela Verdenius

Published in June 2006 by Wings ePress
Genre: Futuristic/Sci-Fi Romance
IBSN: 1-59705-099-7

Cover Artist: Richard Stroud

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It is not the gray sameness that leaches her life force from her, it is the dark. Early on she discovered that, and so did they. The keepers, the ones who kept her in this hole of hell use it against her, but it doesn't matter. She has forgotten much, the memories dimmed by the long and dreary imprisonment she has suffered. The endless days of labor sweat, fighting for life itself in a place of darkness and horror. She grew up here, grew up fast from the child she was when she had been thrown here for murder she did not commit. She is a savage child, a nobody and so she suffers in the bowels of this barren place. Protecting now that she is stronger, and still that can lead to the punishment, the taking of the light. That hurts worse than anything, but she s driven to be the protector of those who are weaker. It is an inherent part of her nature, the urge to fight, but not just any fight will do. It is the fight to right wrongs, and get any measure of vengeance that makes the unbearable worth it to Liane.

Again and again she has fought the guards. The weaker prisoners, the ones driven insane by their captivity in the starkness of the prison known as Cardrak are the ones she protects to the best of her ability. Liane is not aware of it, but the guards think she is insane, and they are wary of her. Little does she know of the life beyond the prison, little does she know how things have changed for her Reeka sisters. When freedom comes to her in the guise of a Daamen Trader named Borge, she is wary. She knows she cannot hope to over-power the giants, but at least if she is with them, she has an opportunity to escape. Still, it is strange that they have given her a room of her own on their ship, and Borga has never left her side or her mind as she adjusts to her first hours on board. Even when given free run of the ship, actually allowed to wander on her own does she start to realize she could really be free...

Every Daamen has been on the lookout for anything that would lead them to any missing Reeka, but it has been a long and weary journey. There were many lost and enslaved who did not survive, many innocents were killed. Now word has come down from a bounty hunter named Abra that one has been found. Spotted when he took a bounty to Cardrak Prison to collect the fee, he saw what could only be a Reeka Warrior. When the sighting came down, Simon was asked to set his course for Cardrak, and bring her home to Comll. Simon, Borga and three others of the crew landed, and entered the prison to collect the girl. Borga is immediately drawn to her, and as they stand talking to the warden, a scuffle breaks out in the prison yard. As he watches helplessly, it soon turns into a riot. Alarms ring, and as Borga watches the girl fighting, she holds her own. It is not with the skill of Reya or Tenia, but it is with a tenacity that can only be Reeka. She is good in a rough way, but is viciously stunned into submission, and hauled away.

The screams echo in his mind still as he takes the prisoner's hand. The violet eyes captivate him, the submissive but wary girl in unsure and probably afraid, but she shows no weakness. Protectiveness rises in Borga, and he assumes the care of the girl, Liane. There, under his care and prodding, maybe she will realize she is truly free. Maybe if he does things right, she will be okay, and the fear of her insanity will dim. The warden and others claim she is insane, but Borga somehow doubts it very much. In spite of an incident the first night when he turned off the light after she fell asleep, Liane shows no signs of a broken mind. In fact, it is just the opposite, and as she open up, and even through an attempt on her life she remains strong. A true Reeka, she is determined to find the culprit, and in doing so, maybe find an explanation as to why. He and the others are trying to keep her safe, and Borga is finding that maybe, just maybe she will be the mate made just for him...

This time, Angela Verdenius brings to us the poignant story of a child, a Reeka child. Enslaved, and forgotten, Liane is left to the fickle whims of fate until one day, the miracle occurs. Soul Of The Forgotten is her story, the story of her flight from the dark, and finding the light in a huge Daamen Trader named Borga. The large gentle giant has his hands full as it takes all Borga's talents and the many facets of his nature to help Liane find her way back from the darkness of her soul. Borga and Liane's trials are the newest addition to the Heart and Soul series.

Soul Of The Forgotten is yet another superbly crafted story from Angela Verdenius, as another Reeka Warrior is found. Liane's story will touch you in unexpected ways, and as she and Borga find their path to love, home, and safety, they will draw you in as never before. Talent is one thing that Angela does NOT lack, and so I know that all Angela's fans, and lovers of Futuristic Romance will enjoy Soul Of The Forgotten as much as I have. Soul Of The Forgotten is another must buy to sear your heart, and heat your blood from Angela Verdenius and Wings ePress. Look for it now!.

Yours in good reading,

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