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Skull Music

Title: Skull Music
Author: Billie A. Williams

Genre: Suspense
Published in June 2005 by Wings ePress, Inc.
IBSN: 1-59088-417-5

Charlie Wolfe started her career out in Milwaukee as an investigative reporter, but the stress of her job in the big city got to her and she made the decision to leave. She settled in Ironwood, a small ski resort town in Michigan. She keeps in contact with the reporters and editors in Michigan by occasionally writing for the Ironwood Daily Globe. Due to the trusting nature of the family oriented community, big city practices have been slowly taking hold in Ironwood. Big insurance companies prey on the unsuspecting and underinsure them. The town is not your typical location for a grisly murder, but Charlie finds herself reporting on not just one victim, but multiple victims. A serial killer is on the loose and there are not many suspects. The savagery of the crimes is unbelievable, their kidneys and hearts are literally ripped out of the victims while they are still alive. Charlie is not sure that it is someone harvesting body parts for the black market as the police believe, but she is does not know what possible motive is involved in these ghastly slayings. Charlie follows clues that lead her to Xeno Labs, where possible brain transplants are in the works. She finds that they are making recordings of brain waves during induced emotional stress. These recordings of brain waves are referred to as skull music.

Against her better judgment, Charlie enlists the help of David, an attorney that has done business with a few of the victims. They are not sure what a college professor, an insurance agent, or a homeless man has in common, but they know that the crimes are related. As they work on finding the killer, Charlie is drawn to David. She is reluctant to pursue a relationship with David because of his occupation. Her parents are both attorneys and she saw how their marriage was affected by their actions. She does not want that type of relationship for herself. She deserves better, but sometimes the best-laid plans have a way of being changed, especially in light of her developing feelings for David. However, Charlie is not a quitter and she will fight to maintain her independence. She will not settle for less than true love and unconditional fidelity.

David Ashbeck is a man used to women falling all over him, but the one that he has feelings for, will not give him the time of day. His feelings for Charlie confuse him. David tries to tell himself that he is better off without her, but he just cannot make his heart believe what his mind is telling him. Charlie can go from hot to cold faster than anyone David has ever had contact with before. He decides to concentrate on the murders instead of his lack of a relationship with Charlie. He has finally comes to the conclusion that there is no way he will ever be able to figure her out. Women are just too confounding.

As Charlie comes closer to figuring out who the killer is, David fears for her safety. When her house is broken into and she is terrorized, his nurturing instincts take hold. She is his woman and he is not going to let a psycho killer intimidate her. He did not realize that his life would be in jeopardy, but when his car is ran off the road and he suffers a broken leg, he realizes that the killer must be someone that knows them. While Charlie is investigating the staff at Xeno Labs, her personality and actions takes a bizarre turn. Charlie pushes David away even harder, which forces David to think about their relationship. The decisions he made based on past actions are forgotten when Charlie turns up missing. David is frantic to the woman that he loves.

Skull Music by Billie A. Williams is a tale filled with intrigue and baffling deaths. They have mutilated bodies showing up around the town of Ironwood, Michigan. The first one is a college professor with no enemies. The police are bewildered, especially by the strange x-ray and tape that they find in the victim’s car. These strange items lead both the police and Charlie to Xeno Labs where it is rumored that they are working on transplanting a dolphin’s brain into a human. As bizarre as that may seem, the experiments they are doing on college students is even more peculiar. Charlie must enlist all the help she can to figure out who is doing the killings. As she works with David on tracking the killer, she realizes that she has very strong feelings for him. The old saying that opposites attract is quite true with Charlie and David. They are two opposites that are not able to stay apart even though they both try their hardest.

In Skull Music, Charlie is constantly unsure of what she really wants in her relationship with David. There is many a day when she is green with jealousy one minute, but in the next heartbeat, she has convinced herself that she could not care less. There is nothing like a woman not to be able to make up her mind. She might not want him, but she sure does not want anyone else having him. That is logic that I can understand. They might be opposites, but they are two of a kind in one respect, they are both afraid of commitment. They both fight their feelings to the end, but realize that there is no way to stop love. Pick up a copy today from Wings ePress, Inc. to find out who the serial killer really is.

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