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Title: Spellfire’s Sinful Sundaes
Authors: Mae Powers, Jennifer Metz, Ann Regentin, Anne Leland, Katrina Marlowe, Leigh Ellwood, Leanne Strange

Published in October 2005 by Midnight Showcase
Genre: Contemporary Erotic Romances
ISBN: 1-4116-5057-3

Strawberry Veinilla & Vamperians by Mae Powers

Alexander Ruveaux is not too happy that his brownie-vanilla crème sandwiches didn’t make it in the Lone Star Connoisseur Magazine. Heading over to the Sinful Sundaes Ice Cream Shoppe, he decides to see what other competition he is up against. But he stops in his tracks when he sees the lovely Electra, especially when she happens to land in his lap. He feels as if he has been struck by a locomotive. If this is love, he has really been hit hard.

Electra Spellfire could only think of one thing when she gazed at the drop-dead male in front of her oozing in male sexuality, her abstinence was over. This was one hot delight standing in her ice cream shop. It was a wonder all her ice cream hadn’t melted to the floor. When she tells him that the sundae is on the house, she can only think of something better that she would prefer him eating then her strawberry venilla special sundae. There is something quite unusual about Alexander but she can’t seem to put her finger on it, but she thinks she just might enjoy finding out what is so different about him.

Strawberry Veinilla and Vamperians is a story that draws you immediately to the characters of Electra and Alexandra. They seem to hit it off instantaneously. I like the way Ms. Powers sets the atmosphere in an ice cream parlor. The characters seem to harmonize together quite well, like fine fitting clothes. The moment they set eyes on each other the reader can feel the generated heat slowly rise off the pages. Ms. Powers has created a charming powerful story that is sure to please any reader. The electric passion that she instills in this read is like delicious icing on top of the cake, increasingly melting. She makes planning something for everyday of the week, sinfully scrumptious.

Mummies & Marshmallows by Jennifer Metz

Brock Edwards has an almost instant disdain for Melody Jameson when he first sees her, even though his male organ thinks otherwise. When he is called upon to repair the marshmallow cream mummie machine at the Spellfire Sweets factory, he had no idea the inspector was going to make his duty harder than what it was. Brock didn’t see Melody as a people person and certainly not a polite one at that. Still there was something about her that was really turning him on. He would like to tinker with her engine and smooth away that snobby attitude she carries on her shoulder.

Melody Johnson doesn’t much care for inspecting the factory. She wants to get in and get out, just like she does every year during her inspection. The place doesn’t interest her one bit, but when Brock begins to get her gourd then start to rev up the engine to the machine, she soon finds herself immersed in his actions. And when he wraps his arms around her, the heated action rises up another notch. After the machine just happens to suck him inside the vat and he exits all covered in marshmallow candy like a mummy, there’s only one solution, but will Melody lick him clean to save his life?

Mummies & Marshmallows is a charming read. The reserved attitude of Melody with Brock makes the chemistry between the two even more tense. I loved the way Ms. Metz allowed Brock to have problems with the machine, not to mention Melody’s answer to this dilemma. Brock and Melody are fascinating people who really make this an attention-grabbing story. Ms. Metz has blended a fantasy story with love and marshmallow crème that really seeps through the pages. She creates a rare read that this reader enjoyed. Mummies & Marshmallows just might show you your wild side, too.

Toppings & Temptations by Ann Regentin

Gina finds herself in a little town outside of Spellfire, Texas when her car suddenly stalls. She is fleeing from an abusive ex-boyfriend and has nowhere to turn. When a very handsome man stops to assist her, she decides to stay there, never once anticipating the two will end up almost joined together at the hip. Can she really discover he is nothing like her ex, Bobby?

Al finds himself attracted to Gina but he knows that is as far as it will ever go. Every woman that he meets finds him somewhat cold and it never festers into any relationship, so why bother with this girl? Yet there is something about her that seems to fit him well. And when things begin to heat up for them, Al knows he has to keep her close by his side.

Toppings and Temptations is a story that lives up to its name. The characters of Gina and Al have a way of pulling at the reader’s heart strings. They pair up great together, even though they have hurdles they must face. Throughout it all they instill an abundance of chemistry, enough heated frenzy to set the woods on fire. Ms. Regentin has composed a magnificent story for anyone who loves a good read involving paranormal. By adding her secondary characters, she develops the storyline further by making a worthy read. This one does not disappoint.

Witches & Walnuts by Anne Leland

Marissa Gael cannot figure out why she has the possible threat of failing Relationship Spells 101. She is a brilliant college student at the Alchemy Academy. When the professor offers to come to her rescue, she knows it will never work since she has a hot hunger for the dear professor. When she pays Electra a visit at Sinful Sundaes, she hopes there will be a spell just for this problem. She needs to concentrate on her studies not on how to delight in pleasure with the professor, no matter how hunky, intelligent and sharp he is.

