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The Soldier's Baby by Megan Ziese

Title: The Soldier's Baby
Author: Megan Ziese

Published in August 2010 by New Concepts Publishing
Genre: Erotica, Contemporary Romance
ISBN: 978-1-60394-454-0

Cover Artist: Eliza Black

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Dalton Carlton has been asked the strangest thing ever, and doesn’t know what to do. He knows in his heart of hearts that it is wrong, but when his own twin brother wants him to mate with his wife to create a child of their own, he knows he has said the wrong thing. Dakota Carlton thinks he is sterile and has thought about it for a while, and wants his brother to do him the biggest favour of all even though he knows he might hate him for it. Another thing he knows for sure is that keeping it from his wife would be a good thing-but his brother is reluctant to oblige him thinking it would be a bad idea.

The two brothers fight it out verbally, one coming up with the reasons as to why they should or should not do it. All Dakota thinks is how his wife will feel if she doesn’t conceive a baby. Dakota tells his brother he knows for a fact he is sterile after taking a test, she was fertile, yet he had a problem with his body that could be a problem for them. He is a desperate man and wants the best for his wife, hoping that he and his brother can come to an agreement on Dalton giving her what she wants, and without her even knowing who the stranger in her bed is. Dakota was fed up of being in the army, watching his friends die time and again, and wanted to settle down with his wife and create a family of his own he could be proud of.

Elle is Dakota’s wife, and had miscarried before, so she is still going through the trauma of her not so distant past. She is a calm, collected and in general a very nice person to know. She has her foibles like anyone else, but carries herself with honesty and pride after what she’s been through.

The unsuspecting wife, Elle takes the man she thinks is her husband into her bed, and does not realize the consequences of his actions. Also she doesn’t realize that Dalton, after sleeping with her and experiencing her lovemaking and tenderness has feelings of jealousy toward Dakota, amazed that someone so loving and deserving of better is actually Dakota’s wife.

This is an in depth and intriguing story about one man’s wish for his wife to have a baby, but as he is unable to provide in that area, he needs his twin brother to take her in his arms one night and do the dirty deed for him. Megan Ziese has written something original and highly readable which will go with her already building collection of short novels.

Soldier’s Baby by Megan Ziese is a daring, and extremely saucy tale of what happens when twins get together and cook up something naughty for the wife. It has an original feel to it and will make the reader sit up and think what it would be like to be the two brothers at odds with what they have done in Soldier’s Baby. Many will like the build up of the story and the conflict between the two brothers throughout. Soldier’s Baby is a vivacious and captivating story which is available over at New Concepts Publishing.

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