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So Into YouSo Into You by Sandra Hill

Title: So Into You
Author: Sandra Hill

Published in August 2009 by Warner Books
Genre: Contemporary Romance
ISBN-10: 0-446-53577-X
ISBN-13: 978-0-446-53577-9

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From Sandra's Website about So Into You:
"This book involves some of the post-Katrina orphans with Tante Lulu in rare form as she establishes her own foundation, Jude's Angels. Angel's unrequited love for Grace will tug at your heartstrings."

Angel Sabato is every woman's dream. He is tall, dark, and very handsome, and for Grace O'Brien, he is her best friend in the world. Together they explored, played, hunted treasure with JINX Company, played Championship Poker and won, and took on the world in general with all the excitement it entailed. Of course the poker thing kinda put the kibosh to her career as a nun, the sisterhood and the diocese didn't take to a poker-playing nun very well, but then if that hadn't happened, she wouldn't have ended up here, in the bayous near Houma, Lousiana with Louise Rivard, known to all as Tante Lulu, and what she was quickly learning was her true passion...becoming a folk healer or traiteur. When it came to folk medicine, and healing, Grace had the best teacher in the world in Tante Lulu. Tante Lulu had more knowledge about plants, their uses as food and medicine, and how to prepare them than anyone else she ever ran into. It was this decision that had her in her current dilemma. She most assuredly was not expecting a proposal of marriage from Angel, never thought his feelings went or could go in that direction, yet he proclaimed his love for her, Grace O'Brien, his best friend, and all she could do was say no.

She knew he couldn't be serious, but she didn't expect the repercussions that came with her dismissal of his suit either. She soon learned she actually threw Angel out of her life, that he was hurt beyond measure. Grace regretted this greatly, and in spite of all she knew about Angel, she understood she sacrificed her friendship and any hope of a relationship of any kind with Angel. He was a man with pride, generosity, loyalty, and spirit, and she had wounded him on all levels. She found that out when he married a woman he had known for only a few hours. Now her friend was gone, and although she should be happy for him, she was deeply miserable. She threw herself into her studies with Tante Lulu, and when they came upon the Duvals, a family without their parents, and still struggling in the aftermath of Katrina. It was right there and then Tante Lulu pulled her into her scheme, a foundation for Katrina Oprhans and Families. Teaming up with an already established organization was the quickest way to help, but Tante Lulu couldn't wait, so with a heavy heart, Grace got in touch with Angel. After all, it was for the Duval kids, they needed a house, and Angel was an excellent contractor and builder among his many other talents...

SHE SAID NO!!! Angel Sabato never knew one little word could hurt so badly. With all his hopes for love and a family pinned on Grace, he was in serious pain. The only recourse he had was to leave, and so he threw himself into his work with the JINX Company, and went off to Europe where their next project was starting. As always, he hoped for the best, but he didn't care if it was successful or a total bust. He just knew he needed to be far, far away from the source of his pain, and his shattered heart. Throwing himself into his work was one way, and hooking up with a wife was another. The first was a good idea, even though this particular project was a bust, but unfortunately, so was the marriage, and they both went their separate ways, with Angel still hurting, and vowing never to return to Bayou Black again. But what Angel doesn't know, and no one could tell hin either, was that Tante Lulu and St. Jude had bigger plans for him. He should have known better, because once you are adopted by whatever means into the LeDeux family, Tante Lulu will be all in your business, and if there is one thing you have to watch out for, it is her matchmaking skills.

Angel knew he was doomed when Tante Lulu set her cap on him, and on Grace. But there is one thing he knows for certain, he will never propose to Grace O'Brien again. There is no sense in risking his heart again where it is so not wanted, and as saying goes, “once burned, twice shy” described his state of mind quite well. He would help with the building of the house for the Duval kids, then he would beat feet again. He just knew he wanted to be anywhere but near Grace. The pain was just too great, and yet he sensed there was something more this time to Grace's discomfort. Secrets he didn't really sense before, but when worse comes to worse, he finds himself squarely in her corner, ready to do battle and protect her from any threats that could come her way. He can feel St. Jude chuckling at his expense, but there is one thing everyone knows about him, and that is his loyalty. Yeah, she did him wrong, but he is still her friend, and with the help of the LeDeux's, Angel will go to the ends of the earth to help and protect matter what secrets she hides.

Sandra Hill takes us to Bayou Black again, and into the realm of the LeDeux family, and Tante Lulu, their eccentric matriarch. This time, her victims are a poker-playing ex-nun named Grace O’Brien and her best friend, Angel Sabato. Tante Lulu is well aware of the tension between the pair, but she also knows something Grace doesn’t. Grace is in love with Angel, and she refused to acknowledge those feelings might exist. The truth, however, is there. When Angel lit out after Grace refused his proposal, everyone but Grace could see the light went out of her life. To this end, Tante Lulu enlists the help of St. Jude, her partner in crime, and sets to work on getting Grace and Angel back together again. There is one thing you have to understand, and that is the bayou magic is strong, and Tante Lulu wields it better than anyone. Even with the secrets Grace harbors, she doesn’t stand a chance when she becomes the object of the magic of love, and the victim of the Black Bayou. Secrets aside, there is no one more ready for a reckoning, than Grace, and it is here, on Black Bayou, with Angel at her side that everything will come to a head.

So Into You brings Grace face to face with her past, something she desperately longs to forget, but can’t quite get over. It also brings her danger in the form of a greedy man who wishes to blackmail her, and threatens her with exposure, and with the daughter she thought was long lost to her. All this and the excitement and upheaval brought about by the Duval kids, orphans of a famous Jazz musician and his wife, lost during Katrina, and Grace has more on her plate than she can handle. When Angel comes back into her life, she doesn’t know if she should be thankful, scared, or worried, but she soon learns that although she hurt him badly, Angel is not a man to leave his friends face the problems alone. Soon he has all the LeDeux’s marshaled in her defense, with Tante Lulu leading the charge. So Into You is filled with the spunk, humour, and delightfully witty characters that make Sandra Hill a must buy when it comes to romance. The men and women of Bayou Black speak to her and the reader is never disappointed. So Into You is no exception to the rule, and through the danger and the rough times, Ms. Hill’s quirky characters and wonderful sense of irony shine through. This tale has it all, and for the reader who loves romance with a funny twist or two, Sandra Hill’s So Into You is a MUST BUY.

Yours in good reading,

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