Professor Darien Raven refuses to become caught up with any of his students, but seeing Marissa’s difficulty, he comes up with an arrangement that might help. Not only that, there is a certain magic that soon grows between he and Marissa. Can he make sure they only focus on classes or will something else need his immediate attention? After all she could use some special tutoring.

Witches and Walnuts is a terrific story. The professor is one hunk that not only the college girls salivate over, but most any woman would love to take a spin with. Marissa and Darien are well rounded characters that are believable and fun reading about. It is a story that acts like a magnet drawing the reader to the pages. Ms. Leland crafts a remarkable read in this story. If you enjoy reading mesmerizing stories about warlocks and witches, look no further, this one is sure to thrill.

Twilight Shadows & Just Desserts by Katrina Marlowe

When an armed gunman enters Sinful Sundaes to rob the store, Ella happens to be the one on duty. After things take a spin for the worse, she ends up killing the man. She thought it was the end of the matter, but discovers it is only the beginning. The man she killed is a now a ghost that is sending a heated craving through her.

Jace Sawyer is stunned when his holdup backfires causing his plan to go awry and of all things now he is a ghost. He should be upset at Ella for killing him but something is drawing him to her. Never has he had such a balance with any woman and the passion he shares with Ella has never been so sweltering.

Twilight Shadows & Just Desserts is a very satisfying story. With an intriguing plot these characters really spark the pages with thrills. Wow talk about twists. This story is a complete turnaround, one romance that will leave you breathless. Ms. Marlowe penned a story of a blotched robbery that brings two people together that illuminate the pages. Talk about things that go bump in the night, this one ghost is completely rewarding. Ms. Marlowe has blended a story that is a great read.

Fairies & Cherries by Leigh Ellwood

Jewlie is on her regular ice cream delivery at the Fairy Belle Corporation when she happens to meet a great looking blond man. She is shocked to discover the blond hunk is a faire who puts a stop to her delivery then takes her captive. What is even more amazing is how he makes all her luscious dreams come real.

Kor will go to all extremes to put a halt to the ice cream company from using his sister’s likeness and name, even if it means kidnapping one of the delivery people. But taking Jewlie hostage was more than he bargained for in a most delectable way.

Fairies & Cherries is an exciting story that really captures the mind completely and keeps you glued until the end. The sex scenes are hotter than the fireworks on the fourth of July. Kor is a one super fairy that knows how to service and please. Ms. Ellwood, I say more, more, more of this fabulous story. She captured a stimulating read that truly dazzles. The tales of magic and love in this incredible read really sizzles.

Shifters & Hot Fudge by Leanne Strange

Adam Spellfire has always had a desire for Tristine Havoc. He knows she feels the same but there is a stupid curse hanging over their heads. With their families in this constant feud, he knows the Spellfire men and Havoc women will never blend as one. When he happens to meet Tristine again after years of being apart, the passion he feels for her is still there. Can he finally find a way to be with her to release the heat that is burning in his loins for her?

Tristine has tried to stay clear of Adam the majority of her life. She fears if she is given the chance to even sleep with him he will instantly turn into some form of nature. Any man that has slept with her has always been cursed in that fashion. Now that she has seen Adam again, the chemistry she feels for him is still there but she fears if she acts upon her needs that he might turn into a pumpkin. Is there nothing she can do to reverse this crazy feud?

Shifters & Hot Fudge explodes with heat and passion between the two characters. Adam and Tristine leave the reader breathless with their incredible acts of love making. You can practically feel the love they emit for each other. The secondary characters also enlighten the book making it an interesting read. Ms. Strange writes with much clarity. The way she created the characters of Josh and Bobby making them victims of the family curse was exhilarating. She generated a terrific plot that kept me spellbound through this great paranormal tale. Imaginations soar in this book by Ms. Strange. What if this were to really happen in real life? That is the way she tantalizes the reader and makes this story one impeccable read.

Mae Powers, Jennifer Metz, Ann Regentin, Anne Leland, Katrina Marlowe, Leigh Ellwood, Leanne Strange have created a great anthology. Each story that has been composed in the Midnight Showcase Spellfire’s Sinful Sundaes is first-rate. With the collection of paranormal stories, seven talented authors have blended in characters in remarkable stories that truly engage the reader. The blend of humor and sweltering fantasies has the reader craving for their own special sundae.

Can this book get any better? No, it is already remarkable in every respect. These stories are smoking. Pick up your copy today at Midnight Showcase today, get your copy while it’s hot and learn more about these gifted authors.

Happy reading,


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