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Soulful Sex: Anthology

Title: Soulful Sex 2 Anthology
Author: Diana Laurence

Published in 2005 by New Age Dimensions, INC
Genre: Multi-Genre Single Author
IBSN: 0-59611-033-3

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Soulful Sex 2: Erotic Tales of Fantasy and Romance is another collection of short stories by Diana Laurence.

Vernal Night: The Trio – Raisi must select one of three men in accordance with her society’s annual ceremonial to be her mate. During this event three men vie for her attention and when the night is completed, she has the decision to select one.

Raisi has three mates that are assigned to her and she intends to find the perfect choice that will make her happy. There is Arjent, the laid back minstrel that is tall and thin; a girl could easily fall into his steps. Then there is Tibolt; a prosperous merchant who is not only handsome but his grave pretense and athletic frame ignites quite a bit of fantasy flare in her mind. But who could not feel an intense fire stirring for Frayn, an untamed artist who is quite changeable that seizes her interest completely? Now as night draws near and dawn approaches soon, Raisi is left with the task of announcing which competitor has won her heart.

Vernal Night: The Infatuation

Lovely auburn-haired Crissida, with the sweet persona of an angel, must allow her heart to speak as she chooses the right man that will make her completely happy. This sweet story is like a huge bouquet of flowers opening up on a spring morning. Ms. Laurence has outlined an enchanting fresh tale so beautifully that the reader cannot help but be caught in all the emotions. The story is refreshing and colorful as if Ms. Laurence pens her words onto a large canvas for all to see.

In Vernal Night: One Hundred Women – The old cliché goes, ‘we saved the best for last.’ In this tale, Arjent finally has the opportunity to be chosen on Vernal Night. The passionate Arjent is paired with Delinn. When Delinn was twelve up until she was eighteen, she and Arjent had been sweethearts. After turning eighteen she separated from him for six years to go on her first Caravan. Now back together they attempt to rekindle the love they once shared and bring back the flames of fire never to be quenched again.

In this story we see the story of Arjent coming a bit out of his shell. In the other two stories, Arjent was a laid back fellow but with Delinn, he is truly in love. He expresses his love to her in a way that is so hypnotic. The dialogue between these two fascinating characters is unique and the chemistry brilliantly created. Even though they have been separated years and seek to stimulate the love they once held, the magic they share when they are together is undeniably a love to last throughout the ages. Ms. Laurence has painted a love with this story that can compare with no other.


Je t’aime, Etienne is a story of first love, of a love that spans through time. Can anyone ever forget that first love? Shannon decides to tour Canada while away from college when she makes the acquaintance of Etienne Legendre. She is twenty-one, he eighteen, and Shannon is his first lover. He is a Canadian hockey player that is starting to be noticed by many in his profession and soon to be a star on his own merit. Their seized moment’s together light up with a sensual passion that truly stirs the heart and sets the stage that will alter their lives forever. Seventeen years pass before they see each other again and their first love is tested. Etienne is now a huge star with the NHL but one profound night of passion seems to burn through their soul. Can their first fires of passion be rekindled or will things be different for them?

This is an exceptional story sure to stir the heartstrings. Etienne and Shannon are very tender and moving throughout the tale. Their unrequited first love is penned so beautifully. Ms. Laurence has created such an intense moving piece of literature in this romance that the reader could not help but be captivated by Etienne and Shannon and their love. Truly the best part of this series of stories that makes a captivating read as it blends with all the other tales in this phenomenal book. Sometimes a first love is hard to forget. I enjoyed how Ms. Laurence penned this one. My heart practically melted.


As Commonplace as Rain is a bit of a mystic tale. Novatia is a secluded religious order of all female members. Pasha happens to be a member and her desire it to have a different sort of healing. Being isolated with only female’s allowed in the sector, she wonders will she ever be satisfied in her needs. Within the realms of her social female society she learns that only a man can cure her ailment and the assistance of a man can be most beneficial to her infirmity. With only one thing left to cure her malady, a noble man is called upon to minister to the ailing Pasha. Not long after Pasha has the pleasure of meeting Tristan, Knight of the Uni Order, she is introduced to the magic of romance that his superior expertise and gentle hand is most eager to gratify. Once her depressing state of mind has been soothed, will she be completely healed or will she insist Tristan stay with her always for a lifetime prescription of passion?

This story revolves around a warm and tender Tristan, quite the gentleman. He understands Pasha’s innocence and does not wish to frighten her but rather teach her the soothing sensation and meaning of love. This enchanting tale teaches much desire, and how a soothing calmness of a kind-hearted man can heal another’s troubled soul. Ms. Laurence gradually ignites the fervent passion between the characters with her words of poetry and style of script that speaks almost directly to one’s mind, heart and soul.


In Fantastic Toys, Paulie Ross is more than attracted to her neighbor. Not only does Eric McQuestion have a certain mystery about him; he loves to grow red roses. One day Paulie notices the unexpected color change when they begin blooming, yellow, pink and white buds. She is surprised and decides to ask Eric about the roses. He admits it is a secret that no one knows. Paulie is determined to find out that secret and decides to become more friendly with Eric, hoping he will soon open up to her. After Eric gets to know a little more about Paulie, he opens up to her. He tells her that he does something to them to make them change and he auctions his roses for a living. She wonders is he really pulling her leg. After fancying a favorite childhood toy of his and making a bid on it, she soon learns there is more there than meets the eye. Eric is a strange man that intrigues Paulie and even more so when she learns he associates people with items such as toys that symbolizes their remembrance. But will the stories he tells her send her away or have her staying?

Fantastic Toys captivates the reader and allows the mind to explore the magic of wonders. The characters are true to form and quite believable. The way Paulie and Eric became close just by stepping over to his garden and sharing conversation was such a remarkable story. It was like two soul mates reuniting and learning love for the first time as neighbors, a bonding that was so much more. Ms. Laurence enchants with this sweet tale that allows the imagination to soar to heights unknown.


Soulful Sex Volume II has quite an assortment of tales that invigorate. What female would love to be in the first three tales? Vernal Night: single women are able to spend time with three men and come to a decision to which one they wish. The men vie for the woman’s affection but oh how sweet the reward after she makes up her mind. Then again often choosing a future love could be precarious and a rather difficult task when your heart spins for all three of the men. Raisi, as well as the other two characters in their tale, had a huge decision for their future. Diana Laurence depicts believable characters and vivid descriptions in the trilogy of Vernal Nights that emits much warmth. The three trilogy tales of ‘Vernal Nights’ were truly a delight with each woman choosing the robust male that would make her splendidly happy always. It was like choosing the right outfit that one never grows tired of in their lifetime.

Soulful Sex Volume II is an erotic romance that captures the reader with stirring characters and descriptive scenes that are a pleasure to read. The stories captivate and are beautifully penned in this creation of seduction and sensuality that will no doubt please even the discriminating reader. This was a remarkable read.

Diana Laurence has penned some wonderfully erotic and sexy stories that reach out and pull the reader into the emotions of all the characters. With her huge selection to stir arousing interest in just about anyone, she has created a seasoned buffet of delights that do not disappoint. She is a very gifted writer who truly knows how to generate tales that a reader can get lost in and remember always. She created people with character and made them come alive in the pages with so many different revelations that were remarkably transcribed. Pick up a copy of Soulful Sex Volume II and feel the love with each turn of the page. You can purchase it at New Age Dimensions, INC or visit Ms. Laurence’s website, where you can find many more of her enchanting reads that will have you returning for more. She is presently working on a volume three. Rubbing hands together, can hardly wait.

Sincerely good reading,


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