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Soul Deep by Lora Leigh

Title: Soul Deep
Author: Lora Leigh

Published in September 2007 by Ellora's Cave
Genre: Paranormal Erotic Romance
ISBN 10: 978-1-4199-5462-7
ISBN 13: 978-1-4199-5462-7

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Mother Nature has a way of making the most unlikely couples 'fit'. And what could be more unlikely than a sassy, independent President's daughter who doesn't know when to keep her mouth shut and a loner Coyote Breed with a hunger for a cute rosebud mouth that he's determined to still.

Amanda, the Presidentís daughter is a free-spirited young woman who also believes in free speech, at least for her. Even though she is in a prominent position as a sibling of the most powerful man in the US she can appear blissfully unaware of her actions, and the consequences of them. She has no concern of what her actions may have on others and how that might show the President in a bad light. However, Amanda does care a great deal for other people, friends and loved ones to the point where she would do almost anything to make sure they are happy.

For Amanda to try and have a normal life is almost impossible as she is constantly under guard due to being who she is, and as a result feels like a prisoner wherever she goes. She has a yearning for having a family, but refuses the men who come her way, dismissing them as weak mummyís boys; she it is clear in the novel wants a real man. She has a sense of bad timing when dealing with villains or good guys for that matter, using sarcasm and her womanly wiles to take advantage of the situation she is in.

Amanda feels boxed in, guarded and needs to feel a sense of freedom in her life, but realizes the likelihood of her getting that is pretty remote. From nearly being kidnapped by mysterious men to being taken away to safety by Kiowa, her bodyguard, Amanda feels trapped once again, even though without him she might have been tortured, or at worst killed. Her dilemma is she has to bear being captive with Kiowa for the long haul as there are those who want to kill her before the new Breed Law is passed, and for that to happen all sense of freedom is lost to her. Amanda is lucky to have Kiowa looking after her, but does not realize this fact, and that she could have been kidnapped or killed. She sees him as troublesome and a thorn in her side at first. All she knows is she has a secret lusting for him that becomes obvious throughout the story. She is a highly sexed woman who is just as much a match in bed for Kiowa, and that alone is what ends up surprising her as she gets to know her guardian.

Annoyed at being assigned to watch over Amanda, Kiowa has to make sure the President's daughter is safe and secure at all times, and in this case it nearly goes wrong even though he has been observant for hours. He views his surveillance of her as nothing more than babysitting duty, feeling bad at being roped in to it by Dash - Kiowa is well aware that Amanda is a beautiful young woman who gets his heart and groin on fire from the moment he saw her. Kiowa changes his mind when he takes the opportunity to spend quality time with her once he has rescued her, even if it's not the best thing he could have done. He enjoys being with her, but thinks it could be trouble for him.

Kiowa is intoxicated by Amanda's presence and falls for her innocent beauty, yet he already knows he is making a big mistake getting involved with her as it is more than his job is worth, though he is just as reckless as she is, especially where sex and his urges are concerned, and these urges are extremely strong in him, as he finds them difficult to suppress. Kiowa despite his strong personality also has a good sense of humour and readers will notice he will need it to get through the length of the book, noticing how strong in personality Amanda is.

Lora Leigh is the New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of Soul Deep and her book deals with two people who seem opposites at first. Kiowa needs her to be with him after his feelings have been heightened by being around her, even though it is his job to watch over her before the Breed Law is passed, but she has such a strong will that love alone can't contain, and sooner or later she will break the rules and leave him alone due to her independence regardless of how he feels. The only saving grace for their relationship is if he goes after and tries to persuade her to come back. Both are determined to get the other to see their point of view, and both have to come to a compromise.

Soul Deep is a hot little novel that features plenty of sexual content along with engaging dialogue between the couple. They both have their standard floors of being stubborn and wanting freedom at all costs, but these two are interesting to read about as Lora Leigh has given them the sort of personalities that readers want to read about and thoroughly get into. Basically, Amanda has to see Kiowa's point of view on looking after her if they are to be a lasting couple, but also he must realize how much of a free spirit she is and accept it. It is certainly an in-depth book that the reader can immerse themselves in the story, its sensuality and unabashed sexual scenes that leave nothing to the imagination. Soul Deep is recommended for those who like erotic thrillers and sexual scenes after the first few pages. If the reader wants to find other works by Lora Leigh, then Soul Deep can be found at Ellora's Cave Romantica Publishing.

Yours in enchantingly good reading,

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