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Title: Some Enchanted Autumn
Author: Linda Andrews

Published in 2005 by Zumaya Publications
Genre: Paranormal
ISBN: 1-55410-288-X

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Avalon, ‘Lonnie,’ Lynch just happens to be a witch that is working rigorously to liberate herself of her witching birthright. Desiring to put that past behind her, she would like nothing more than to be a scientist in an influential transformation clinic. Of course being a witch she does have tremendous things in her clutches. Unfortunately that was before she chose to go home for a visit. She never imagined having a misfortune with a skeleton would attach her to an offspring of The Dugan, Pumpkin’s equal of the bogeyman. And when it pairs her with the handsome law enforcement officer, Nick Dugan, himself, a descendant of the clan, things really begin to bewitch the both of them in the town. Lonnie had no idea that she would practically be shackled to the handsome guy and cause a binding enchantment that she would not soon get over. This Nick is nothing like the bogeyman. He loves everything about autumn, the changing leaves, and the ripening of the fully grown harvest. But once a spell has been cast, sometimes it is hard to break, leaving her and Nick with only one thing left to do, just try to cope with everything. But still the curious minds wonder, if the spell were to be reversed would it produce warts?

Lonnie knows that the towns of Pumpkin and Holly have long feuded for many years and autumn leaves aren’t the only things stirring about with the movement of the breeze. She is also aware that a Holy jail cell is no place for a witch and with the Father serving as a preacher and Justice of the Peace, she is sure that he will work great as the mediator. After becoming almost betrothed to one of the doctors, who is an originator at the clinic, she is summoned home to Holly for Halloween. She never imagined that she would find a symbol of the holiday staring her in the face of a skeleton displayed high in a tree. To bad when she goes to retrieve it, she accidentally allows it to drop on someone below. When she finds out who planted the skeleton she is determined to evict them with a curse. One thing she doesn’t need is to worry about some bogeyman, and with Father Beam being the mediator, she is sure that he will protect her from The Dugan. After she comes face to face with Nick Dugan, who is believed to be the bogeyman, she can not believe he is the descendant of The Dugans. She and Nick join forces to see who is causing the vandalism and put a cease to the rumors of spells and curses. Pumpkin and Holly need to have citizens that no longer fear and shun one another. But can Lonnie really work this close to Nick Dugan when this bogeyman is a lot scarier than the real thing? Just how much Halloween excitement can a young woman’s heart endure with Nick so close to her side?

Nick Dugan just happens to be a descendant of The Dugan, who happens to be a disreputable individual feared by all of the Pumpkin residents. He is the chief law enforcer officer and has been called upon to scout out the supplier of the vandalism in the town. It seems each year with the oncoming Halloween events someone has to play some practical gag. Unfortunately he had no idea that he would be the one standing beneath the Pumpkin tree when the object decided to plummet. Each town sort of has their own personality so to speak. While the town of Pumpkin celebrates with Halloween, the town of Holly rejoices with Christmas. It doesn’t matter who commemorates what, mischievous sabotage of holiday décor occurs during the merriment and many of the events turn downright nasty. But someone has to restore the balance with the citizens.

After one hundred years, Nick is the first adult resident to set foot back in Holly and he hopes that he can discover what has caused such a rift in the communities. Since he’s a peace officer, he figures if he goes over he will be able to find the responsible one initiating the pranks. He had no idea that the mere sight of seeing Lonnie Lynch would cause him to suddenly be bewitched by the woman. When they are called to work together, things begin to heat up for the two. He hopes by working together that they can discover who the scoundrels are that are causing such a ruckus and finally put an end to the feud between the two cities. After he is surprisingly shackled with one handcuff wrapped around his wrist, he is told that he is not to come within twenty feet of Avalon, ‘Lonnie’ during the investigation. But the desire he holds for Lonnie is slowly beginning to upset his state of mind. But the most pleasurable moments he receives out of the situation is when he picks on her prissy maybe fiancée’. But dang it all did the sinister prankster have to really pair him with this sexy witch? He never wanted his family’s dark secretive past revealed nor of their cursed future. He can’t decide what troubles him the most, the unseen danger from the Prankster or his increased craving for his bewitching partner that he can’t seem to take his mind off.

Some Enchanted Autumn is to die for. It is like eating chocolate that never quits, it is so excellent. Not only is the book witty and humorous but the characters really are believable. I loved Lonnie and Nick and wanted to make them a permanent fixture in my home. I absolutely loved it when they both said the three famous words and the handcuffs fell to the floor. The part where he lifted her out of everything but one sock was cute, too. Oh, this was such a sweet wonderful story. It is great for any Halloween season, or any time of the year. I enjoyed the banter of Lonnie and Nick with their hilarity and idiosyncrasies. They both were a bit eccentric but downright lovable. Some Enchanted Autumn is a smooth flowing book that was an easy read. I love this type of paranormal because they are light and festive and seem to lift the reader’s spirits. Incorporating the secondary characters made the book excel in many ways.

Linda Andrews has crafted a lovely Halloween story full of spirit. This was a book that I didn’t want to put down. It had me hooked from the first sizzling page to the last. Ms. Andrews knows the right time to put the humor in the book and how to give her characters depth. She took two fun loving characters and made them people that the reader could grow to love and cheer for until the end. This is my first book by Ms. Andrews and it promises not to be my last. If you want a book that is downright enjoyable and delightful in every sense of this word, don’t miss Some Enchanted Autumn. Visit today and get a copy. This is a story that you don’t want to miss. It is truly enchanting. To read more about Ms. Andrews, go to Featured Author: Aug. 2004 at Zumaya and be sure to look for her other books: The Christmas Village, and Ghost Of A Chance, while yo are there.

Sincerely good reading,


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