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Sins of the Father

Title: Sins of the Father
Author: Nina Bruhns

Published in March 2003 by Silhouette
Genre: Intimate Moments..Contemp
IBSN: 0-373-27279-0

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There are times in a man's life, that he has to be honest with himself and face up to his past. Although the hurts are there, extenuating circumstances need to be explained, and the chance for feelings to start the healing process is important. There may be many that need this, but in Roman Santangelo's mind, there is only one that is important. Things went so terribly wrong all those years ago, and now, with just a bit of luck he could possibly make things right. There were, after all, some things that a man just couldn't forget, and RaeAnne was one of them for certain.

Now, armed with new information, and with a new mission, he has come back home to set the record straight. Now he can let the sunlight in on the secrets of a past that he has been ashamed of and hidden, much to his regret. He can only hope for forgiveness, but it is not assured. Eighteen years is a long time, and there has been a lot of space put between them. Well, it wasn't as if he hadn't tried to find RaeAnne before...this time he got lucky and found her a little too close to home for his comfort, but this has to be done.

He left her flat. Not a word of good-bye, no explanation, no kiss, he just disappeared after the most memorable night of her life, and left her with a very bitter taste in her mouth. She moved. If she never saw Roman again, RaeAnne Sommarby was certain it wouldn't matter one bit until he came back into her life as precipitously as he left it. The old feelings that he is stirring are as unwelcome as he is in her life. It has taken a lot of hard work to stay incognito, and it really had worked until now.

She has gotten her life under control now, and has worked hard on her career and making sure the past was remembered. Funny that aspect of things...she worked hard to discover the past of others when she would just love to bury her own. Yeah, Roman was right about that one. Who would suspect a woman with as much to hide as she does being an archeologist? Well, she can be thankful of Roman's temperament. If she says she forgives him, he will be happy and quickly breeze right out of her life again. Old patterns always repeat themselves....right?

Welcome back to Nina Bruhns's world of men who are as sexy as sin and the beautiful women who love them. In Sins of the Father, we run into Roman Santangelo, full-blooded Piute who is truly a man who turns heads. Tall, rugged, and outrageous, he has made his way through the world on his terms because of the sins of his father. Now, the pull of this past shame and an old mystery will bring him once again into the circle of the one person he has hunted for almost 18 years. RaeAnne Somarby was and is the only woman that Roman will ever love. Mending fences might be an impossible task, bit at least maybe he can regain her friendship.

Come along as Nina takes us on a wonderful ride as Roman and RaeAnne join forces to uncover the truth that can possibly tear them apart for ever, or truly make them one. Sins of the Father is a March Release from Silhouette Intimate Moments, and a real must read. We first met Roman Santangelo, Renegade to his friends in Nina's Warrior's Bride. Now he has his own story, and it doesn't disappoint the reader one bit. Sins of the Father had me from the first pages, and it catches Five Roses from me! Look for it this March at your favorite bookstore. It is a MUST BUY.

Yours in good reading,


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