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Silk Garters

Title: Silk Garters, Enslaved
Author: M.A. duBarry

Published in June 2004 by Amber Quill Press, LLC
Genre: Erotic Time-Travel
ISBN: 1-59279-101-8

Simone Driscoll was totally entranced with the trunk that had been hidden in the depths of her exclusive auction house. In spite of the sniggers of her assistant Gerald, whom she had inherited with her late father’s business, she kept the secrets of the trunk. Held safely within are the secrets of the secret society of Madam Chambray and her master and lover, the Marquis de Leon. The trunk had been forbidden, but once the beribboned key was found, her inquisitive mind was not to be denied. She spent hours with them, reading and devouring them and as she grew older, her understanding of the workings of the elite and debauched club came increasingly to light.

Her own sex life is a mere fantasy recently, her fiancé often gone to appraise estates and merchandise to be auctioned. Thus, Simone researched more and more into the secrets of the Chambray Society during her free time. The appearance of the silk garters, the current objects of Gerald’s snickers, intrigued her even more. The delicate silk garters are decadent, exquisitely embroidered, and Simone feels the pull of the forbidden magic they’re supposed to possess. Given for auction by a mysterious count, the garters are supposedly another piece of the Chambray legacy. They are also a temptation Simone can not resist.

With Andrew’s travel message still ringing in her ears, she realizes she will be spending another night alone. Undressing, Simone tries on the garters that she brought along home with her. She lays across the bed, and in so doing drifts into a sensually decadent world.

In The Silk Garters, the first installment of Silk Secrets, titillates us with a peek into the decadent works of a secret society of sexual slavery, and the depths and breadths to which these things flourished. For all the lack of length, the tale holds you and doen’t let you go. It is a fast and quick read, but well worth the effort.

The Silk Garters is available from Amber Quill Press, as is the sequel, Enslaved. You should definitely check them out if you want a pair of delightfully sexy romps.


Title: Enslaved
Author: M.A. duBarry

Published in 2004 by Amber Quill Press, LLC
Genre: Erotic Time-Travel
ISBN: 1-59279-216-2

After her first encounter with Andre, Simone is shaken to her core. She knows that it is a dream, or at least that is what she tries to tell herself. The problem as she sees it is Andre is there and she is here. She is extremely curious as to the nature of the club, the man himself, and the only way to find the answers to at least some on her questions is to return. The intrigue of the place, the fact Andre promised to return in the morning, and her overwhelming curiosity s to the nature of the place and time are enough to have her tying on the garters once again.

Sure enough, when she drifts into slumber, Andre is there for her, waiting to take her on another incredible trip into her own sensuality. As he professes his love for her, he tells her he wishes to marry her and wants to take her away from this place. He explains the Challenge, what will have to happen for him to gain her freedom, and finally she understands. She is a slave in this place, albeit his exclusive property, as long as she remains, but if she is to be free, then he must win her freedom, and to do that she cannot respond to anyone but him.

Now you will find out about Simone’s second excursion into the realm of Madame Chambray, how she fares in this world of decadent sexual delights and slavery. The disbelief that no one can tell that she is not the Simone that they are used to seeing, that it is a dream…

Enslaved , the second installment in Silk Secrets by M.A. duBarry, finds Simone in an unusual position. Loved by Andre, and facing a challenge Andre must win to claim her for his own. The story is again short, teasing, but wonderfully sexy and again with an ending that leaves you wanting for more. Enslaved is also available at Amber Quill Press,so pick it up along with The Silk Garters while you are there, and enjoy.

Yours in good reading,


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