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Soul of a Hunter

Title: Soul of a Hunter
Author: Angela Verdenius

Published in February 2004 by Wings e-Press
Genre: Futuristic/Sci-Fi Romance
ISBN: 1-59088-222-9

Cover Artist: Richard Stroud

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Her life has been extremely hard, one that until now has been filled with only sorrow, hatred, and revenge. On the distant rim of the Outlaw Sector, Sabra runs across a poignant reminder of her almost forgotten past. She’s run into Daamen Traders before, but until now, there was nothing that sparked a bit of recognition or memory, interest or feeling about those whose roots she shared. It seemed this time is destined to be different, as a flicker of the familiar hovers just out of her reach, just out of sight, at the edge of her conscious. The black curly hair, worn long down the well muscled back was only a hint of what was hidden strength-wise, but there is a whole different feel in the glimpse she had of this Daamen and his friends. Sabra didn’t know exactly what to make of it, but she is now faced with a strange truth…what was, is no longer, and the sight of the broad vest-covered torso, the evident strength of the muscles as they rippled and played beneath taut skin brought back the hurtful and fleeting memories.

Whatever memories surfaced, Sabra is not sure that she can deal with them at this time, and definitely not in this place. For one thing, she has made her place, here with Cormac, she is a hunter, a valued and independent pack member. She has strength of her own, and no one is going to keep her from her duty, her freedom, or her revenge. She cannot see herself as a coddled and pampered wife, shying away and unable to do and go where she will, and when she wills it. The Daamen are that way with their women, and she has no room in her life for such treatment. Her trials have held her to the fires, and forged a weapon of infinite skill and deadly purpose, a weapon of the deadliest of intents. She’s accomplishing her goals, she has but five to go, then maybe she would take a break. Only five remained, and she was determined they would pay as the rest had done before them. Of those five, it was Darcus that held her attention, and who holds her focus now. She will see him die, and if she can manage it, his death will be very slow and painful as well. After all, she owes that much to him, if not more….

The typical Daamen male is well over seven foot in height, and in that respect, Cam is no different. Known for their canny trading, their good natures, and love of a good brawl, they are respected, if not loved, throughout the Lawful Sector. There are few that would dare to travel beyond, and therefore they are often the only legal and the best means of getting goods into the Outlaw Sector as well. Not all who live there are outlaws, and Cam and his people trade there regularly, but not without discomfort. This time, the discomfort lies in the slight figure of Cormac’s protégé, a beautiful but hard young woman who is very unsettling to Cam on a very personal level. There is a vulnerability to her, and a familiarity that Cam feels is the cause of the problem. He is not sure why, but he gets the impression that she is important to him, and his peace of mind. The face-to-face meeting that he had with her beneath the hunter’s ship earlier, raised more questions than it supplied answers. He is determined to forget these feelings she has aroused in him, they are unwelcome and drawing his attention from business.

The female hunter had softly whispered his name, and it still haunts him. When he finds her companions dead, and her half frozen in the snow, so very close to death from several lazar inflicted wounds, he takes her to a healer, then home to Daamen. It is in the healer’s care, before the trip back to his homeworld, he finds out the identity of the girl, finds out she is the childhood playmate, the one he said goodbye to eight years before, and never saw again. It was when he returned from that yearlong and long ago mission, he learned of Sabra’s disappearance, and the deaths of her parents. Their vessel was attacked by pirates, and she was treated to a fate worse than death. This is the vengeance that drives the woman, the hardness that covers a multitude of hurts, wrongs, and hatreds. It is the experience that he wishes she could put behind her, but she is driven to complete the vendetta against the pirates who destroyed her parents, tore her from her family, and made her an outcast and a stranger to her own people. Now it seems, they are facing more than just Sabra’s revenge. Things are not as they should be and Sabra, always the hunter, is determined to launch herself into this fight as well. It is a means to her ends, and Cam must choose. Cam can either fight against her, or join with her, and for him the choice is simple. He needs to be with Sabra at all costs…but will she accept him, even on her own terms?

Suit up readers, for once again Angela Verdenius takes us to the place where decadence rules Argon, trading is the favourite pastime of the Daamen, and the peace is kept between worlds by the Intergalactic Pease Ship. In Soul of the Hunter, Angela tells the story of Cam and Sabra, a pair of childhood friends that under ordinary circumstances, would have been happily mated by now. Fate, however, fickle creature that she is, has a much different plan in mind for the two. On a trading mission with her parents, eleven year-old Sabra is cruelly taken from her father’s ship. After seeing him, her mother, and all the crew destroyed before her eyes, she is rescued from the pirates clutches by a pack of hunters. Before even a day was out, but not before she was subjected to the twisted whims of the pirate captain’s son, a hurt but determined child has sworn revenge. The leader of the hunter pack, Cormac, raised her as his daughter, and knew that if she was to survive, she had to learn. He taught her well, and thinking Cormac dead, and her family once again destroyed, Sabra sets out for revenge, but this time with Cam at her side.

Soul of the Hunter is the story of Sabra and Cam’s journey to finding love, each other, and also renewing of Sabra’s lost family bonds. Tenia, Reya, Darvk, and others will be met again within these pages, as they try to help Cam and Sabra adjust, and find out for themselves what is meant to be between them. The story is also woven about Sabra’s nemesis, Darcus, and the plots that he is making for the downfall of the Lawful Sector. The plan is insane, but there is the possibility it could actually bring to him the power and control his madness craves. There is, however, a force that neither side is truly aware of, an entity carefully watching the players as they enter the arena. An entity who, in spite of everything he sees, can be surprised by one small female hunter. Soul of the Hunter is a must read for any and every fan of futuristic romances, and a definite must buy for Angela Verdenius fans. Once again, with strong, exciting, and colourful characters, she tells a tale that will stun you, make you laugh, cry, and in the end, bring you the immense satisfaction of having read a well-written and delightful tale. You can find Angela’s Soul of the Hunter at Wings ePress, so be sure not to miss it.

Yours in good reading,

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